Chapter 6.2.
True Mob Is Just Like The Air

With a snap, I opened my eyes.

“Is this a hospital?”

My blood pressure was measured with a beeping beep, and I got an IV needle in my arm.
I move to mosey around, and the soft feel of the bed returns.
It has brand-new sheets and a room that smells like medicine.
No, it doesn’t smell like medicine.

The room was spacious, like a hotel suite.
Luxurious decor, big TV, and refrigerator.
Hmm? What a gorgeous private room.
It must be expensive.

I opened the status board because I’m sad that no one was in the room.
To open it, I imagine a controller and press the touch button.
It is an unexpected way to call up the status board.
If there is a god who reincarnated me in this world, I would like to complain about it.
How am I supposed to know how to do this?

Who would picture a controller and imagine pressing the touch button to open the status board? Unless you know it, you can do that, but if you don’t know, it would take a miracle to know, damn it.

“However, I know I got reincarnated to be a complete mob in this world of The Night of Magic.”

I manipulate the icon and look at the item box, but all I see is a magic stone F.
There’s nothing left of my character or performance that I’ve worked so hard on.
It doesn’t seem to work that way.

“But I feel like it’s just a reset.
I have the jobs I’m paid for.
And if that’s the case, the top-up should have affected other places.
There’s no problem here.
And I’m the mob.”

I was a player in The Night of Magic.
Reincarnated and became a mob.
Why is that?

Novels and manga are made into games.
If the pattern is to control the main character, there is no problem.
The problem is the pattern where the player can make my character from scratch.

In a normal game, the player plays as the main player character.
The storyline also revolves around the main player character.
But what happens if the game is based on a novel?

The game’s main character is the novel protagonist, and the main novel storyline is the main selling point, but here a problem arises.

That ignores the player’s character even though we are supposed to be in the same party.
The conversations and stories progress only with the main characters of the novel.

The main characters talk as if there were no players.
Even if the player defeats all the enemies and the main characters are defeated, only the main characters are happy that they did it.
The game treats players like air.
In other words, we’re a mob.
I understand that they can’t do anything because the story becomes strange when it gets entangled in the story, but this was terrible.

I know it’s a game for fans, but many games make me want to shed tears and say, “I’m here too, don’t ignore me.”.

The Night of Magic uses that stupid pattern.
The player is not involved in the main story, even in the conversation part.
We’re all just the air.
If this were reality, you could cry.

In sub-stories and hidden stories, the novel protagonists, on the contrary, do not participate in any conversations.
It’s worse than indifference in reality.
That is bullying.

This world is the game version of The Night of Magic, where you go through your hard work.
You can’t expect the story to be good.

So, I’m a mob, an air, as soon as I’m a player character that I can make.
I won’t be involved in any storyline.
No, but I might be able to go to the hidden story route.
The main characters don’t participate in that either, so I’m still a mob.

“But maybe it’s good if I got reincarnated as a player character.
I can be much stronger than the main character.”

I reconsider that this might have been a bad idea if I got reincarnated as one of the main characters.
The novel is not a level-based world.
The game version was created as level-based because it was an RPG game.
The main characters did not level up by defeating monsters they were at a fixed level.
The system was such that they would level up when there was a training event or something.

In the game, I didn’t need the main characters.
It was a battle between players and summoned beasts and familiars only.

When I thought about it, I felt much lighter.
Thank goodness I was a mob.
I can’t do the training.
I swore I would work myself to death, but if there’s an easier route, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it.

“I’ll have to work hard to get stronger, but I’m not going to have to work myself to death.”

Me leveling up, or gaining proficiency.
It’s going to be hard, but I’ll manage, I thought, burying my head in my pillow.
The difference between reality and games, or novels and games? Whatever it is, there will be a lot of things to check.
This time, I had full HP, but I collapsed.
Maybe I collapsed from anemia.

I yawn.
I am sleepy.
I’m tired because it was a big adventure for a 6-year-old.

As I began to doze off, the door to the hospital room opened, and my mom enters with a vase of flowers.
She rushes over to me, her eyes watering in surprise at me doing acupuncture.

“Thank goodness you’re awake, Mi-chan!”

“Ohayo~, Mama.”

I responded to my mom who hugged me tightly with an audible gasp.
Very sleepy.

I hug my mother tightly with sobs, and I hug her back, glad I didn’t do anything impolite.

I’m glad.
For now, let’s just rejoice that I’m still alive.

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