Ataru-sama is amazing! Defeating such scary-looking adventurers in an instant!”

Shortly after leaving the guild, Caro, who had been silently watching over the situation, began to talk as if she could not control her excitement.
She knew that her master had a mysterious ability that no one else had.
However, she was proud of the fact that he was that strong when it came to fighting.

“In fact, they were weak.
Their movement were bad, and if they had any ability, they wouldn’t be bothering the new guys.”

Ataru’s point was correct.
In terms of ranks, each of the men is a D-Rank.
Because of their bad behavior and the fact that they sometimes failed to fulfill their requests, they had not been able to rise to the higher ranks at all.

“Even so, it’s amazing! The people watching probably didn’t know what was going on! To attack three people in an instant is amazing! “

“Caro … Did you see my attack?”

Ataru was surprised, as he thought he had used his enhanced physical abilities to attack so that he would not be seen moving.
Caro’s face turned serious at his words.

“Eh, yes.
Not all of it, but I saw that rifle, right? Then I saw something fly out and hit the men.”

“Well, …… it looks like Caro is more capable than I thought.”

Since Caro couldn’t move her body, she was always observing with her eyes, which she was still doing now.
When I stroked Caro’s head with a slightly rough hand, her face changed completely and her cheeks blushed slightly, and she twisted around happily.

“Then let’s take care of the one I picked first.
The herbs are long term, but the wolf seems to be in dire need.”

”… Uh, I’m worried.“

Caro, who has been in an unhealthy state for so long, doesn’t know how far she can go in a fight, couldn’t help but whimper.

“Don’t worry.
Anyway, we’re heading to the village, because we need to talk to the client and then we’ll take down the wolf.”

Ataru, who smiled at Caro’s ever-changing expression, inwardly thought that this request was meaningless unless the wolf specified by the client were defeated, so he needed to confirm various things.

I’ll do my best not to embarrass Ataru-sama!”

The failure of the slave will lead to the lord being looked down on.
Caro, who had made a fist enthusiastically, thought so with a firm expression.

“Hmm? I don’t really understand but take it easy.
I’m sure we can take down a wolf with ease.”

Ataru had seen Caro’s physical abilities with his own eyes to some extent and considering the capabilities of the dagger he had purchased from the weapons store, he thought she could take down a wolf with ease.
If anything happens, he will support her, so he doesn’t think there will be any problems.

“Ah, Ataru-sama …”

Caro’s shoulders slumped as Ataru expected more from her than she thought she could do.
She even thought that if she couldn’t live up to his expectations, she might be thrown away.

“You’re too depressed, Caro.
Don’t worry, I’ll support you.
If you want, I’ll show you a little of my strength along the way.”

After patting Caro on the head to cheer her up, the two of them left the city and headed for the village where the client was located.

Along the way, the two of them move off the road to a place where demons live.

“I think they’re just right.”

Ataru pointed at a goblin.
Goblins are highly fertile and often form groups.
There was a total of six goblins in their sight.

“Goblins, huh? But they’re a long way away.
We need to get a little closer.

As Caro said that she noticed Ataru holding his rifle and looking into the scope.
Caro was surprised by Ataru’s actions as soon as she thought about what to do because she could barely tell that it was a goblin.

“From here?”

“Shh, watch this.”

Telling Caro to be quiet, Ataru put his hand on the trigger.
Next to him, Caro puts her hand on her mouth and watches with anxiety.

After that, there were two sounds.

However, Ataru had twice fired three shots at a time.

It only took a moment, but as soon as Caro turned her gaze back to the goblin, she saw the results.


Caro let out a stupefied voice with a blank expression at the unexpected situation.

All six goblins, who should have been wandering around, had fallen on the spot.
And all of them have their heads blown away.
Looking around, the blown heads were rolling around.
(ED: how is Caro able to see that when she was barely able to identify the goblins?)

“Hmm, it’s still a bit too powerful.
I need to be able to make one that doesn’t blow the head off.”

Despite having defeated the six goblins in an instant, Ataru still seemed dissatisfied.

“Huh, what? Ataru-sama? What the hell did you do?”

Unable to grasp the current situation, Caro asks Ataru puzzled.

“This is my original method of attack.
I shoot bullets out of this rifle and attack opponents at a distance.
Think of it as a special case when I attacked those guys who got involved with us in the city.”

The main method of attacking from a distance in this world is the bow, but only the elves, who are said to be good at archery, can accurately hit a monster at this distance with a bow.

The next thing that comes to mind is magic, but there are many flashy magical attacks.
And a precise attack like the previous one is difficult unless you are skilled in controlling magic power.

Caro looked respectfully at Ataru, who had done it so easily.
She was beginning to think that her master, with his unknown weapon, might be stronger than anyone else in this world.

“Well, it’s just this kind of weapon.
It’s not that I’m great, it’s that the weapon is excellent.”

In fact, the sniper rifle given to him by God is different from a normal one, making it more versatile.

Ataru believed that this was why he had been able to achieve so much success in battle.

“Still, Ataru-sama is amazing! That rifle, even if I could use it, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the same results even if I tried! That’s why Ataru-sama is still amazing!

“Oh, yeah.”

Caro assures him with a sparkling look in her eyes, witch Ataru accepts although with a little reluctance.
Caro made a fist as she spoke, her bunny ears perked up from excitement.

In spite of his modesty, Ataru didn’t feel bad about being praised by Caro.
He was a bit embarrassed from having such pure affection directed straight at him.

“So, back to the point, ……, did that make you feel a little more secure?”

“Eh … oh! Yes, I’m fine!”

Caro, who had forgotten the original purpose of the trip, hurried to reply when she remembered.
She renewed her desire to become stronger as soon as possible, since she was going to be working with such an amazing master.

“I’ve got a few more bullet points, so that’ll give me a little more range.
…… Caro, I’ve shown you what I can do, now it’s your turn to show me what you can do.
I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes! Leave it to me!”

Ataru’s words seemed to put pressure on her, but Caro was motivated by the fact that her powerful master had expectations for her.

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