The two of them proceeded nonchalantly through the quiet forest, hearing only the sound of the carriage and their breathing.


But even there, they could not detect any sign of monsters or animals.


“Caro, do you hear that?”




When Ataru asked, Caro looked ahead with a serious expression.
And Ataru slowed down and parked the carriage there.


“Hey, you there.
Show yourself!”


Ataru called out loudly to the men in front of him, and after a while, they appeared.


“As expected, we have gathered a group of skilled people, but ……
it seems that you have a high level of ability to detect the presence of others.”


The man who appeared was the Dark Merchant, with the same creepy smile on his face, and a group of his men.


“Really? What do you mean? You can't tell me they're good at what they do.”


“What the hell?”


“Hey, how you dare!”


Ataru's words, sounding as if he was mocking them, made the Dark Merchant's subordinates lose their temper.


“Stop it!”


The Dark Merchant stopped them with a snap.
As soon as he did, his men quieted down.


“hmmm, looks like they're well trained.”


In the meantime, Ataru and Caro had dismounted from the carriage.
They decided not to take up arms just yet and stayed to watch the Dark Merchant.


When Ataru provoked them again, his men tried to make a scene, but the Dark Merchant glared at them so hard that they kept their mouths shut.


“Could you please stop provoking them?”


The Dark Merchant said with a troubled expression and a wry smile, but Ataru, who had no intention of doing so, only shrugged his shoulders.


“What on earth are you trying to do, ……
Merchant, blocking our way?”


The Dark Merchant raised the corner of his mouth in response to Caro's question as he spoke quietly.


“You understand, don't you? When I told you who I was, there were only two options.
Either you help us, ……, or we kill you.”


Ataru felt uncomfortable with the expression of the Dark merchant who was confident this time, even though he had easily backed down last time.


“Caro, you have to consider the possibility that there are more than just these guys.”


Ataru, trusting in her excellent hearing, muttered something too small for anyone else to hear, and Caro, hearing him properly, gave a small nod.


“Well, goodbye then.”


The Dark Merchant happily raised his hand and swung it forward to instruct his men, who, seemingly waiting for him, raised their weapons towards Ataru and Caro.


“Caro, kill as few as possible.
Some of them seem to be reluctant to follow.”


“Yes, sir!”


Caro, who nodded cheerfully in response to Ataru's instructions, also ran towards them.


At the same time, Ataru stayed in place and held up his gun.
Previously the adventurers had attacked him, he had hidden his power from the Dark Merchant and adventurers by not using his original weapon to deal with them.


“I should also use non-lethal ammunition to avoid killing them.”


Ataru looked into the scope and loaded the stun bullets.


In the dimly lit forest, there was a considerable distance between Ataru and the men.
However, by channeling magic power into his Magic Eyes, Ataru was able to accurately grasp the location of the men as though there were no such obstacles.


By this time, Caro had come close to colliding with the men.


Sleep for a while.”


Ataru pulled the trigger and shot the bullets into the men.






The men who were about to attack Caro fell down one after another.


What the hell?


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Watching Caro appear in front of them, they were alerted to the fact that she hadn't done anything and several people had fallen, and the confusion spread to everyone instantly.


“There's an opening.”


Caro followed up with an attack.
In order to complete Ataru's instructions, she didn't have a weapon, but instead shot her fists into his stomach and chin, knocking him unconscious in the blink of an eye.


The men, who didn't even know what was being done to them, became confused.
Then the little girl attacked with more force than they could have imagined, knocking them down one after another, and their initial confidence was eclipsed by fear.


“Damn it! What the hell is going on here? ……


The man who shouted in panic was knocked unconscious by Ataru's bullet the next moment.


“I've been thinking that this is a strong ……, but I didn't expect it to be this strong.”


The Dark Merchant was overwhelmed by the strength of Ataru and Caro, and gulped down spit as he became impatient with the situation in which his pawns were being beaten one by one.


“I'm not going to let this happen…….
Hey! Bring them to me!”


A few of his men received instructions from the Dark Merchant to move the carriage with the cage on top of the body.
Then, they hurriedly unlocked the cage.


“Hey, you guys.
If you defeat those guys over there, I will free you from slavery.
If you lose, ……
you understand?”


Inside the cage were a beastman and an elf slave.
Both of them have deadly smoldering eyes.


Okay, so we just have to take those two down, right?”


“That's right, get on with it!”


The collared black panther beastman man slinks out of his cage and looks around for a target, then turns his attention to Caro, who is fighting on the front lines.


“It's a rabbit tribe girl,……, and I guess that's just the way it goes.”


He felt it was a sad fate that the person he was going to kill, a young girl, was also a beastman.
But he could not disobey the order, and shook his head to shake off his feelings.


“I suppose I will be dealing with the one in the back.”


The elven man stepped out of the cage with a bow in his hand.


“I don't care which one it is, just get those two down!”


Perhaps it was the fact that he saw his subordinates being beaten down, but the Dark Merchant had already lost his composure and his tone had become rough.


The black panther man went towards Caro as quickly as he could, putting all his strength into his legs.
The other men had been defeated, which made the fight easier.




Caro noticed that a different atmosphere than the one she had been dealing with before, and turned her gaze towards the presence.
At that moment, a black mass was coming towards her, and its speed was fast enough to close the distance between her and it.




Ataru, who was a little more familiar with the situation and was in a hurry to understand it, shouted when he saw it, but another attack was directed at him.


Damn it!”


Ataru realized that an arrow was flying at him and shot it down with a bullet clicking his tongue.


“It seems that she is able to fight freely because you are helping her.
If that's the case, I suppose the first thing I should do is block your movement?”


When he looked in the direction where the arrow flew, he saw an elf man with a bow hidden among the trees.


The majority of the men who attacked Caro had been defeated by Ataru's fainting bullets.
The elf, who had been watching this from a distance, had seen the two of them working together, had judged how to fight, and had taken aim at Ataru.


” ……
Well, Caro can handle herself.
I'll take care of that one first.”


The two of them were far enough apart that they couldn't hear each other, but they both sensed something.


“You're a beastman?”


Caro was surprised to find that none of the men she had defeated so far had been beastmen, and that her own kind had attacked her.
At the same time, she didn't want to fight, and her expression turned confused.


“I didn't think that the person I was going to defeat would be a beastman as well,……, but that's the way it has to be if this is an order.”


Caro, who is confronting him at a certain distance, is puzzled by this situation, but the black panther man has already made up his mind and jumps on her without hesitation in his movements.


Ataru versus the elf man.


Caro versus the black panther beastman.


The battle has begun…….

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