“What kind of request does Caro want to take??”

“Well, at first I want to take a request that seems to be as safe as possible.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been fighting, so I’m not very confident.……”

The two of us in front of the request bulletin board were talking while confirming what kind of requests there are.
Among them, Caro seemed to be looking mainly for requests for material collection.

“That’s right.”

What Ataru was looking for while listening to Caro’s opinion was mainly requests for monster subjugation.
As well as raising Caro’s level, he didn’t mind the battle itself, and was naturally looking for something in that direction.

”…… Ataru-sama, are you looking for something dangerous?”

Caro, who sensed it from the atmosphere of Ataru, asks a question, but Ataru who was looking at the request, tried to hide it with a smile while stroking her head.

“Alright if that’s what you want Ataru-sama.” (EDN: just gunna leave the original line in Japanese: 「もう、アタル様ったら」)

However, her expression was also a soft smile because she thought that such an exchange was also an important time for her.

“Well, let’s take this and go.”

Ataru stripped the requests from the request bulletin board, one of the requests in his hand was a collection request that Caro was trying to choose.

“Collection of medicinal herbs, one bundle in ten pieces, ten bundle in total.
I think it’s a little too much, but it seems that it can be safely done with this, but …”

Caro was relieved that her opinion had been taken in, but she was worried about the other request that Ataru had taken.

“This? This is a request to subdue wolf.
Apparently, it seems that the fields of a small village near here have been vandalized.”

Still, Caro drops her shoulder.
She thought that we would be going to fight with monsters anyway, but it seems that she did not think that it would be against Wolfs.
Is it because she is a rabbit beast, that it is in her instinct to somehow hold fear towards carnivorous monsters?

“Don’t look like that.
We are going to take various requests, so we can’t avoid fighting forever.
It’s okay.
I’ll support you.”

Ataru then pushed Caro’s back lightly and headed to the reception.
At first, Caro looked back disheartened, but gradually she began to walk forward quietly whether she had given up.

“Excuse me, I want to receive those requests.”

Ataru went to the reception of Bouras the same as before.
Upon receiving the request form, Bouras takes out the magic tool for request reception from under the counter.

“It was immediately, I understand.
Then, please present your adventurer guild card.”

When Ataru presented his guild card, he puts it and the requests letters on top of the magic tool.
It seemed to shine pale for a moment, but there was no change in appearance.

“Yes, that’s all.
If you have any questions about the requests, we will answer them.”

Bouras added, giving the request form to Ataru.
From the previous response, I expected that there might be something he would like to ask.

“Is there something like a picture book about medicinal herbs? And should I bring the report on the completion of the request here?”

As Bouras expected of Ataru, he raised his glasses with his middle finger and nodded to the two questions that came up.

“First of all, this will be for the medicinal herbs.”

That said, it was a small booklet of easy-to-carry size, and in the place where it was just opened, the features of the requested herb were written along with a picture.

“This booklet is a present.
In addition to medicinal herbs, some features of other materials are described in it.
I give it to those who come to confirm like you, but somehow among adventurers there are many people who do not listen to it.”

Bouras was laughing bitterly after saying so.
Ataru, who was looking at the booklet properly, thought again that it was important to collect information.

“Oops, I haven’t answered your other question yet.
We also receive the request achievement here, so please go to a reception that is vacant at that time.”

Ataru was satisfied that his questions had been resolved and that he obtained a handy booklet.

“Thank you for everything.
If there’s anything i don’t understand again, I’ll ask you again.”

“Yes, please do not hesitate”.

Bouras bowed politely and saw off Ataru.

When Ataru and Caro left the guild, there were some people who stood in their way.

“Hey, you guys.”

All three men have a rough face, but I could predict that they would be adventurers from the muscular body and equipment.

One was wearing a beard and carrying an axe.
One is a skinhead with a one-handed sword.
The last one had no conspicuous weapon, but a vulgar laugh.

Ataru, however, did not stop his legs, and immediately took Caro’s hand and bent at a right angle to avoid them.
Caro was surprised by the sudden movement, but silently followed Ataru.

