Chapter 10.1.
True Malice Is Accompanied By A Smile

-Miu’s Dad POV-

As Miu’s father, I decided to confront my father, sitting face to face on a sofa in the hospital room.
I consider it a confrontation.

Because my father, Kazamichi, is more self-righteous and arrogant than his brother, Arashi.
He reigned as the emperor of Count Takano family, where what he said was absolute, and people never questioned it.

I was surprised to hear from him this time, even though I had not heard from him since I was 12 years old when I got paid money to break off my relationship with the family and thrown out.
I had not expected to hear about Miu so soon.

“Father, no, Kazamichi-san, how did you get information about Miu so quickly?”

He should not have been interested in those who don’t manifest [Mana] at the age of 12 and don’t awaken their [Mana] unless it is a miracle.
They got judged to have no magical power.
Until then, even if the magic power couldn’t get measured, it was sleeping deep inside.
There were many patterns of people suddenly revealing their magic power and awaken their [Mana], so they were being watched.

I remember.
I remember those eyes of disdain.
Those who don’t awaken [Mana], weren’t needed in the Takano family, a prestigious family of wind magic users.
I got labeled as being the same as garbage and thrown away.
Because of my bad reputation.
I was raised in a branch family, but even there, I spent my childhood abused.

My personality wasn’t distorted when I met Mirei, the daughter of a merchant who frequented the branch family.
She was lively and cheerful, yet kind.
No one in Mirei’s family had awakened their [Mana], and she had always been a commoner.
Because she sympathized with my situation and because I was close to Mirei, the eldest daughter, she taught me many things.

I’m capable, and because of the money I had as a small amount of severance pay, I made a large sum of money by making the right investments, considering the merchant’s recommendations, even though I was young.

I passed the civil service exam and worked for the Ministry of Magic, which offers a danger allowance.
I have a danger allowance because there is a high possibility of being targeted by terrorists or attacked by monsters when checking dungeons.

I now live a wealthy life for a commoner and have a happy family life with a kind wife and a lovely daughter.

I believed that he would continue to live a peaceful and happy life.
If only Miu had not awakened to the holy attribute.
I don’t intend to blame Miu.
It is not Miu’s fault, and I’m he’s proud of her spirit in trying to save her friend.
I didn’t want her to do anything too dangerous.

I knew that Count Takano’s family would get the message at some point, but too soon, I wondered.

“I wish I had heard from you, but there’s a branch of the Takano family working at this hospital.
They heard about Miu and were thoughtful enough to contact me.”

I was seized with a bitter thought that the hospital had a confidentiality agreement to keep personal information private, but it made sense.
They must have contacted my father with glee to score points.

“We must have broken our ties by now, Kazamichi-san.
You said that to me in the past, didn’t you?”

I look at my father as if to glare at him, but he must have noticed my intense gaze, but he replies with a cold smile and a nonchalant air.

“Don’t be so stubborn.
I know you’ve had a hard time.
I will entrust you with one of my companies.
From what I hear, you’re quite talented.”

I’m annoyed by my father’s arrogance, who praises me for my talent after calling me incompetent.
How can he say such a thing? He had yelled at me if I didn’t have magic, I wouldn’t be in Count Takano’s family.
With tears, I let the memory of that incident remain firmly etched in my mind.

“Dad! You’re leaving the company to him!”

My brother raised his voice at my father’s unexpected words.

“Shut up! The company you’re running has been losing money lately! I’ll leave it to Yoshiyuki’s hand, who has business acumen.”

My father blackmails my brother and glares at him, and my brother turns his head away awkwardly.
My brother seems to be running the business so badly.

“I’m sorry, Kazamichi-san, but I just took my wife’s father’s recommendation to invest in the company.
Even now, I work for the Ministry of Magic.
I can’t run a company.”

“You can run a decent business than this idiot.
I’m not in a position to run a company.
I’ll help you.”

My father says cheerfully.
I would’ve been deceived if I had heard that line when I was a child.
But I am an adult, and I have been exposed to malice my whole life.

This man’s goal is Miu.
That is why I will not give in.

“I refuse.”

My father’s eyes open slightly in surprise at my firm refusal, but he quickly narrows his eyes as his previous attitude is a lie, and he exudes terrifying intimidation.
A slight breeze blows from his body.

“Don’t be selfish, Yoshiyuki.
You know it too, don’t you? The preciousness of the holy attribute.”

“I know …….
36 families of wizards are the pride of Japan.
Each has about 100 attribute users, but only thirty have the holy attribute.”

I tell him to hide the fact that I am affected by this, as my skin feels numb from the intimidation.

But then my father huffs and laughs at my words


My cheek was pressed hard against the table when I thought I heard a dang strong sound.

“That’s a good way to put it, Yoshiyuki.
That makes it sound like it’s not a big deal to say it’s rare.
Hey, there are 200 million people in this Japanese Magic Empire.
Of that number, 200,000 awakened their [Mana], and 20,000 have the magical power to fight monsters.
About 36 families belong to this empire.”

My father is holding my head tightly, and the pressure is increasing, making it more difficult for me to breathe.

“Some wizards can heal themselves.
But how many can heal others? Hmmm? Will you tell me this, Yoshiyuki?”

His tone is mixed with anger.
He’s angry that I defied and rejected him.

“Only 30! Only 30 users of recovery magic! Out of the 200,000 wizards out there, only 30! The royal family, dukes, and marquises were each surrounded by high-ranking nobles.
Recovery wizards who can heal people and are essential to conquer high-ranking dungeons! Do you understand how rare they are? A long-awaited recovery wizard has been born in our family! The whole family must protect him!”

“Miu is our child! She is not your tool!”

“Don’t be selfish! Think about the future! You, a commoner, can protect Miu? Without the backing of the nobles? Of course, Miu would prefer the life of the rich! If she grows as a commoner! Of course, she’ll resent her worthless parents!”

“Don’t make fun of Miu! She’s a good girl.
I’m sure she’ll understand.

“How can that be? How can you protect Miu without a backer? How can I protect Miu without a backer? Answer me!”

That’s …….”

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