Chapter 19.2.
When You See a Rock, It’s Mining, Right?

-Miu’s POV-

This command allows me to run away from an enemy by increasing my speed.
The [Run Away] command let me run from any fast enemy.
It is limited to non-bosses, though.

I tried it secretly against a skeleton, and the command made me faster than the enemy.
Only increase a little bit.
That is probably because of the pattern of enemies going around me.
However, it is a specification to make it possible to escape.

That is, I could act a little faster than the stone golem.
The command weakness is that I only have to take an attack position.
The [Run Away] cancels the magic armor and makes it stop.
It’s a fatal weakness, where I can’t use it to attack.
But in this situation, it’s not much of a problem.
It’s not much.
I think there is, but not much.

The stone golem is closing in on me and launching fist after fist at me.
Its attack speed is fast.
If I had not selected the [Run Away] command, I would not have been able to react.

But I can see it now.
I may not be a newbie, but I’m a mob bishoujo, and I can see it.


Boom, boom, big hole in the ground, like a pile-driver, the stone golem attacks, but its attack is simple.
It only swings and slams at me.
Still, its fist speed is so fast that even a level 20 adventurer can’t evade it, but I’m a little faster than that, and I’m in full view of what it did.

“Hey, hey, the pitcher’s scared!”

I zig-zag on the taps, making light jokes.
Even a mid-size bike can’t keep up with me.

But the [Run Away] command has its disadvantages, of course.


The pieces of stone shattered by the stone golem’s attack hit my body like bullets.
The magic barrier mitigates the attack, but the impact is still enough to make me stop breathing.

The [Run Away] command set me to run away in a defensive posture, which also reduces the damage I take.
However, the difference in level is so great that even a single snatch would cause me to take heavy damage.

The stone golem is coming up behind me and attacking me.
The stone projectiles flying in with a cloud of dust are steadily chipping away at my HP.

Pieces of my helmet are bounced off, and blood pours from my head.
Every part of my body hurts, especially my back.
I’m covered in blue bruises, a terrible monster for such a beautiful girl.

When I check the status board, my HP is displayed in (HP 3) bright red letters.
It looks like I’m dying.

[Minor Heal II]

I use recovery magic on myself.
It is a slightly more powerful II magic.
The effect is extraordinary, and as soon as a pale light covers my body, the blood stops flowing, and the pain in my body is gone.

However, I only have 1 MP left.
I turn around and hold out my hands.

[Turn Undead]

The stone golem shakes its body as if frightened by the intense light.
Okay, the [Turn Undead] also has the flash effect.

As soon as I choose [Mine], the magic of the magic armor is stored.
It determined that [Run Away] was stopped.
Since I can use recovery magic and [Turn Undead] outside of combat, it appears that I’m not violating the rule.


I raised my mace and struck it with all my might.
In addition, the stone golem’s torso cracks and falls apart.

“Here’s the last one, one more!”

I raise my mace further and attack the stone golem.
Finally, the stone golem was covered in cracks, and I thought it fall over, but it glared at me with ghostly eyes glowing deep in its face.

“Geez! Did I count wrong?”

I must have hit it 30 times, but I seemed to have miscounted.
I was in such bad shape that I was sure I would break if I touched it, but it still raised its fist in the air, unafraid.

“Oh no, am I dead?”

I try to defend myself with my mace as a shield.
But at my level, I can’t block the stone golem’s punch.

I immediately select the [Run Away] command, but the deployment of the magic armor is slow.
I was afraid of this, but still, I was not frightened.
It is different from the time of Yamiyo.

[Dark Sword Type 1, Giant Wreckage Sword]

Yamiyo raised her sword with a sharp cry.
A large number of skeletons appeared on the sword, combined, and in no time at all, it became huge, turning into a sword with a blade 10 meters long with an eerie combination of bones.


Waving her pigtails, the black-haired beauty lunges at the stone golem, and with light in her eyes, she swings down the giant sword of bone.

With a crackling sound, the stone golem blows away and rolls to the ground, sending a cloud of dust into the air.

“Nice one, Yamiyo!”

I have friends, you know.
I knew they would come in to help.
I gave her a thumbs up, and a smirk and Yamiyo sat up, perhaps using up all her mana, but still smiling back at me fearlessly.

I raised my mace and ran to the stone golem.
I took an attack position, so the magic armor stopped, and I had no choice.

“I got it!”

As I try to slam my mace into the fallen stone golem, the stone golem gets up and unleashes a fist.
But I’ve already chosen [Mine].

The rocky fist is close to me, but I don’t care, I [Mine] it with my mace.

The stone golem’s fist and my mace collide, creating a shockwave of mana.


I was the winner.
The stone golem’s fist shatters into small pieces of stone, and it falls to the ground with an ear-shattering scream.


I, too, was shocked and blown away.
I’m glad I did that, practicing the backward somersault.

I was thrown to the ground and got covered with scratches.
I’ll have to practice ukemi next time.

[Acquired 10 rocks, 3 magic irons, and earth topaz!]

The result gets displayed in front of me.

Of course, there is no experience because it is [mining].
Let me repeat.
I don’t get any experience.

“That’s why I hate this event.”

Cackling, I fell on my back and fainted.

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