“Oh, hey! Don’t you guys ignore us!

The men who were irritated by being ignored were turning around in the direction of Ataru and others with surprisingly quick movements.

“Even though I’ve been ignoring you all the time……so what do you want?”

Ataru sighed and looked at the men with a disgusted expression on his face, as if they would follow him forever.
In front of the three men, Caro was holding Ataru’s sleeve with a worried expression.

“You guys are newcomers? If so, we’ll take care of you.
In exchange … lend me some of your money and the lady.”

Caro’s body trembled in fear at the bearded man’s vulgar words and gaze, and Ataru’s eyebrows twitched in annoyance.
Completely frightened, Caro holds onto Ataru’s waist tightly in order to suppress her trembling body and drooping his ears.

“Did you think I would shut up and nod when I heard that?””

Ataru looked at the men with a sharp gaze, squinting his eyes as he shielded Caro in his arms.

“Hmm! He’s a cheeky guy.
We are saying we’ll take care of you.
You just have to be quiet and obey!”

Frustrated by Ataru, who was completely unwilling to hear his opinion, the bearded man at the front tried to grab Ataru but was easily avoided.

“Damn it, don’t avoid it! Hey, you guys!”

The three men, who became more irritated by the fact that they were avoided, surround Ataru and Caro together.
If you looked at the surroundings, you could see that others did not want to be involved in the dispute.
(PR: could also be written as an internal monolog from Ataru.
“Looking around, I could see that others were keeping their distance, as if they didn’t want to get involved in the trouble.”

“What is the meaning of this?”

It was Bouras who appeared at the entrance of the guild after hearing the commotion.
He was in charge of the reception, and he came to see the situation because it was noisy outside.

“Hey, you bastard at the reception.
This is our problem, don’t get in the way!”

The man with the skinhead yells so, but without being moved, Bula glares back with a resolute attitude.
It seems to be a daily occurrence to have such a fellow.

“Oh, Bouras.
It’s okay, I’ll clean it up.
I’m just a little annoyed with what these guys are saying.”

“You’re a cheeky bastard, huh? Get him!”

At Ataru’s words, Bouras seemed to decide to remain calm here and stepped back a little.
Seeing that, the two other men attack Ataru at the instruction of the man with the beard who got carried away.
However, without taking a single step, Ataru smiled and took out his beloved gun.


Ataru holds up his rifle and, without aiming, delivers a single bullet to each of the men.
For those who watched it, it was an instant event, and they did not know what Ataru had done.
However, the thing they could understand was that something sounded like an explosion, and some people looked around to see what was going on.



“Gee, yeah!”

And the next thing they knew, the men were collapsing on the spot with three different reactions.
The dust on the floor danced with a loud noise as the three big men collapsed.

The three men as well did not understand why they fainted.

“Ah, Ataru-sama, what the hell did you do?”

“Huh? Oh, I just caused them to faint a little, because they were in the way.
I can’t kill them here.”

Ataru did not use the usual bullet, but a fainting bullet that he had created just in case.

He could not hide his confusion that he did not know what had happened, even if he was watching closely, but Bouras understood that the situation was over.

Ataru, what the hell are you…?”

Seeing him against three men without breaking a sweat, Bouras couldn’t help but be amazed at the fact that he had experienced a part of Ataru’s strength.
All he could do was stare at Ataru in amazement, wondering how such strength could be found in this slim man who lacked some common sense for an adventurer.

“Well, that’s a secret.
You don’t usually talk about your own power, do you? by the way, can I ask you to take care of these guys? They’re just unconscious.”

As Ataru pointed out, the three were just fainted and did not shed a drop of blood.
The people around him were stunned to see this happening, but with Ataru’s words, it was as if time had moved at once, and they began to respond in a hurry.

“Yes, I understand.
Everyone in this place knows that they are at fault, so it’s okay.”

“Then, please.”

After hearing the answer, Ataru left the bustling guild with Caro, who stopped trembling.

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