Chapter 13.1.
I’m Now 9 Years Old!

Takano Miu is 9 years old.
I’m 9 years old.
I evolved from a pretty little girl to a pretty teen.

My hair is still beautiful, silvery, smooth gray, extending to my back.
I have sapphire ice-blue eyes, a cute nose, and a small mouth.
My small face will make anyone passing by the turnaround admire my cuteness.

As always, I’m level 1, Priestess I, with proficiency 1.
I haven’t grown at all since I was 6 years old.
My status is now all 4, though.
It seems that the normal amount of growth has added up.

It’s because I didn’t have any battles with monsters.
I had to kill monsters to raise my level and proficiency.
I later realized that The Night of Magic shows you as having killed an enemy, not defeating one.

That is an unusual expression, but it’s a problem for my growth.

Can a 6 year old girl enter a dungeon? If this were medieval fantasy, I could sneak in.
But this world has firm checkpoints.
Young girls were not allowed inside.
I could have managed if I had skills in other jobs, but she would have to defeat some monster.

It’s all about eggs first or chickens second.

“This is the dungeon?”

That is what people call a dungeon.”

Yamiyo, standing next to me, nods and draws a black sword from her waist.

Inside the dungeon, I see a desolate land spread out.
The sky is a ceiling of dimly glowing earth.
A wide and distant place narrowed the road like a canyon.
I guessed that I could enter the next area through that canyon.
Behind them, the entrance we had come in through was a gaping hole.

That’s a few miles away.
It was small in the game, I understand, the size of the area when she battles with the enemy.
The scale changes drastically.
That’s where it differs from the game.

“Are you nervous? Mii-sama?”

Yamiyo smiles softly, shaking her wet, black-haired pigtails like a black-feathered raven.
She’s only 9 years old, but she’s a girl who makes you think she’ll be beautiful.
She is still very young, and cute, but she’ll make people feel she is a beautiful woman.

“It’s all right, Mii-sama.
We have our guards, and if you’re in danger.
I’ll protect you!”

With a smile, Yamiyo’s chest heaves.
It’s still a young, flat chest.
I chuckle.
Yamiyo grumbles and puffs out her cheeks, and then complains,

“Muuh, you don’t trust me, do you? It’s terrible.”

“Sorry, sorry.
I trust you, Yamiyo-chan.”

I stick my tongue out in a small tehehe, and when I replied mischievously.
It’s a playful conversation between best friends.

It’s about time the enemy attacked.
Please be careful.”

The teacher who taught me magic and how to fight for the past three years is paying attention.
He is a teacher who was a former B-rank adventurer.
He is a magic swordsman who is good at both swords and magic.
Since his attribute is no attribute, his black hair and black eyes have not changed.
He is an instructor of the marquis family, and he is a middle-aged man who was rumored to be quite skilled.

“Okay, I understand.
Then [Activate].”

Yamiyo puts mana on her body and sends power to the leotard-like garment attached to her body with a beaming smile.
She wears jeweled shoulder pads, breast pads, and hand and leg armor, but the rest is a tight-fitting leotard.

Covered with a faint glow of mana, a magical barrier is stretched over her entire body to serve as a protective barrier.
The magic circle in the shoulder pads and breastplate is activated to protect the body.

With a metallic sound, a line of light runs across the entire armor.
As if to indicate that it has fully activated, the armor deforms slightly to deploy its armor.

It is the erotic “Magical Armor” of The Night of Magica.
All the women’s versions have the same specifications.
This erotic armor is one of the reasons why The Night of Magic was well received.
It’s easy to understand.
It is a prerequisite for increasing the number of adult fans.

Incidentally, men are gradually becoming more heavily armored.
It’s just a theory.
It seems that the inhabitants of this world don’t question it.
For some reason, women find it easier to use magic that way, or another reason, I thought.

The problem is me.

“[Activate], [Activate]!”

Even though I force myself to Activate it, the armor doesn’t glow.
Today is another Activate failure.

“It’s still no good~.”

It is I, a disappointed gray-haired beautiful girl who.

“Mii-sama is strange, isn’t she?”

“Ummm, Miu-sama doesn’t seem to be able to activate her armor well.”

Yamiyo lowers her eyebrows in a hemming motion as if she is troubled.
The instructor makes a troubled face.
I look crestfallen.

I can’t activate my magic armor.
To put it correctly, I can Activate it, but I can’t start it.
That is ridiculous.

It’s Yamiyo, me, the instructor, and nine guards.
A total party of 12 people, but I’m the only one who can’t activate it.
But even if I show signs of trouble, some guards and adventurers are deployed around me.
Even if I can’t activate my armor, the fight begins.
It’s not that I’m cold.
There is no problem.

It’s a wasteland, but there are hills and dead trees, and it’s not flat.
You can get to the top with a few jumps in the game, but the hills are high.

The adventurers, glowing in their magical armor, scouted the area.
Soon one of the adventurers contacts us with his hand over his ear.
The instructor nods yes and turns to face us.

“Looks like we found eight skeletons, three at 10:00, five at 2:00.”

We are communicating through the intercom.
Unlike the intercoms of my previous life, this communication uses magic, and the instructor’s eyes must see the other’s image as a hologram.
Miu knows because she tried it herself.

It’s novel and cool to communicate by seeing the other person’s face.
That’s what Miu thinks.

At any rate, they have confirmed the enemy.
Miu has trained a lot, but at the 9-year-old level, it’s not beyond the realm of play.
My heart pounded.
It’s not love

A skeleton appeared over the hill, crunching bones.
A white-boned corpse comes clacking closer, but I’m not too scared.
Maybe I’m too used to it from movies.
There is a club in its hand, and it won’t hurt if it hits me.

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