Chapter 7.1.
It’s Like I Have A New Best Friend!

My parents were furious with me a lot.
It’s hard to be angry while crying.
It stings my heart, so I vow to stop doing anything dangerous.
Let’s fight with a proper safety margin.

I’m not going to stop fighting.
Besides, I’m a mob.
If I were the novel protagonist, I’d be in immediate danger even if I promised not to do anything dangerous anymore.
But a mob player can fight the enemy after plenty of growth, so I’ll probably be fine.

Hopefully, this decision won’t be a flag.

“I was surprised, you know? I never thought I’d be fighting monsters.”

“Yes, Mii-chan.
I thought our hearts stopped when we got the call, you know?”

“I’m sorry, Papa-Mama.”

I bowed my head and reflected on myself.
It’s not an act.
I’m sorry, I was naive.
I was a kindergartener, but I was too reckless to fight with monsters.
I guess I was still in a heroic mood.

This fight made me realize that it was real.
I had thought that monsters were unrealistic and could be easily defeated.
This is my second life.
I had to be careful with my life.

My parents looked at each other when they saw me bowing my head, and then they looked relieved and patted me gently on the head.
I smile, happy to see them.
My spirit dragged along with my new body.

In my previous life, I was unaffected by anything.
The only time I was excited was when I won the third prize in the lotto; I had won five out of six, so I was happy that I had won the second prize of 10 million, but I was shocked when I realized that I had to hit the bonus number to win the second prize.

“Mii-chan, the next time you see a monster, run away, okay? Ask a nearby adult for help.”


I lied there.
Because I want to level up.
I’m sorry, I can’t give up on that.
But since I’m now supposed to awaken, can I become an adventurer? If that’s the case, I don’t need to put my all into exterminating monsters.

My mom gently hugs me with a wry smile at my answer.
I feel at ease as I smell her reassuring scent.

“But it’s admirable that you saved your friend.
You did a great job.”

“Yeah, you did great, Mii-chan.”

However, the story ended with a nail stabbing that was no longer dangerous.

“By the way, isn’t this place expensive?”

The conversation was over, so I said what was bothering me.
I don’t have much vocabulary, so I can’t say it well, but there is a mahogany chest of drawers, a large-size TV, and even a refrigerator.
I’ll check later to see if there is juice in that fridge.

And there is a sofa and a table.
The spacious room is like a gorgeous private room where politicians stay when they are sick to avoid scandals.
How much does it cost for one night?

Even as a child, I was worried.
My family must not be rich enough to afford such a room.
I was sure my parent would tell me the house had been sold when we go home.

“We didn’t rent this place, you know.”

“You didn’t rent this place, Dad?”

To thank him for helping us.”

As my dad was about to tell me why somebody rented this room, there was a knock at the door.
My mom approached the door and rattled it open.

“Come in.”

“I’m sorry, Takano-san.
I heard that your daughter woke up.
May I come to visit her?”

The doctor told me that she is fine now.”

He answered smilingly.
I heard his grave and dignified voice, and he slunk into the room.

“Oh, I’m glad to see you are well.”

The man who entered was an old man in a kimono.
His shoulder-length hair was streaked with gray.
He was a large man, taller than my father, maybe a little over 190 centimeters.

His eyes were sharp and fierce.
He was an old man with an intimidating face that looked charismatic and strong-willed.
When he saw me, he lost his composure and approached me.
Who could it be?

But I understood when I saw his daughter walking behind him.
What is it, Yamiyo’s parent?

“My name is Teijo Ouga.
Thank you so much for saving my daughter.”

“Yamiyo-chan is my friend, so it’s only natural!”

I answer in a cheerful and happy tone.
This tone of voice appeals to adults.
This old man, named Ouga, has an intimidating appearance.
I feel like he is an old man involved in the main story.

So, I searched my memory.
I’ve seen all of The Night of Magic anime.
Yeah, I’ve never seen an old man with such an impact.
He’s a mob with this look and name.

Well, the main character is involved with only a few people when compared to the world population.
They’re like a drop in the ocean.
But the setting of the novel is alive in the world.
There must be an old man with a great name like this.



While I was thinking about that, Yamiyo dash-tackled me.
It was like a jackal rushing forward.
I may be headed for the underworld again.

I coughed, wondering if it was revenge for knocking her to the floor when I saved her, and then she puts her hand around my neck and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you, Mii-sama.
If the wraith had to continue manipulating me like that, I would have hurt many of my friends.”

Yamiyo thanked me with a mixture of tears and giggles.

She seems to remember what happened.
Or perhaps her memory remained even though she was possessed.

“I was crying when I saw Mii-Sama getting covered in wounds.
But I was so moved when Mii-sama used her magic to save me! Thank you!”

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