Chapter 16.1.
The Mobs Are In Place

-Masatoshi’s POV-

Aguni Masatoshi was walking up the hill, crunching my nails.
My face seemed to be in a good mood, but we could also see impatience in the shadows.

“Isn’t that common? I see.
There were other reincarnations besides me?”

While mumbling and muttering I glanced back.
There was a group of Teijo family members there, and as if protected by the center of the group, I could see Yamiyo.
Another girl, she’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.

“Young master! You can’t just go off on your own.”

The butler, who had been looking for me when I realized I was gone, rushed up to me, sweating like waterfalls and gasping for breath.

I snickered at their stupidity and walked past them.

I’m not going to be harmed by this monster.
There’s no way I’m going to get even a scratch.

I have more important things to check than that.

“Hey, didn’t Teijo Yamiyo get attacked by a wraith when she was in kindergarten?”

And she was supposed to have slaughtered the kindergartners and gotten dumped in a branch house.
But by the looks, she wasn’t abandoned.
Not with her wakame-like, eerily sprawling black hair, pitch-black, panda-like shades, as if she were wearing foundation, not with her kihihihi and grating tone of voice.

Then there is only one answer.
Yamiyo didn’t kill a kindergartener in kindergarten.

“Oh, I heard about how she killed the deadly wraith.
That girl next that to her has the holy attribute, and they joined forces to exterminate the wraith.”

The butler had heard the rumors of deception spread by the Teijo family and believed that was true.
The Teijo family had spread deceptive rumors to protect Yamiyo so that Miu could get protected by the Teijo family, whose daughter they had hurt.

How shameless the Teijo family was to try to take in Miu even though Yamiyo had hurt Miu, and how shameless the Count Takano family was to try to put the rumor to rest, so they spread a rumor that was both near and far from the truth.

But I was convinced by the explanation.
In a whisper, I muttered so that no one could hear.

“I see.
Originally, the story would have been that Yamiyo had killed that pretty girl, too.
But she prevented it.”

It’s confirmed.
I was convinced that Teijo Yamiyo was a reincarnated person.

She is reincarnated like a template.
Reincarnated as a fat person, she becomes thin, second-sighted, and beautiful.
They work harder than the original character could ever do, and become so talented that everyone praises them as geniuses.

What they all have in common is that they become a completely different person from the character they were before.
Yamiyo fits the bill perfectly.
She is a straightforward reincarnator.

When I joined the group of dukes on the hill, to organize my thoughts, I kicked the butlers away, ordered them not to come near me, and sat down under a thin tree growing thinly.

“Could Yamiyo be my obstacle? …… but she doesn’t seem to know that this is The Night of Magic…”

There is a pattern of reincarnation without knowing the story of that novel.
That scowling face was a face that said Yamiyo had never seen me before.
Perhaps she wasn’t lying.

It is a rare pattern.
In this case, the protagonist, who knows the story, saves her, and they become friends.
Or the pattern could be that they become lovers.

“But her previous self is so creepy.
I’d pass, too, indeed.”

No matter how beautiful she was, I still had in my mind the creepy appearance and personality that appeared in Yamiyo’s story, and I had no appetite for it.

“If I’m going to make you a member of my harem, it’s that gray-haired girl.”

I smirked and remembered that gray girl.
She had lustrous hair that resembled silver that reached to her back, and her ice-blue eyes were intensely attractive.
She had a pretty flowery face and a petite body.
I was looking forward to seeing what she would become when she grew up.

I’m sure that if she hadn’t known the story and had made an effort to live with good morals, she would have become friends with the person she killed in the kindergarten slaughter event.
Then the story changed, and the wraith must have possessed another human.

There is no doubt that that gray-haired girl is a character that gets killed in the event.
It was Yamiyo’s treatment that supported that idea.
What I felt after reincarnating in this world was that high-ranking nobles were tyrannical.
After all, even if I intend to burn the servants, even if I inflict a serious injury, I can cover it up.
Yamiyo could have covered it up as well.

The reason why they couldn’t is that gray girl.
I learned in this world that the gray color is a sign of awakening to the holy attribute.
It is a sign of awakening as a recovery wizard.

And recovery wizards are rare; there are only 30 of them out of 200,000 wizards in the world.
The Marquise, I assume, was unable to cover up the case of the daughter who killed the restorative magician.
It is not far off the mark.

My guess is probably correct.
After all, I have the whole this whole world in my head.
I’m synonymous with God in this world.

I praise myself for my genius and thinks about how she will respond.

There is a possibility that I could be an obstacle to my obstacles.
The fact that Yamiyo is sane will change the story.
At the very least, there will not be an event where Yamiyo becomes a member of an enemy organization and infiltrates the academy.

“But there was no problem without her event.
Even if they cut all of it out of the anime.
It wouldn’t have ruined the story.
It was so refreshing to lose the stalker creepy event.”

The Teijo family gets glimpsed in subsequent episodes.
It is, I believe, the event where the protagonist who protects Yamiyo goes to complain to the Teijo family.
The Teijo family is a family of samurai.
She must have had a strict father.

There are various tear-jerking stories, and later Teijo Ouga reflects on the situation and takes a warrior from his family to join him during the monster stampede.
That was the only character, and the rest of the time Ouga had no part in the story.
In the anime, the reinforcements get replaced by other family members, and it’s not even strange if they are not there.

So there is no problem in eliminating Yamiyo.
There is no problem, but I need to be careful.
If Yamiyo had known the story, I would have killed her without hesitation.
Even though she is the eldest daughter of a marquis, there is a high possibility that killing her will cause us many problems.
It was worth the risk to kill her.

Because if she knows the story, she will be involved.
That’s what a mob reincarnation does.
They will talk about some unwanted sense of justice, etc., and then come to the aid of the protagonist.

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