Seeing what Gill held as he returned to the room caused Athal’s eyes to go wide with surprise.
Held in both of his hands was a large sack that seemed to be bursting at the seams.

「Fuu, fuu…….
Sorry for the wait.」


Out of breath from carrying it, Gill placed the sack on the table with a thud.

From the heavy clank of coins that came from it, it was clear there was a large sum of money inside.

「Here you are, since it would likely be heavy to carry it as is, we have also, of course, prepared a bag for you to carry it on your back.」

Gill removed the normal rucksack style bag from his back and placed it on top of the table.


「Wh, what’s this?」

As prompted, Athal took a look inside the bag and was surprised once more.
The bag was crammed entirely full of sparkling gold-coloured coins.

「Umu, I think this should be good for now, but is it enough?」

Perhaps Athal didn’t show the reaction Glaine was expecting so he made a face wondering if that perhaps wasn’t enough money.


「It, it’s plenty! Rather this is way more than I should be getting paid for taking down a few monsters.」

Athal reached his hand inside the bag, which likely contained a fortune within, and drew several gold coins from it before sliding the bag back across the table.


「Please wait a moment.」

However, he was stopped by Gill, who followed his words by swiftly raising his hand.
His face showed a relaxed expression that was somehow different from his usual calm demeanour.
However, a smile grew on his face as he asked his next question.

「Athal-sama, you rode on top of the carriage canopy until we made it to the capital, right? What were you doing during that span of time?」


「Eh? Was Athal-sama doing something?」

Having thought that the rest of the journey back had been entirely peaceful, Ashna doubtfully questioned Gill’s words.


「Ah, it seems I’ve been found out.
I didn’t think anyone would notice if I brought them down from afar with the silencer on.」

Since no one had said anything about it, Athal assumed that no one noticed.
He awkwardly scratched his cheek.

「Yes, I was driving after all.
I could see the shadows of monsters in the distance collapsing for no apparent reason, and we occasionally passed monster corpses showing no signs of having fought anyone.
I definitely didn’t catch all of it, but I believe there was a large amount.」

Athal made an awkward face after having been seen through, even though he tried to hide it.
The fact that Gill hadn’t said anything before they arrived added to that feeling.


「No way, I hadn’t noticed a thing.」

「Umu umu, since you did more work, this amount of remuneration is appropriate.」

Since he wasn’t trying to sell a favour, Glaine pushed the bag back to Athal hoping he’d accept it all the more.


「…… Haa, alright.
I’ll gratefully accept this as remuneration.
That’s more convenient for you guys, right?」

The money had been prepared to prevent any information going around that the lord was unable to protect his daughter himself.
If Athal were to refuse the money it wasn’t guaranteed that he would keep his mouth shut about the topic, so it was more convenient for the lord’s side if he accepted it.


「If you understand we would be grateful if you could accept it.」

Glaine smiled at Athal in response, as he seemed to be picking up on the circumstances.

「Eh? What do you mean?」

Ashna helplessly watched Athal and Glaine go back and forth, painting a picturesque ojou-sama ignorant of the ways of the world, unable to understand the meaning of their exchange.


「It’s fine if you don’t get it, I’ll take the reward.
I saved you guys, and Glaine is showing me his appreciation.
It’s that sort of thing.」

Although she still didn’t quite understand what was going on, Ashna was happy that he was accepting the reward.
She was truly thinking it was great that she could return the favour.


「For now I’ll just pack this gold up…… There.
Also, I’d like to ask a question since I’m not from around here.
I came from far away, so I’m not familiar with the area.
So could you tell me a bit about the general situation and culture of the city?」

Having secured some money, Athal repostured himself and asked another question.
Leaving aside money, not having any idea about the common sense of this world was a matter of life or death for him

「In that case, I’ll be your teacher!」

Ashna enthusiastically stood up, balling her hands into fists, and assigned herself with that role.
However, Athal politely shook his head from side to side.


「I could use some information in that range too, but the scope might be a bit limited…… It might be better to have a person with a more general scope of knowledge teach me.」

「Fumu, do we have anyone who would be good?」

Knowing Athal probably didn’t mean to say that his daughter was uneducated, Glaine brought the topic back to the original question.


「…….Well then, how about you purchase a slave?」

The one to softly suggest so was Gill.

「A slave?」

Having been raised in Japan, Athal didn’t have a positive impression of those words.
Therefore, he gave a dubious look.
No matter how troubled he was, he was reluctant to get a slave.


「Yes, did you perhaps not have slaves where you grew up?」

Gill asked after seeing Athal’s unexpected reaction.
Athal didn’t expect slavery to be a common system in this world.

「Not in the country that I grew up in.
I had heard that there were slaves in other countries but……」

「Is that right.
In that case, I will explain how slavery works in this area.」

Worried about Athal’s stiff expression, Gill began explaining.


「In this country, slaves can only be used for work via certified slave dealers.
Therefore it is rare for slaves to undergo harsh treatment.
Additionally, they are taught basic reading and writing skills by the slave-dealers, so although it may sound bad, they are sold as a valuable commodity.
They have many different roles, such as combat slaves, household slaves, artisan slaves, and so on.」

Athal’s image of a slave was that they would receive brutal treatment, so Gill’s explanation caught his attention.
The way it sounded, they seemed more like temporary workers.


「Can I buy one of those slaves?」

「Of course.
As long as you pay for them, there is no problem.
Slaves have a crest tattooed on them, fundamentally preventing them from going against the orders of their owner.
However, in exchange, the slave’s owner is obligated to provide for them.
Furthermore, if the owner is found have subjected the slave to cruel treatment, they will be punished.」

Although only a little, Athal’s impression of slave ownership became better as Gill went over the rules openly.


「Then there’s no problem…….
I have money too.
Yeah, it sounds like it would be good to get a slave.」

Once Athal got over his initial image of a slave, he became interested in getting one.

「Umu, in that case, Gill, guide Athal-dono to the slave dealer tomorrow.
He will be staying in our home tonight, so go, prepare a feast.」



Gill politely bowed before leaving the room to prepare accommodations for Athal, and arrange the night’s banquet.

「Iya, I’ve already received enough of a reward.
To stay here on top of all that…」

「Athal-dono, this comes from my feelings of gratitude.
Please, I wish for you to stay here tonight.」

Blocked from escaping by Glaine’s strong eyes, Athal gave in to his words.
Since he would have had to go looking for a place to stay the night anyway, he judged it would be fine to accept his kindness.


「Haa, then I’ll rely on you.
For now, I’d like to lie down until dinner but…」

As soon as Athal made his request, Glaine clapped his large hands twice, summoning a maid from nearby to guide him to his room.


Matching Glaine’s words, dinner that night was a line of food he had never seen before. 


Set to go to the slave dealer the next day, Athal went to bed with various thoughts floating around his head and fell asleep before dawn.


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