Researching About Job

Takano Miu

Level 3

Priestess I: ☆☆☆

HP: 18

MP: 6

Strength: 7

Vitality: 7

Speed: 7

Magic: 7

Luck: 7

Magic: Elementary Sacred Magic I, Elementary Sacred Range Magic I

We fought for a while, maybe 3 hours.
My level was now 3, and my proficiency was 3.
My stats are up, and my skills have increased.

Now I’m sitting in the wasteland, taking a lunch break.
It’s pretty spartan.
It’s 3 hours for my first real battle.

Then we eat our lunch.
My lunch is a lunch box made by my mom.
I have octopus sausages, a sweet egg omelet, and an apple in my lunch box.
Probably the rarest item in this dungeon.

“It’s delicious, Yamiyo-chan!”

I put the omelet in my mouth and found it slightly sweet.
It is not too sweet, but it is also delicious.
Hmmm? This fried chicken is not frozen food!

I notice the taste of the fried food in my bento, and I’m so surprised that I devour it with gusto.
Seeing Miu’s smiling face, Yamiyo is soothed and relaxed.

“Miu-sama loves your mother’s bento, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, I love my mom’s bento!”

Yamiyo smiles at the gray-haired beauty who replies with an innocent smile, then she picks a thick piece of meat from her stacked box and offers it to me.

“This is a Horn Bear Cow steak.
Here you go, Mii-Sama, ahn.”


I don’t know if it’s a cow or a bear, but it looks expensive.
So, I took a bite and ate it.

“Delicious! Hwhat is this?”

I chew some of it and exclaim in surprise.
I’ve heard that edible monster meat is delicious, but while it is full of fat, it has a light, lean flavor that goes well with the meat, making it the most delicious meat I’ve ever tasted.
It is so delicious that I was afraid to ask the price.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it so much.”

“And my octopus sausage in return, ahhh.”


Seeing these beautiful girls healing each other during lunch was soothing to all of us.

I think about this while happily eating my lunch.

The game version of The Night of Night is an RPG that gamers have played.
This system.
It is a game that is rumored, or perhaps true, to be a collection of the best parts of well-known games.

Basic level.
Job proficiency.
When the number of battles reaches a certain level, the proficiency level increases.
It is possible to fight against lower-ranked demons.
However, it is limited to monsters.

Odd proficiency levels add magic, and even proficiency levels add physical abilities.

An example is as follows.
By the way, the physical ability of a priest is MP increase.

☆ Magic I or Martial Arts I

☆☆ Physical ability +

☆☆☆ Range Magic I or Special Skill I

☆☆☆☆ Physical Ability+

☆☆☆☆☆ Magic II or Martial Arts II

☆☆☆☆☆☆ Physical Ability+

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Range Magic II or Special Skill II

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Physical Ability+

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Magic III or Martial Arts III

Do you see what I mean? All jobs follow this rule.
Proficiency is up to 9 Stars.
I’ve seen this before, gamers might say.
The names of magic are also the usual ones, from I to III.

I heard that some heavy fans complained that this was a violation of the original.
There was indeed no such thing as I or III magic.

But I like these games, so I played them.
I thought that if it was fun, I wouldn’t mind if it destroyed the original work.
In the first place, the magic used by the characters in the novels is all different, so I guess they couldn’t make it into the game.
Even in the game, only the characters in the novel could use such magic with special names.

As for unique skills, let’s see.
Priest I is like this.

Priest I: 50% up on striking weapons, Turn Undead, Holy and Dark Resistance.
Holy Magic is 100% up.

That is the increased attack power of the equipment.
Special unique skill.
And the power of exclusive martial arts or magic is increased.

There are 12 types of attributes.
Except for the universal attribute, they can be disabled, absorbed, or reflected.
The universal attribute resists other attributes.
Magic can’t defend against universal attribute magic.


[Slash, Strike, Assault] [Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, Earth, Holy, Dark, Void] [Universal]

12 basic combat jobs.

4 kinds of production jobs.

5 kinds of compound jobs.

3 kinds of hidden jobs.

1 kind of charge job.

The rest are higher up the job ladder.
Only basic jobs have job ranks.
If you become a master, you can move up to a higher level.
There are four levels, I to IV.

Once you have magic and skills, you can use them even if you change jobs.
The only skills that you can’t use are our unique skills.

If a third party looks at these specifications, they would think, it’s a lazy way of doing things.
Yeah, I think so too.

But what’s worse is this.

The Night of Magic is a classic fantasy novel.
The Author wrote the story when the job system was not yet common in games.

In other words, there were no jobs and no levels.
There was no such thing as the best composite job [Hero].
The main character was not a hero; he did not go to the temple at 12 years old and get a job from God.

And Yamiyo was a magician who had awakened to the dark attribute.
That’s all.

We can use a sword, but we can also use a club or a spear.
Our attack power does not change depending on the weapon we use.
We have special equipment, as is common in novels, but there is nothing we can’t equip ourselves with, and we can use powerful magic.

Yes, I understand.
I understand.

The game version is a destruction of the original work.
Call it a catastrophe.
It doesn’t match the novel at all.
I feel the game company forced it to like the existing RPG.
That was even worse because it was a setting that didn’t seem wrong.
But it wasn’t right either.
It was a gray area.

And there’s a wide variety of armaments in a modest open world and various events.
You could get a second job after you hit level 50, or if you’re level 99 or above, you can pay to remove the level limit.

With the idea of selling the game to gamers, the production company shamelessly used the excuse that it was a game adaptation of a novel as a pretext for their creation, and ripped off the system from other games.
What’s more, it is an old system.
The real-time system is decades old.

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