Chapter 8.2.
My Daughter Is Adorable

-Miu’s Mom POV-
I immediately called my husband and headed for the hospital where Miu was.
The monster had got defeated, although I could not quite make out the gist of the story.

I rushed to the hospital and met with the doctor who waited for me.
In addition to the doctor, a stern man stood there with a difficult look.

“My child defeated the monster?

Sorry for Miu’s shouting at me to stay away from them.
However, Miu-san is safe.”

From the teacher’s awkwardly summarized story, Miu was trying to save her friend who got possessed by a Wraith.
I know the sound of a wraith and the word [possession].
But I’m the wife of a husband who works for the Ministry of Magic.
My husband had told me at least the minimum knowledge of demons.
But there are some things I don’t understand.

“If a child was possessed, shouldn’t the teachers have seized it? Why my child?”

Possession is a nasty attack.
But an adult, let alone a child, could have taken it down.
When I unconsciously raised my voice to denounce the attack, a man wearing a kimono bowed deeply.

“I apologize, Takano-san.
Yamiyo awakened her [mana].
It seems she was also secretly practicing magic, whether someone taught her or herself, and it was dangerous.”

“Awakened her [Mana]!”

I got taken aback.
Mana is familiar, but it is also dangerous.
Magic could kill those without magical power.
Those with magic power can resist, but those without magic power cannot resist at all.

“Is my child okay!”

I grabbed the teacher by the shoulders and shook her violently, and she nodded back at me.
If someone who can use magic was possessed, then my child must have received magic.
My mind went blank with worry that she might get seriously injured.

“Oh, please calm down.
It’s all right.
I mean, Miu-chan was seriously injured.”

“Seriously injured!”

“But she has already recovered.
There is not a single injury.
She’s just sleeping now because she’s extremely tired.”

“Recovering? Did you call for a healer?”

Did Miu use a potion? But if she was badly injured, it must have been a very expensive potion.
Or a healer? Healers are valuable.
A healer would cost tens of millions.
No, it’s not about the money.
I calmed down a little, thinking I should be glad she saved.
But her next words were disturbing.

“No, she’s not a using healer or a potion.
Well, you can see that when you look at Miu-chan.”

The teachers said apologetically.
But I realized something strange at that point.
There were doctors and nurses, but they seemed somehow happy and proud.
Is there something going on?

Wondering, I enter the hospital room.
I was surprised when I entered.
The room was luxuriously decorated.
It did not look like a hospital room at all.
I could have believed it was a suite in a hotel somewhere.

This is a small thank you for saving my daughter.
I hope you don’t mind the cost of treatment here.”

I finally realized it when I heard the man wearing a kimono say something.
This man is a nobleman.
Yamiyo has played with Miu several times, but her last name is Teijo.
He is a member of the Teijo Marquis family.
I realized this, but more importantly, I had to confirm my child was safe.

I see a painful figure lying on the bed with an IV drip.
I approached the poor thing, and my mouth dropped open.

Miu no longer had black hair.

It had become gray hair.
Miu’s hair becomes a beautiful, lustrous gray hair.
I know by the knowledge that it is shiny because of the mana in it.

I also know the meaning of the color of her gray hair.

“Congratulations, Takano-san.
She has awakened to the holy attribute.
And she could use recovery magic out of the blue! I congratulate you on her awakening to the rare holy attribute.”

The doctor tells us excitedly.
The nurses also congratulated her, and the kindergarten teacher also congratulated her.

I understood why the doctor and nurses were so proud.
Because they had protected a child who had awakened to the holy attributes.

I understood why my child was safe in the face of the deadly wraith.
It was not because adventurers and warriors came to rescue her.

I understood that she must have defeated the wraith herself.
I quickly regained my composure.

More than anything, I was relieved that she was still alive.

Mii-chan must have awakened her [Mana].
Whatever the case, I’m glad she’s safe.”

I pat Miu’s head gently in relief.
Her gray hair was smooth and very comfortable to the touch.

I can’t hide my surprise that she has awakened to mana.
It is because it is mostly aristocrats and warriors with magical powers who awaken their [Mana].

However, there is a problem.
The children of nobles who are born without magical power rarely give birth to children with magical power, unless they marry a partner with magical power.
For this reason, those who do not have magical powers are cast out and become commoners.

“Is Miu alright?”

She must have come in a hurry.
My beloved husband rushed into the hospital room sweaty and out of breath.

Takano Yoshiyuki, the former second son of the Count Takano household, entered.

My husband had a past of being thrown out of the Count’s household for being useless.

How would he feel that his daughter had awakened to a rare holy attribute? Would my husband be pleased? I am sure that the count family would not remain silent.

Mirei, determined to protect her child, explains the situation to her husband.

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