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“We have a few of those.
The two of you have risen in rank, and if you tell them a little bit about the recent battle when you are introduced, I'm sure some of them will be eager to accept your offer.”


At the adventurer's guild, the two consulted Boulas and found several requests unexpectedly quickly and easily.


“I'm sorry, but could you please explain some of these requests to me?”


“Of course.”


Boulas nodded with a smile as he fixed his glasses at Ataru's request.


Then, a sheet of paper was placed on the counter.


“First of all, this is a request from a merchant who had come to this city to buy something.
He had hired an adventurer when he came to this city, and he wants to hire an escort for the journey back.
I've been asked to do this several times in the past, and I think he's a person of good character.
I think he has a good personality and is very generous with his payments.
Just go to ……” (G: a link to

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Boulas, who had said so much so easily, stammered for some reason.
Ataru and Caro looked at each other curiously at his behavior.


“Just? Is there a problem?”


When Ataru asked the question as if to prompt him, Boulas's expression became subtle.
He seemed to be pondering whether he should say it or not.



“Yes, ……
the client himself is a very nice person, but his son, who accompanies him, seems to be a very cruel person.
This is the reason why he sometimes refused to accept our request after we met.”


Ataru didn't ask from which side, but he could feel the air of struggle from that.
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“I see.
Can you tell me about some of the other clients?”


“Yes, the next request is from this person.
This is a nobleman who has come to see the lord of this city and wants you to escort him back.
However, although this person is a nobleman, it seems that the management of his territory is not going well,……, and the reward is …….”


It seemed to be below average enough for Boulas to stumble over his words again.


“I see.
How is His character? He's a nobleman, so he's probably got a lot of pride.”


Boulas chuckled at the question and shook his head.


“He was a very humble man, and when he came to apply for the request, he bowed his head repeatedly in an apologetic manner.”


Boulas seemed to be smiling because he remembered how he looked at that time.
From the looks of him, Ataru and the others could tell that he was not a bad person.


“Okay, that's enough about this request, let's move on to the next one.”


Boulas took out the third request form to make his next proposal, but Ataru stopped him with his hand.


“No, no.
We'll take the second request.
You don't mind, do you Caro?”


When Ataru confirmed, Caro also nodded broadly with a smiling face.
From the impression she got from listening to him, she knew that he was someone who would surely understand them, and she also wanted to accept this request too.


“So that's it.
I think we're going to take this request.”


Then can you please head to this inn? If you tell the receptionist that you are here on an escort request from the Adventurer's Guild, she should be able to get you there.
Once the request is completed, please have him sign the form in the town over there.
The reward will be given directly to you.” (G: *inhale* ugh… I really hate long sentences like this when I edit the MTL to make it more readable.
I’ll repeat myself but I have bad dyslexia, that’s also why there a good amount of space between lines just to make it easier for me to edit and read.
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Boulas quickly prepared the necessary documents and handed them to Ataru.
As he checked it briefly, he felt a gaze on him.


“Hmm*? What's wrong?” (G: wanted to change it to Ara, but when I looked at the raw I realized that it wouldn’t bet accurate.)


It was Boulas's, and Ataru tilted his head as he noticed his gentle smile.


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“No, I was a little flattered that you chose that request without even asking how much you would be paid.”




Ataru was not sure what had made him feel that way, so he parroted the question.


“Yes, as I said before, he has a very nice personality, and I was really hoping that you would accept his request.
However, the reward is small, and I am hesitant to say such a thing from my standpoint.” (G: okay, okay)


Boulas, who looked a little calm behind his glasses, seemed to be really worried about the person who was the client.
As the guild's receptionist, the frustration of having to treat everyone differently seemed to be bothering him, and Ataru and Caro naturally smiled as they got a glimpse of Boulas's personality from his words.
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“I'm going to go see the guy then.
Pray that we don't get turned down by the other party.”


Ataru, who smiled playfully, and Caro, who smiled gently, turned on their heels and left the guild, while Boulas bowed deeply to the backs of the two.


“Ataru-sama*, why did you decide to accept this request?” (G: Do you the reader like sama, or do you want it to be master? Answer below!)


On the way to the inn, Caro, being genuinely curious, asked him this question.
She knew she wanted to take this request too, but she wanted to know what he, her master, thought about it.


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“Hmmm, we're not having any trouble earning money, and we're inexperienced because of our sudden rise in rank.
If you are the first client, you might complain about this and that if you make a minor mistake.
If that's the case, it would be better to help the nobleman who's broke and in trouble.” (G: Fuck this shit why is there so many long sentences this chapter!?!?! Also link.)


Caro's face lit up at Ataru's words and she nodded.
It was because she actually had the same idea.


“Ah, Ataru-sama.
I think it's probably this inn right here!”


Caro, who had checked the map and their destination several times, pointed to an inn and turned back towards Ataru.
The materials that Boulas had prepared for them included a map to the inn, and they were able to reach their destination without getting lost.
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“Sate, sate, (Well, well,) I hope they're in their rooms.”


As soon as they entered the inn, they headed straight for the reception desk.


“Sorry, we've received a request from the Adventurers Guild to escort a nobleman staying here, his name is …….”


Ataru checks the name of the client on the form that Boulas gave him.


“It says here, Gaiszer-san.
Is he staying here?*.” (G: change up a bit since I didn’t like how it was worded.
「ガイゼルさんとなってるな。これだ」 )


The clerk at the inn nodded his head broadly as he asked his name and checked the paper.


“Yes, yes, Gaiszer-san, I heard you.
Please wait a moment while I call for him.”


The clerk, who had heard the story beforehand, told Ataru and the others to wait and immediately went to Gaiszer’s room.


After waiting at the reception desk for a while, a clerk came down with a man and a boy.


“Thank you for waiting.
Gaiszer-sama, this is the Adventurers from the guild.”


The man called Gaiszer-sama was slender, with a tired expression on his face, and a little on the short side, maybe in the mid-60s*.
Just one look at him and you could see how hard he was working.
(G: The raw said mid-160s, but I changed it to mid-60s since it was properly a typo on the author’s part.
Could also be height but then there would be CM after.)


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“Oh, so you are the ones who accepted my request.
Thank you very much.”


As soon as he caught sight of Ataru and Caro*, he bowed his head.
His apology was on display, and as Boulas had told him beforehand, he was a very humble man.
(G: decide to change from: Ataru and the others → Ataru and Caro)


” Oh, oh, you must be Gaiszer-san.
I'm Ataru, an adventurer, and this is Caro, my companion.
Nice to meet you.”


“My name is Caro.
It's nice to meet you.”


Ataru was a little puzzled by the fact that Gaiszer immediately bowed, but he put his hand on Caro's back, as if he wanted to make the first greeting.
Caro politely bowed and greeted Ataru as prompted by it.


Meanwhile, Gaiszer was nodding at every word, and the boy next to him, who was watching the exchange, opened his mouth.


Dad, are you sure you're okay with these people?”


The first thing the boy said, with a quizzical expression on his face, was very harsh.



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