Chapter 13.2.
I’m Now 9 Years Old!

“Here I come!”

Yamiyo heads toward the skeleton with a stutter and a speed that is impossible for a 9 year-old.
That’s right.
With the body correction provided by her magic armor and her physical abilities enhanced by magic, she is faster than a bike.


Yamiyo pulls her petite body to its fullest and enters the skeleton’s bosom, swinging her sword, which contains the light of darkness, in a sideways cleave.

With a thud, Yamiyo cut the skeleton’s torso in half.
Other skeletons raise their clubs, but Yamiyo leaps lightly into the bosom of the cudgeled skeleton and kicks it in the bone leg.
The skeleton’s leg snaps off with a crack, looking fragile.
She slams the hilt into the skeleton’s head, shattering it, and spins around to cut off the other skeleton.

With a thump, Yamiyo ran in a straight zigzag, cutting off the remaining two with sharp sword blows.
Yamiyo’s pigtails swayed when she’s run, and her beautiful and dignified expression was beautiful.

Hey, that one is nine years old, right? She already looks like a warrior with a long history of warfare.
The magician of the Marquis family is super strong, isn’t she?

Even without me doing anything, Yamiyo defeats five skeletons.
But three more appear from the other side.

“Leave it to me, Yamiyo-chan!”

When Yamiyo defeats them, I don’t get any experience.
That’s because the game specs didn’t count Yamiyo’s battle with the skeletons as my battle counts.
The reason is predictable.
Yamiyo and the others are treated as NPCs, not as part of the party.
The only members I can include in a party are from the adventurer’s guild’s bar.

If I asked at the bar counter who would be my companion, it would be too suspicious to answer if Yamiyo asked where I got my companion.
I decided that I would never organize a party unless I’m an adult.
There is a high possibility the tavern master and I will not have such a conversation.

Three white-boned corpses appear with a crunch.
I squint and use the controller in my head.


-Skeleton, level 1-

I can see the enemy projected level.
I can’t analyze its weaknesses, but I know the skeleton’s weaknesses without examining them.
They are Strike, Fire, and Holy.



These two options appeared.
That is my weakness, I’m in trouble because of my game specs.


As soon as I choose that option, the armor I wore, which looks like a fusion of my white leotard and priest’s uniform, shines, and my armor deploys with a clang.

Takano Miu, the beautiful girl, is in battle mode.
She’s still young, and her appearance is a little immoral and erotic.
Gentlemen, you can’t touch, look at, or even photograph her.

Yes, I [Activate] the magic armor.
I chose [Fight] so I could [Activate] it.


With a cute voice, I attacked the approaching skeleton with my mace.
The skeleton holds up its club, but when the mace hits its shoulder, the skeleton easily cracks, and its spreads and shatters from the point where I hit.

The other two close in, but I step back and spread my hands.

[Turn Undead]

A holy light shoots out from me, the priestess girl then the skeletons become [Terrified] and stop moving as they get blasted in that holy light.

“That’s it, Teya!”

Miu swung her mace and struck the motionless skeletons with a painful blow, shattering them into pieces.
Bones scattered, and the result got displayed on the status board.

[Killed a pack of monsters.
Acquired 3 Exp.
Acquired 3 Magic StoneF.]

The battle was over, and my magic armor lost its light and returned to normal.

You must always have mana circulating in your body.
I’m repeating myself, but you can’t do it only when you fight with the enemy.”

“Yes, sensei.”

I answer cheerfully, but no matter how many times I practice, I can’t do that.
I know why.
Because in the game, every time I enter the combat mode, I’m standing with the effect of the deployed magic armor! When the battle is over, the armor retracts.
I now think it’s an effect I don’t need.

Yes, I know.
I had to select the [Fight] command in combat, just like in a game, to exert my power.
I thought the game specs were invincible, but I got an unexpected weakness.

I didn’t realize that when I help the possessed Yamiyo, it’s [Turn Undead], a recovery magic that I can use outside of battle and for events.
Oh boy, what a mess.

So I can’t even use life magic.
It wasn’t a game.
And this [Fight] command is the same, but I can’t go easy.
Even if I try to stop my enemy or go easy on them, I attack at full force unconsciously because there’s no such thing in the game.
I feel like I don’t lose stamina that easily.
When I get tired and can’t move, it’s after the battle is over.

If I don’t use the [Fight] command, I can go easy on my enemy, but he can’t use his mana, so he has the average physical ability of a 9-year-old.
I’m in trouble, holy shit.
My defense is still the same.
Even in the game, there are times when you get a surprise attack.
In that case, the magic armor is automatically [Activate] itself.
The power doesn’t apply unless I choose the [Fight] command.

Somehow, I should be able to use mana without the [Fight] command.

“I found another skeleton, four of them!”

“Yamiyo-chan, let me take them down! I need to be able to use [mana] well!”

At the scout’s words, I make a request to defeat those skeletons.
It’s because I want to increase my proficiency and raise my level.
It won’t change even if they kill the skeletons, right? I need it.
After all, even if I fought snacks, I didn’t get any experience points or proficiency.
The food was delicious.

“I understand!”

Skeletons are suckers for priests.


With a cute squeal, Miu raised her mace to do battle.

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