Ataru nodded silently at Caro's call.
No glances were exchanged, but the two of them were on the same page, and their thoughts were the same.


Then, in perfect timing, Caro once again struck the golem's arm upwards again.


This time, he silently shot the bullets into one of the golems.
The bullet was a strong normal bullet, powerful enough to shoot through the golem's body.
It destroyed the magic channel precisely as aimed and stopped its function.




Caro was convinced that the attack was going to work, so she was already facing the next golem, trying to create an opening for Ataru to shoot as well.


“Oh, that's great, Caro.”


He felt comforted by her efforts and couldn't help but smile.
With those words, Ataru put his finger on the trigger.
And the bullet shot through the magic channel just as sharply as the last one.


“Well, it looks like we're getting somewhere.”


Ataru breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the third golem had stopped functioning and had become quiet.
It was a unique feeling of relief after a battle that demanded precision.


“Ataru-sama, please wait a moment while I remove the core.”


Caro ran over to the fallen golems and dexterously removed the outer layer of rock from the spot where Ataru had shot through, extracting the core.


After glancing at Caro as she worked, Ataru took a look at the surroundings.
However, it seemed that the three golems that were in the area were the only ones that had just arrived, and they had not been attacked by any monsters while they were working.


“Ataru-sama, I have recovered all three.
There doesn't seem to be a scratch on any of them!”


“Yeah, looks like I shot through it just fine.”


Caro came running up to him, and he happily gave him the golem core's, which was as beautiful as her words.
Caro happily wriggled away when he patted her head to thank her for retrieving the golem core's.


“What do we do now? It seems that the other parties have been destroyed.


Caro, who had been enjoying the feeling for a little while, asked looking up at him to confirm.


Since obtaining a golem core was inherently difficult, they thought that three without a scratch would be enough.


“Hmmm, I guess so.
We can go home now, but I think we should go back ……
and check out what's going on in the back.
He said that the number of golems is increasing strangely.
It's not a good thing if every party that comes for a core in the future is wiped out.”


He had no sympathy for the party that had competed this time, but there would probably be more requests to make magic tools in the future.
Ataru had a thought to reduce the possibility that the adventurers who came here would lose their lives without a second thought.


“As expected of Ataru-sama.
You care about the other adventurers as well.
I couldn't agree more!”


Caro, who was holding her hands tightly to her chest in admiration, also had no objection to this opinion, and suddenly turned her attention to the depths of the cave.


“Sorry, Caro, I'm going to have to go with you.”


“No, because maybe some of them are still alive, and I'm also concerned about the fact that there are so many golems that multiple parties are almost wiped out.


Shaking her head as if to say don't worry about it, Caro's expression hardened as she stared into the depths of the cave.
Ataru was concerned about the same thing, so he took a step forward to head further in.


“There might be something wrong here.
Let's go.”


The two of them then headed deeper into the cave.




Along the way, they encountered golems, which they defeated with the same coordination as the first time and collected the cores.
The cores they obtained were stored in their magic bags(Item bags), so no matter how many cores they got, they would not become a burden.


“In terms of numbers, we're getting there.
Now we just need to find out what caused it.”


The two of them hid behind a rock, keeping their voices low and gently looking towards what they thought was the deepest part of the cave.


“Yes, …….”


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Caro, who is hiding behind Ataru, gulps at the sight.


The two of them looked at the large number of golems in front of them.
One of them was much larger than the others, and the situation was even worse than Ataru and Caro had feared.
It was supposed to be an open space, but due to the huge size of the golems, the visibility was poor.


“What do we do now?”


Can we take two?”


Anxiously, Caro returned the question with a question, but Ataru did not nod his head lightly at this question.


“I'm sure this number is tough.
No, I'm sure it's not impossible, but the core* may not be intact.” [1]


The number of enemies was much greater than when they took on the first three, and they would not have time to coordinate if they were attacked all at once.


“There wouldn't be any survivors from this.


Caro, who had a sad expression on her face, nodded at Ataru's judgment as she murmured.


“Maybe we should just go back and report to the guild.


As soon as Caro said that one of the golems turned around, as if it had noticed something, and walked towards Ataru and Caro with a wide stride.


“……, did it notice us?”


Ataru prepares his gun while hiding behind a rock in case of emergency, and behind him, Caro prepares to draw her weapon at any time.


“I'm ready to go.”


Then the two of them watched the golem's movements.
The air was tense and tight with tension.


The one that started to move came to the other side of the rock, not noticing the two of them.


In this position, even if they get a little rowdy, the other golems might not notice them.
They looked at each other and nodded and decided to attack the golem.[2]


Caro attacked its legs from behind, bringing it to its knees, and when the golem turned its head toward Caro, Ataru had already shot out its magic channel with the muffler on.


This series of moves was done out of sight of the other golems, and the two thought that they had gone unnoticed.


However, Caro noticed that the eyes of the larger golem flickered slightly.


“Ah, Ataru-sama.
That big golem's eyes are ……”


It was glowing red, and more importantly, it was definitely pointing towards where they were.


“Oh shit, it's spotted us.
Caro, we'll intercept it when it comes towards us.”


If they escaped, the golems might come to the outside, which would spread the damage.
So, they had no other choice than to fight, knowing the potential danger.


The other golems turn to face Ataru and Caro, taking orders from the giant golem.


“Oh, well, I guess we're completely caught.
Let's get the numbers down first.”


In order to make the first move, Ataru raised his gun and shot out the magic channels of the golems that had not yet shifted to a fighting position.
Some of the Golem's magic channels are difficult to see, so Ataru has no choice but to shoot them in the core.


“Now that we have enough cores to take home, we're going to prioritize reducing their numbers.”


Ataru made an excuse to no one in particular, but there was no hesitation in his attack.
All he wanted to do was to reduce the number of golems by as many as possible and get the giant golems core in good shape.


“Ataru-sama, please move back now for a moment.”


When Ataru has already neutralized about ten of them, Caro stands in front of him.
As the distance between the lead golem and Ataru is finally narrowing, Caro prepares for close combat.


“All right, I'll not only finish them off, but I'll also cover you, so we'll both take them down at once.”


Up until now, both Caro and Ataru have acted with the highest priority on obtaining the cores without damaging them.
However, by removing that restriction, they begin to fight in a way that makes the most of their abilities.


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(Garden’s corner: I’d normally say sorry for ending on a cliffhanger but since this 2/4 chapters today(for you not me) this one probably won’t be on one.)


[1] Change this line a little.
Changes: but it may → but the core may.

[2] Could use some help with this sentence.

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