On the way to the lord’s house, the citizens all called out to them.

People were worried because the carriage was all beaten up, and Ashna greeted children and the various other people that were there, with a smile on her face.
It didn’t seem like Ashna was pushing herself to do so, but rather seemed that she was just accepted by them.


「This town seems like a good town.」

Seeing the reaction of the citizens, the fact that the lord and Ashna were adored was evident to Athal.


Ashna was honestly delighted, while Gill smiled in agreeance with her words.


The three made the trek to the lord’s house without any resistance.
Although it was a given since it was Ashna’s house, Athal was bewildered for being let into a castle-like building without any credential checks.

「Ah, it’s fine for me to come with you right?」

「It’s fine!」

Ashna didn’t want to hear that from Athal after coming all the way here and strongly declared so.

「Ah, right.」

Not that she had overpowered Athal, but he figured it would be fine to accept the words of the lord’s daughter.


Once they were inside, Athal was guided to a waiting room.
The other two separated from Athal to go speak with the lord about the situation.

「Well, I’m alone now anyways.
Might as well go over my abilities…」

Athal sat down on the sofa in the room so he could check his abilities, then a plate appeared before his eyes.
Only Athal was able to see it, and of course, only he could touch it.

「Since I killed a bunch of monsters on the way here, it seems I saved up a lot of BP.」

Displayed on the plate was 『BP (Bullet Point): 53』


「Since I don’t have to worry about regular bullets, how many special bullets can I make.」

Since normal bullets were 0 points, Athal concluded that there wouldn’t be any problem with him converting all his points into special bullets.

「This, and this, and how about this.」

A quick glance showed that there was a large selection of special bullets to choose from.
Additionally, it showed that there were a thousand rounds of normal bullets prepared.
He didn’t need to carry them, as they existed in a place similar to the plate.
They were designed so that they could be swapped out or reloaded automatically by conscious thought.


「It’s convenient that I don’t need to worry about loading it myself.」

God explained how it worked beforehand.

He didn’t have to look in a case to see the number of bullets and instead could just check that from the plate.


「I need to master this later…」

According to what God had said, direct fights in this world were fought with various things, such as swords, axes, spears and the like.
For long-distance battles, they mostly used either bows or magic.


Although his physical abilities had been strengthened, being cut down by a sword would still hurt, and taking a hit from magic would probably blow him up.

Therefore, Athal thought he shouldn’t blindly trust in his abilities.
In order to continue living in this world, he would use his power freely, live through every battle, and adventure here and there around the world.


With that thought, there was a knock at the door.

「…Come in.」

Thinking someone had probably come to get him, he turned off his plate and replied.


「Please excuse me.
The lord and the mistress have finished their preparations, so I’ve come to guide you to them.」

The one who knocked was Gill.
Usually, Gill was a butler for the lord, but he became Ashna’s butler when ordered to. 

For that reason, it was rare that he would guide a guest, so Athal was relieved that a familiar face had come to guide him.
As he was in different attire from the time they had met, it seemed that he had taken the time to change.

「Sure, I’ll leave it to you.」

Since Athal was already acquainted with Gill, he was truly relieved.


As they made their way through the building, the servants politely bowed their heads to Athal.
He felt itchy and couldn’t get used to it, but he made a face saying ‘such is life’ and politely bowed back to them in return.

「Athal-sama, it’s here.」

Before a certain door, Gill called to Athal before knocking on it.


The voice that responded was low and refined.
This was likely the lord’s room, Athal thought.


「Well then, go ahead Athal-sama.」

Gill opened the door and prompted Athal to enter.

「Got it.」

Nervous to be meeting the lord, Athal drew a deep breath before going inside.


The inside of the room appeared to be a drawing-room, in the middle of which was a large table with comfortable looking sofas arranged around it.
A man who sat comfortably on the sofa at the back of the room greeted Athal with a calm countenance.
Sitting beside him, having changed her clothes as Gill had, was Ashna.

「So you are Athal-dono, the one who saved my daughter and servant.
I am Ashna’s father, Glaine.
Thank you very much for what you did.」

The feudal lord, Ashna’s father stood and lowered his head deeply.
He was a bit shorter than Athal, but he was in his forties with eyes overflowing with ambition.
He looked dignified with his brown hair and similarly coloured goatee.


「Well, I suppose it simply turned out that way, therefore please do not mind it.」

He considered speaking in his normal tone, but since he figured that it would be bad to talk to the lord that way he switched to using polite speech.

「Hahaha, that doesn’t seem to be how you normally speak, right? You’re my daughter’s saviour, so go ahead and speak in your usual tone.」

Ashna had told the lord various things about Athal from the time he had met Gill, so the lord laughed and permitted him to change the way he spoke.
Seeing as the lord had no issue with the manner Athal was used to speaking, it seemed that he normally had a very kind character.


「Ah, gotcha.
Anyway, don’t mind it.
I just happened to be in the area.」

To reinforce it, Athal once again asked the lord not to mind it in his usual tone of voice.
He didn’t save her there because she was the lord’s daughter, rather he was just trying to help a person in trouble.

「That simply won’t do!」

Feeling that she couldn’t allow her debt to go unpaid, Ashna rose from her seat and declared heatedly.


「Master, young mistress, perhaps it would be better if we allowed Athal-sama to sit first.
I will go and prepare some tea.」

From Gill’s words, the two realized that they had been speaking to him while he was still standing, so they hastily spoke out.

「What a discourtesy on my part.
Please, go ahead and take a seat Athal-dono.」

「That’s right, please sit!」


With a wry smile showing slightly on his face from the similar parent and child duo, Athal did as suggested and sat down on the sofa, and to his surprise, it felt softer than he’d expected.
They sat similarly in front of him.

「Here you are, Athal-sama.」


Gill skillfully arranged tea and cake before the three.
A pleasant smell drifted from the tea and confectioneries and entered Athal’s nose.

「Go ahead and eat.」

To prevent Athal from feeling reserved in that situation, Glaine preemptively told him not to hold back.


「Ah, thanks.」

Athal did as told and partook of some cake.
Upon entering his mouth, a gentle sweetness spread across his tongue, giving him a healing sensation.


「Umu umu, I’m glad that it suits your taste.
Now regarding your act of saving these two, I would like to show you my thanks, however……」

Is there anything you desire? Glaine attempted to draw an answer from Athal.
He prepared himself to provide Athal with a reward worth the lives of his daughter and servant.


「It’s probably useless for me to say I don’t need anything so…… how about some money.
Due to some circumstances, I don’t have any travelling funds.
So it would be a great help to get some funding.」

There was a possibility that asking for money right off the bat might leave them with a negative impression of him.
Or so Athal thought, but rather than looking like they cared about that, Glaine whispered something into Gill’s ear, prompting him to immediately run off to prepare some money.

「Wait a moment, Gill’s getting some right now.」

Ten minutes later Gill briskly returned, and what he had in his hand surprised Athal.


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