Chapter 1.1.
The Prologue Is An Epilogue! (1)

There is a room with no light.
The walls and ceiling were like obsidian, emitting no light at all.
If there is a light source, the light would be absorbed and not be allowed to illuminate this room.
The room was filled with a disastrous atmosphere.

A black haze was spreading over the entire room, and the back of the room appeared to be blurred.

It may be strange to describe it as a room.
The room is one kilometer deep.
The pitch-black world stretched out endlessly, and there was only silence.

There was no design on the walls or ceiling and no furniture.
If you listened carefully, you could hear the moans and groans of people coming out of nowhere, the thin, eerie voices of pain, hatred, and resentment like a noise.

All would live in this space as evil.
Even if it were an old building of historical value, it would unanimously agree to destroy it.
Such was the room.

The room had been several hundred years old without having been visited by anyone.

After hundreds of years without a visitor, a light shines in this place.
A magic circle with glowing blue letters appeared on the dust-free floor.

The magic circle glowed brightly, and a figure appeared in the circle center.
The figure, which had not been there before, was wearing a robe, and a hood covered its face.

The magic circle had probably completed its work.
It lost its light and disappeared ephemerally.

The black haze that had filled the room began to move as if it had a will and tried to envelop the figure’s body.

The cursed haze takes the life of any fool who visits this room and turns them into dead persons.
It was a terrible trap that would dissolve even their bones.

The floor and ceiling polished like obsidian were not obsidian, but human blood had been smeared and polished into a jet-black material.
It’s a room made of tens of thousands of dead people.
That was the fearless identity of this jet-black room.

The death trap attacked the shadows and tried to suck out their life force.
But something strange happened.
As soon as the haze touched it, the figure absorbed the haze.

Still, the haze attacked the figure without care.
The haze that filled the vast room wriggled like slime, crawled toward the figure with sticky movements, and eventually, all of it was absorbed and disappeared.

“Was this haze treated as magic? Too bad, I absorb the dark attribute, sorry.”

The shadow opened her mouth to apologize, but the apology was not sincere.
Shrugging her shoulders, she walks through the darkness, as if she can see as if the haze has disappeared.

When she reaches the center of the room, she holds her hand in the air.
Curiously, several items appeared from the air, including multicolored swords, spears, jewels, and necklaces, and scattered to the ground.
All emit a divine light and have the power to purify even this disastrous room.

“Oh no, failure, failure.”

The human figure arranged the scattered objects in a circular pattern with a wry smile on its mouth.
The objects are too divine to be touched, yet she handled them as if the scattered objects were toys.
When she finished their pr

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