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On the way back from the cave, the adventurers camped once and rested a few times, and when they reached the city, they disbanded, rested, and gathered at the guild again the next day.


“Thank you all for coming.
The other day's request was painstaking.
Thanks to your efforts, the golems have been defeated and the danger has been removed, and I thank you on behalf of the guild.”


Flaria, the guild master, bowed deeply in gratitude, and the rest of the staff bowed accordingly.
The adventurers, who usually adopt a boorish demeanor, were not amused by this and could not hide their embarrassment.


“We split up yesterday due to fatigue and other reasons, but today I'd like to hand out the rewards.
As I told you beforehand, the rewards will be based on performance, so please present your cards in order.”


When the staff at the reception desk heard those words, they waited at the reception desk and waited for that time.


“I'm sorry, we'll decide on the rewards after confirming the number of kills for everyone, so please bear with us if the process takes some time.
I will adjust the rewards accordingly.”


The adventurers, who nodded without complaint at Flaria's apologetic explanation, and began to hand in their cards, starting with those closest to the reception desk.


This time, Ataru and Caro also quickly got in line and presented their cards to the officials.


“…This is amazing!”


The receptionist, who was unaware of the two's activities, let out a cry of surprise when she saw the results.
However, the adventurers who were around them saw the reaction and thought that such a reaction would be expected if they were dealing with these two.


“What's wrong?”


When Ataru asked if there was a problem, the receptionist came to her senses and shook her head vigorously.


“I'm sorry, sir.
Thank you for submitting your card!!!”


The receptionist bowed her head vigorously this time, as if she was looking at a hero.[1]


“Oh, oh, no, don't worry about it.”


Ataru's reaction to the staff member's bravado was a bit confused.


“Ataru-sama, there's a jam in the back, let's go!”


Caro, who was happy that her master Ataru was being received so favorably, told Ataru to turn around.
There was a line of adventurers waiting for their turn, and they quickly moved from the reception desk.


After Ataru and Caro had moved on, the work continued, and the rest of the adventurers finally finished checking their cards.


“Hmm, is that everyone? I see, so that's how it turned out.”


Flaria, who looked around, confirmed the result and nodded with a smile.


“Then I'll hand out the rewards, starting with …….”


The rewards were handed out in order, starting with the adventurers who had been called.
The adventurers who were called up were given their rewards one by one, starting with the ones with the lowest levels of contribution who could be paid immediately.


Therefore, it was only natural that Ataru and Caro, who were active in the front line this time, were called in the second half.


“Then, adventurer Caro, over here.”


Caro was the first one to be called.
She went to Flaria with a slightly nervous look on her face.


“You have been overwhelmingly successful, so naturally you will be rewarded more than the other adventurers.”


The reward this time was paid entirely in gold, but the bag Caro received was quite heavy.
She held the bag in both arms, surprised at the unexpected weight.


“Well, I was fighting on the front lines, so I may have fought more than others to a certain extent.
Isn't that a little, no, a lot?”


Caro had defeated a lot of monsters, but the amount of weight she carried was just too heavy for her.
Perhaps due to the fact that she was originally a reserved person, or perhaps due to her status as a slave, she was uncomfortable with the idea of receiving so much.


“Hahaha, no need to be modest.
No one here would argue with you getting paid this much.”


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“Right?” Flaria looked around and everyone nodded their heads in agreement.


“I'll take it without reservation, then.”


Caro was bewildered by the fact that she, who until a short while ago had been left unsold in the slavers' trade, had received such a high evaluation.
But even in the midst of her confusion, she felt a surge of joy.


“Caro, it's going to be hard for you to carry that around, so I'm going to keep it with me.
Of course, Caro can use what she gets as she pleases.”


Ataru's words were unusual in a world where it was commonplace to think that what slaves acquired belonged to the master, but the adventurer who had seen and knew the relationship between the two was convinced.
Of course, Caro trusted Ataru wholeheartedly, so she handed over the bag of rewards with a smile without hesitation.


“Well, next is Adventurer Ataru.
Come this way please.”


As soon as Ataru made sure that Caro had finished storing the reward she had received in the magic bag, Flaria called out his name.


When Ataru went near in response to the call, he was handed a bag about the same size as the one Caro had received.
The other adventurers who saw it were curiously discussing something in whispers.


The reason for this was that they wondered if Ataru's reward was too small for his performance.


“Thank you.”


Ataru, on the other hand, didn't care about this evaluation at all and thought it was just like this.
He thought it was fair because he was attacking from behind and was in a safe zone.


Flaria panicked when Ataru was about to return to Caro with the bag.


“No, no, no, wait a minute! It's not like you're going to get paid that much for killing that many of them.


Flaria, who was still acting as a guild master in front of everyone, reverted to the tone she used when they first met because she was flustered.


“Hmm? No, I wasn't on the front lines where it would be dangerous, so isn't this what I'm supposed to get?”


Ataru tilted his head as he looked back at her when she stopped him, but Flaria shook her head broadly, saying it was outrageous.


“It's not! If you include such a thing in your activities, then the reputation of archers and wizards who attack at long range will also be lowered.
Your method of attack is unique and unparalleled, but you have achieved results.
However, it was difficult to evaluate it based on money alone.
So, I have prepared another reward for you.”


Flaria's words drew everyone's attention, wondering what the other reward would be.


“It's this!”


The receptionist, who had brought it over as if she were bringing something important, placed it on the counter, which at first glance was a plain cup.


“Yeah? Tableware?”


The words Ataru uttered as he stared at it were the same words that all the adventurers present were thinking.
He seemed to be wondering why it could be considered another reward.


“Well, that's true, but that's not all.
This cup is a magical tool that produces clean water by putting a small amount of magic power into it.”


Flaria put some magic into the cup to prove it, and as she explained, the empty cup filled with clean water.




Ataru gently takes it from him and sips it.




The water that quenched Ataru's thirst was said to be clean, but it was not completely filtered; it was as if he was drinking from a mountain spring.


“Hmm, it must be convenient to be able to drink and use this water anywhere and anytime.
There are several other water-producing magic tools, but none of them can produce water as clean as this.
This is a gem I acquired when I was an adventurer, and I'm willing to give it to you.”


Without any hesitation, she handed over the item that was a memento and a rare magical tool.
This was a sign of the respect that Flaria had for Ataru.


It seems that she is very proud of it, and she is smiling with pride and serenity, and Ataru is smiling along with her.


“I see, this will certainly come in handy.
Thank you.”


Ataru, who strongly sensed Flaria's feelings, thanked Flaria with words that came straight from the heart.


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[1] “Hero” here is “eiyū“ and not “yuusha”.
I’m going to be honest I don’t know the difference so just google it if you’re interested.


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