After a short time, the group arrived at the town and took a room at a reasonable inn.
After that, they handed over the Black Merchant to the guards, and once out of the town, they moved to a less crowded place.

“This area should be fine.”

The place was a plain near the town, hidden behind a large rock.
They decided that it would not be a problem to use some magic here.
Anzam seemed to have decided to watch the three of them while sitting back and relaxing a little further away because it was out of his area of expertise.

“I’ll get right to it.
I can teach you about Contract Magic, the same magic that was used on the Black Merchant.”

‘Contract magic, the magic that Aig spent a lot of time applying to the Black Merchant.
So it must be difficult, right?’ Was written on the faces of Ataru and Caro who were listening to him.
Aig smiled softly at their adorable reaction to all that fighting.

“I understand your concerns, but it’s alright.
Originally, contract magic is a mutually agreed upon master-servant contract with Spirits, Demons, Holy Beasts, and Spiritual Beasts.
With a human-human servant contract like that one, you have to combine other types of magic, so it’s become much more difficult.”

Hearing this clarification, Ataru and Caro understood that although they did not understand it well, that was the way it worked.

“I also have a contract with a Wind Spirit.

Saying this, Aig summoned a Wind Spirit.
The wind blew softly, and a pale light gathered near Aig.

“Whoa, so cute!”

The Spirit that Aig contracted with was a bird-type Spirit, which looked like a tiny songbird and had an adorable appearance.

“I’ve known this child since the day I first started as an adventurer.
The day I was taught contract magic in the village, I immediately made a contract with her, and we’ve been together ever since.”

Gently caressing the spirit with his fingertips, Aig looked at the spirit with gentle eyes as if he were looking at his longtime partner.

“Ataru-sama! Let us make a contract with a spirit too!”

Caro, who was eagerly approaching the spirit, seemed to have been struck by the spirit’s cuteness and strongly wanted to make a contract with a spirit as well.

“The first thing that comes to mind is that the spirit is a cute little thing.
But I’m more interested in those holy beasts and spiritual beasts than in a spirit.
Is it possible to make a contract with such incredible creatures?”

‘Can you do it with that magic?’ The question had two implications.

“Yes…… I could give you some examples, although I’ve only heard of people signing contracts with them in legends and lore.
If one could make a contract with them, they would probably keep their mouth shut.”

“If the world knew that you could sign a contract with those guys, they would probably target you and ask you questions about how you could get a contract with them.”

In this world, holy beasts and spirit beasts are named as possible contracting partners, although whether that is true or not, nobody knows.
But few saw them.

“So I’m going to make that my goal.
I don’t mean to be rude, but I would like to make a contract not with a spirit, but with a holy beast or a spiritual beast.”

Ataru had never had a goal before, but now that he was here, he had a desire to do this, and he naturally smiled.

“……then I’ll do it too!”


Those were Caro’s words.
She had mentioned earlier that she wanted to make a contract with a spirit, but suddenly she said that she would make a contract with a holy beast or a spiritual beast just like Ataru.

“You sure? Earlier you said you wanted to sign a contract with a cute spirit.

“It’s okay!”

Caro didn’t want to be called out on it again, so she covered Ataru’s words in a loud voice. 

“I’m not sure whether or not you’ll be able to do it.
Well, let’s make it our goal to make a contract with a sacred beast or a spiritual beast together.
If there are any other demons along the way that you would like to contract, you can choose that one.”

“To do that, the two of you will have to learn contract magic first.”

Aig, who heard their intentions, began to teach them the magic.

“First of all, please take a look at this.”

Aig then showed them a sheet of paper he had taken out.
At first glance, it looked like an ordinary sheet of paper, but it had a magic circle drawn on it.

“This is a sheet of paper with a magic circle on it, which is necessary to make a contract.
Of course, you can do it without it, but it would be more reliable if you had it, so I will ask you two to draw the magic circle.”

Both Ataru and Caro were stunned when they saw the intricate patterns of the magic circle on the paper.


“Oh, really?”


Aig smiled at their stunned question.

“…… Caro!”

“…… Ataru-sama!”

“”Let’s do our best!””

The two had decided to learn once, though, it seemed that their determination would not be loosened by this, as they were now determined to be able to draw the magic circle.

“As a prerequisite to being able to draw this, let’s start with an explanation of the magic.
As I said earlier, both the magic user and the magic being performed om must consent to the contract.
If it’s a demon, it would be a condition to fulfill the contract magic by getting them to accept it, and if it’s something highly intelligent such as a holy beast or a spiritual beast, then getting their verbal consent would be sufficient to make the contract magic work.”

Ataru and Caro had notebooks that they had prepared at some point, and they each wrote down what Aig had explained.

“Next, the way magic flows is different from normal magic.
In normal magic, the magic is released with words, with a strong image of the magic that matches those words, gathering the magic in the palm of the hand, for example.”

Listening to Aig’s words, the two of them remembered the time when they would use magic.

“But contract magic circulates magic in your body.
It is important to be able to feel this sensation.
Next, the magic power flows to the other party’s body and is circulated through each other’s bodies.
This is the difficult part; you have to feel the magic circulating in the other person’s body.”

Not only must you sense your own magical power, but you must also sense the flow of the other person’s magical power.
It is easy to imagine that it is quite difficult.

“It took me a few months to be able to do this.”

Aig chuckles as he says this, but for Ataru and Caro, it is not a funny thing to say.
His dexterity had been demonstrated by the contract he had made with the Black Merchant.

“Haha, this guy is a genius at magic.
Since it took him that long, it might take you guys years!”

Because of his inexperience, Anzam who had been listening to a story he didn’t understand so well up to this point, laughed gaily at the two of them as if to relieve his frustration.

“I can easily channel my own magic, but dealing with someone else’s could be tricky.”

“Yeah, that’s true …….”

But after hearing their conversation, Aig was wide-eyed and amazed.

“What? Can the two of you sense the flow of magic power around your bodies?”

The two of them nodded in agreement with his question, wondering what he meant by the obvious.

They had been able to do these things through their training at Franphilia’s house, but as a matter of fact, it was something that would normally require a great deal of practice.

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