Chapter 22.2.
School Scenery

-Miu’s POV-

“Muu~, I’m turning into Em-chan.

“I didn’t notice you at all! It’s me.
I’m so embarrassed.”

With a mischievous smile, Tamamo looks at me as if peeking into my face, but, to my surprise, it seems she has changed into me.
I didn’t notice it at all.
I just looked like the most beautiful girl in the world.

By the way, Em-chan is my nickname.
Tamamo and I have been friends since kindergarten.
Empress is my real nickname.
I guess she’s a fellow presser.

I’m embarrassed and bashful, and Tamamo laughs and pats her on the shoulder.
Then she spins her body around again and is covered in smoke.

“Ta-da! Foxgirl, Aburage Tamamo, come on in, Kon.”

Finally, it was a wonderful final form.
With a snap and a wink, Tamamo smiled, bending slightly at the waist behind her back.
Fox ears on her head.
A fluffy tail sprouted from her butt and wagged friskily.

“Wow! Tamamo, you’re amazing! You’re a fox girl now.”

There were werewolves, but there were no fox girls in the original story.
Foxgirls are prominent, so if they existed in my hazy memory, I would remember them.
Yeah, I’m sure they weren’t there.

In other words, Tamamo is a mob.
She’s a girl I can be friends with without worry.
If she were a heroine, she might get involved in a troublesome storyline or something.
I am still weak.
I need to get stronger, or I’ll be too scared to get involved with a heroine.

“I learned it yesterday! I can change when I [Assimilate] with Kon-chan.”

“At your age, it’s wonderful that you can use magic that well, Tamamo-san.”

Someone called out to me in a polite tone of voice, and when I turned around, Yamiyo had arrived.
Yamiyo and I are in different classes.
I wondered if she had come to pick me up.
Her body straightens its back and doesn’t have any gaps.
She is a beautiful girl who is as cool and determined as ever.

“Ehehe~, I’m so embarrassed.
Is Tamamo that great?”

Tamamo spins around, embarrassed.
My hands itch as her fluffy-looking tail flicks and moves.

“[Change] is a higher magic, I hear.
Only Tamamo-san can use it at that age.”

Yamiyo smiles gently and praises Tamamo.
The surrounding children were also yelling that Tamamo-chan was amazing, so Tamamo’s cheeks turned red with excitement and she kept spinning around.
You’d be worried your eyes would roll back in your head.

“En-chan and Yamiyo-chan can use magic, so Tamamo worked hard too~.”

Tamamo giggles, apparently inspired by us.
I can understand.
If your friends can use magic, you want to be able to use it too.
I don’t mind if they aren’t magicians, though.

“Fufufufu, Tamamo-chan.
Can I touch your ears and tail?”

“Hmmm, daddy and mommy said the same thing.
Of course, you can!”

Oh, Tamamo, what a good girl.
I won’t hesitate to touch them.

I gently reach out and touch the golden, fluffy fox ears.
Oh, they’re so fluffy.
It feels good to be soft and fluffy.
I also reach out to touch the tail is just like a fox’s scarf.
Is that right?

“Fluffy, fluffy!”

“Then, me too.”

“Ah, me too…”

“It’s so fluffy!”

“Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy…”

Yamiyo joins in the fluffing.
We close our eyes and enjoy the softness of the softness.
The gray-haired beauty, the dark-haired beauty, and the little girls enjoyed Tamamo’s fox ears and tail, and she giggled ticklingly and got teary-eyed.

After a moment of enjoyment and satisfaction, we returned to their seats.
I was very satisfied.
I’m convinced that fox girls are the best thing that ever happened to me in real life.

“Thank you, Tamamo-chan.”

Nikori and I thanked her with satisfied and happy faces.
I enjoyed it.

“Yeah, I don’t mind~.”

Tamamo smiles smugly.
She is a good and kind girl.
I wish I could have one Tamamo in the family.
I wonder if she’ll share that little fox alone.

Well, anyway, my sleepiness is gone.
I should go home.

“Well, shall we go home?”

Maybe I should go home and have a snack.
I (Miu) wonder what today’s snack will be.

“Oh, not just this! I’m here to invite you to play with me on the way home.”

But Tamamo didn’t just come to show her fox transformation.
She waved her little hands in the air.
She had come to invite me to play with her.

“I see.
What do you want to play with?”

“How about a float board?”

“I’m in!”

With a twinkle in my eye, I immediately agree and raise my small hand.

This world.
It’s a modern fantasy, and many things are different from the world before.
Playthings are one of them.

Float board, let’s play it.
I’m looking forward to it.
I’ll let my mom know I’ll be making a side trip.

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