As soon as Ataru moved closer to Caro, he shot the beastman who was lying in the distance with the same bullets as the elf man.


So, what the hell do you want?”


Then he asked, glaring quietly at the Black Merchant.


Up until now, he had been shouting for his men to stand up, but when he realized that his situation was at its worst, he immediately turned his head and became quiet.


“What do you mean ……? You people have found out who I am.
I can't keep people alive who know who I am!”


The Black Merchant smiled mockingly and weakly, as if he had been the one who had revealed his true identity, and then he looked up and said that it was only natural to kill Ataru and Caro, and then he blurted out his reasoning.


“Haa, that's why you came all this way with so many people,……, it's exactly why I'm so dumbfounded.”


Ataru holding his forehead ,nodded in disgust at the man's reply, which could only be taken as a rebuttal.


Let me ask you something.
Is it your fault that there is no sign of monsters or animals in this forest?”


Next to him, Caro opened her mouth quietly and asked the man the question she had been holding for a long time.
The last two men who had attacked Ataru and Caro, the beastman and the elf, seemed to have been powerful enough to be used as a back-up.


But that didn't mean that the forest was going to be this quiet under their influence.


'What are you talking about? I was just waiting here with these guys to ambush you…….”


He raised his eyebrows questioningly in response to Caro's question, but he didn't seem to be involved in the matter at all and had no idea what she was talking about.


“I've been aware of the anomaly, but we had nothing to do with it.


It was the elf that Ataru had defeated that interrupted him, slowly raising himself and answering weakly.
Ataru had shot two bullets into the elf, but the purpose was not to attack.


“Hey, you're supposed to be dead!”


The wide-eyed and surprised Black Merchant stammered and shouted.


“Well then, not only have you defeated me, but you have also shown me mercy.
We're dealing with some very skilled people.”


The elf man, who shook his head with a bitter smile, did not respond to the Black Merchant's words.
Showing such a reaction to a slave opponent was very uncomfortable for the Black Merchant's man.[1]


In fact, one of the bullets Ataru had fired had been aimed at the collars on the elf and his friends.


“Thank you for your help.
Now I don't have to listen to him.
I really appreciate it.


The elf man smiled in relief and bowed his head to Ataru to thank him.
In his hands, was a slave collar in a broken state.


“Hey, hey, hey, why!”


The dark merchant's eyes widened in astonishment as he realized what had happened, and his vocabulary completely collapsed.


“Ahh, I'm done!”


It was the black panther beastman that had been hit by Caro that had gotten up, screaming.


“You're strong, little girl.
I had some confidence in my strength, but it's been shattered.”


The black panther beastman, who bared his teeth and smiled, had his collar removed as well.


“Wha- wha- what do you mean?”


In an unbelievable situation that the collar of the slave contract, which is not destroyed even if it is attacked, has come off, the black merchant revealed his irritation and questioned Ataru.


“Uh, well, it's a secret, I guess?”


In fact, Ataru did two things.
The two things Ataru actually did was to aim a bullet at the collar so that it would break, and to shoot an anti-spell bullet at it.
It's not clear which of the two was more effective, but the fact that the collar had been removed indicated that it was possible to externally cancel the slave contract.


“What the hell!”


The Black Merchant shouted angrily at Ataru, who tried to evade the question.
He was annoyed that his slave had been forcibly taken from him.




But it was the black panther beastman who stopped him.
A voice filled with anger echoed from the depths of the forest.


“You don't seem to understand that your position has changed, do you ……? How dare you put me through all this?”


He stood up and approached the Black Merchant, cracking his knuckles as he did so.


“Hii, hii!”


The black panther man was filled with anger and the Black Merchant let out a frightened cry and fell on his butt.


“It's okay, just tie him up with the others and throw him out there.


Ataru said this as if to rebuke him, and then mercilessly shot the Black Merchant with a stunning bullet.




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After confirming that he had fainted while making a strange voice, he gathered the men who had fallen here into one place.


Caro, the black panther man, and the elf man all helped silently.


“Now that they're gathered, let's tie them up.”


Ataru quickly tied each of them up with a rope behind their backs, and then connected them so that they were tied in a circle to a nearby tree.
In the meantime, they made brief introductions.


“It's hard to tie them up when there are so many unconscious people.”


Ataru took a breather when the work was almost finished.


“Who the hell are you? The strenght of Miss Caro's is one thing, but you are also quite capable, aren't you? It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has been targeted by these guys.


The black panther beast, named Anzam, asks him to inquire.


“I wonder what it is? We're just adventurers, that's all.”


“That's right.
I'm sure I'm an adventurer, although Ataru-sama is out of the ordinary in many ways!”


Ataru shrugged his shoulders at the words of Caro, who smiled smugly and boasted.


“No way, I think you're both out of the standard.
In the first place, you took on such a large number of men without a scratch, and even defeated us easily.
Even though it looks like this, Anzam and I are both pretty good fighters, you know?”


The elf who was working with a wry smile on his face was named Aig.


Anzam and Aig were former A-rank adventurers, but one day they were tricked into incurring huge debts, which in turn led to them falling into slavery to the Black Merchant.


“What do you mean? It hasn't been that long since we registered with the guild, and I think our rank was B and D.
More importantly, have you noticed?”


Ataru's suddenly hushed voice turned his gaze into the forest.


“Yes, it's getting closer…….”


Caro, who had noticed what he was talking about, was looking there as well.


“What is that?”


“What the hell is that?”


Anzam and Aig seemed to have noticed it for the first time and widened their eyes in surprise.


They were not able to see the figure clearly, but something black with a strange presence was approaching them.


“Perhaps this is the reason why the monsters and animals were forced to flee the forest.
Oh dear, it's just one disaster after another.”




Ataru and Caro seemed quite calm, despite their troubled tone.


“What do you mean? Why don't you run away?


Anzam asked them while running away from the strange presence that he had never seen before, but Ataru and Caro did not move even a step from the spot, because they had planned to intercept it from the beginning.


“The two of you can run away.
You're free to go now.
And just so you know, you don't need to feel obligated to help us, we just happened to be able to help you.”


Ataru simply said that and proceeded to replenish the bullets for the battle.
Caro next to him, who was holding a weapon, seemed to think the same way, and only smiled kindly at them.


Damn it! I'm staying too!”


Huh, you're that kind of person.
Then I'll stay too.”


Anzam and Aig, who felt indebted to the two, made up their minds and decided to fight together with them.


Translator’s notes:

[1] I honestly don’t know how to translate the last part of the sentence.
Last part in JP: 隷属している相手に対してその反応を見せることは闇商人の男にとって大きな違和感を持たせた。

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