Having finally finished crying, Caro raised her head timidly.
Although she was brought out there without explanation to receive medical treatment, she had immediately begun bawling so she was suddenly attacked with anxiety at the possibility that she might have been troubling her master.
「Have you calmed down?」
Athal removed his hand from the top of her head and looked down at Caro’s face.
She nodded, having completely cried her eyes out.

「Well then, let’s check out the condition of your body.
Stand up.」
Caro slowly got up and softly stamped her feet down, before rotating her arms a full rotation to test her condition.
Having all her previous injuries healed, her appearance had now become clear.

Her height remained around 140 centimetres, and her hair was gray.
The shape of her ears had become apparent, matching the long ears that could only belong to a rabbit beastman.
In addition, she had an uncharacteristically large chest for her height.
「Um, well, thank you very much.」
Her long ears shook as she thanked Athal with her smiling face which could only be described as beautiful.

「…….Ah, yeah, don’t worry about it.
It’s something natural for me to do as your master.
Rather than that, is there anything weird with your body? Anything hurt? Anything hard to move? Oh yeah, that burn on your face is gone too, so no need to worry about that.」
Caro was delighted to hear that the scar had been completely removed from her face, as continued to pat around her body.

「It seems to be fine.
Nowhere hurts, and there’s nothing that’s hard to move.」
「I see, then that’s good…….
Then once again, best regards.」
Saying so, he held out his hand which Caro timidly took.
This time they used their right hands, causing Caro to smile bashfully.

「Now, I’d like to talk about various things…….
But this isn’t really a place we can relax, so let’s head back to the city first.」
「Understood! Athal-sama!」
With Athal moving in the lead, Caro trotted up behind to follow him.
Considering their size difference, Athal deliberately took smaller steps to make it easier for her to keep up.

As they made their way back to the town, and once again met with curious gazes, though this time for a different reason.
Various people going to the town kept glancing over to look at them and moving their heads in close to whisper among themselves.
「A- Athal-sama, aren’t they looking at us?」
Since Caro was a beastman she was naturally more sensitive, added to the environment she was in up until now she was sensitive to people’s gazes.

「Don’t mind them.」
There were two major reasons people were staring at them.
The first being Caro’s beauty and the second was the fact that Athal had just run through the city earlier holding a slave in his arms.

But since reacting to them would only draw even more attention their way, all they could do was ignore it and continue on their way.
Seeing as her master wasn’t paying it any heed, Caro somehow managed to let it go and lifted her spirits.
「A- ano, Athal-sama.
Where are we going?」
But since it was difficult to just ignore it, Caro asked a question to distract herself.

「The lord’s mansion.」
Since she was expecting him to say something like a clothing store, or an inn, she let out a dumb sound when Athal gave an answer totally outside her expectations.
「Well, don’t worry about it.
You’ll understand when we get there.」

Having been told so Caro couldn’t really ask anything else about it, leaving her with various thoughts revolving around her head.

They hurried along the road to the lord’s mansion.
By the mansion gates stood two guards.
「Hey, I’m here to see Glaine and Gill, so…」
「If it isn’t Athal-sama.
Understood, please wait for a moment.」
Athal’s insolent attitude towards the guards of the lord’s mansion surprised Caro, but since the guards were aware that Athal had saved Ashna’s life they simply went inside to report his arrival without showing him any rudeness.
This led Caro to suspect that her master might perhaps be a big-wig from somewhere.

「Um, what…」
Athal interrupted Caro from asking about the situation by patting her head.
Since the start, Caro had thought that his hand was big, warm, and kind.
「I’ll explain various things when we’re inside.
Wait until then.」
Caro could tell that Athal couldn’t say anymore there based on his smile, so she nodded silently.
Ever since he had pointed that unknown weapon at her, she had decided that she would trust in him so she had no choice but to continue believing in him.

「Sorry for the wait.
They’ve agreed to meet you, so this way please.」
Athal followed the guard’s lead.
Caro nervously followed Athal closely so as not to get separated from him in an unfamiliar environment.
Caro anxiously looked about every which way when they entered the mansion, whereas Athal, in contrast, maintained a calm expression, as he had stayed over the previous night.

「Here you are.
Please enter after knocking.」
「Th- thank you very much.」

Once he finished guiding them, the guard spoke courteously to Athal, to which Caro responded with a deep bow.

Athal knocked on the indicated door, from which a reply then sounded.
「If it isn’t Athal-dono, come in.」
Athal entered the room with Caro at the lord, Glaine’s prompting.
Glaine was sitting at a desk at the back of the office writing something, but he stopped his hand and stood up to move to a sofa.

「Oya, you appear to have brought a cute young lady with you.
Looks like you’ve achieved your goal, huh.」
「Yeah, thanks to your help.」
The two smiled at each other before Athal moved over to a similar sofa.
Since Glaine had told him not to worry about courtesy, he sat down on the soft sofa without reserve.

Not knowing how to act in the circumstances, Caro simply remained standing still.
It seemed she didn’t know if she should follow him or not.
「What’s wrong Caro? Come here and sit.」
Even with her master telling her what to do, Caro was still hesitant.
Was it really fine for her to sit down next to Athal in front of the lord?

「Fmu, so you’re called Caro.
Don’t worry, you may sit down next to Athal-dono.」
When Glaine softly urged her on, Caro finally swallowed her hesitation and took a seat beside Athal on the sofa.

「Since Athal-dono has come from a faraway place, it seems he doesn’t really know the common sense of the area.
He had never seen a slave before he came here, so Caro, make sure to support Athal-dono.」
Glaine spoke to Caro in a kind tone since it seemed that she hadn’t calmed down yet.

「Y- yes!」
Having not expected to be spoken to, Caro reflexively straightened her back as she gave her reply.
She had been wondering what expectations her master sitting next to her had for her, but she understood Glaine’s explanation.

「Well, it’s like that.
So without further ado, this is Caro.
She’s the slave I bought.」
「I- I’m Caro.
Please treat me well.」
Athal and Glaine smiled since they found Caro’s nervousness kind of funny.

「There’s a lot I don’t know, so let me know if I say anything weird.」
「Please leave it to me!」
Seeing her master was relying on her, Caro was filled with fighting spirit.
She wanted to repay the master who cured her with all her might.

「So although I stayed here last night since I have Caro with me now I was thinking it would be better to rent a room at an inn, or maybe buy a house.
It might be good to go out on a journey as well.」
Since Athal came to this world without any particular goal, he had various options to choose from.
Now that he would be living together with Caro, he was looking forward to living in this world a little bit more.
Caro seemed to be thinking about the options he proposed as well.

「If that’s the case, perhaps it would be fun to become an adventurer as well.」
Glaine proposed becoming an adventurer when he heard Athal’s thoughts, someone who was registered at a guild who completed various requests.
「Fumu, think you could tell me a bit more about that?」
「Leave it to me.」
Although it had only been for a short time during his youth, Glaine had once registered as an adventurer so he began speaking about his experiences.


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