After they chose their weapons from the weapon shop, they went to the armor shop, (EDN: change the line to feel a little more natural, original line was:

In the armor shop that went as it is from the weapon shop, I chose a light one that fits each size.) I chose a light one that fits each size.

Caro’s fighting style was quick-moving attacks, and Ataru’s fighting style was long-range rifle attacks, both of which were lightweight, so the choice was light.

“Ah, um, I think that I can wear light clothes, but isn’t it better for Ataru-sama to wear equipment that places more emphasis on defense?”

Despite his reluctance, Caro suggested that if he wanted to attack without moving from a long distance, he could take this chance and raise his defense a little more.

“Well, I also thought so in the old days.
If you do a long-range attack, you will be able to determine where you are from the direction in which the bullet flies.”

“I see, you move quickly to not be identified.
It’s a good idea to have a nice, easy-to-move look for that.”

Listening to Ataru’s words halfway through, Caro arrives at the reason for the light dress.
It seems that the comprehension ability is high against the appearance of a young child.

“Caro’s smart .”

Ataru said so and gently stroked Caro’s head.
Caro was slightly red in her face, whether it was ticklish to be pampered as if to compliment a child who did a good thing.

“Ah, Ataru-sama.
it’s about time!”

To conceal such embarrassment, Caro pointed forward with a slightly louder voice.

When Ataru returns the line of sight to the front, the adventurer Guild was visible there.

“Oh, I didn’t notice.
well, then, let’s go in.”

When Ataru and Caro stepped into the Adventurer’s Guild, there is a large hall and there is a counter for when they proceed to the back, it seems that they are doing procedures such as accepting requests there.
It is crowded with a lot of people today.
(EDN: any ideas to make this better?)

“For the time being, let’s get a registration” (EDN: my English aint perfect so just send me a message or something if you have a correction)

The reception desk on the far-right side was vacant, so I headed there.

“Hello, what can I do for you?””

It was a male staff member with a fearless face who was in charge.
When I spoke to Ataru, I raised my glasses with my middle finger.
(EDN: sudden change in POV cool)

“I want to register as an adventurer, but is it okay at this reception desk?”

The male staff nodded to Ataru’s question.

“Yes, we will accept it here.
i will be in charge.
my name is Bouras.
after that, you should know me.” (EDN: name from manga)

The male staff members call themselves Bouras bows gracefully.
Although there is no smile, the manner of standing is oozing politeness.

“Please fill out the form here to register.”

On the paper that Bouras presented from the organized shelf, there was a field to fill in the name, occupation, and skill.

“Hey, do you have to fill everything out?”

“No, the name will be mandatory, but the occupation and specialty will be not be necessary.
However, if you fill in this, it is easy to introduce to other party.”

Bouras answers Ataru’s questions with the necessary information.

“If so……Ataru.
yes, is this it.”

What was filled out on the form was the name Ataru, no occupation, no feats.
If I had to write down my name, I would have decided that I would not have to share my information with others so easily.

“Is this all the information?”

“Oh, yes thank you.”

As he does not write anything other than his name, Bouras asks a question that is puzzled by the situation that has never been before but withdraws if it can be said that it cannot be helped to say any more to the state that Ataru immediately answers with a smile.

“Well, I understand.
Then, please wait a moment because we will do the procedure”

While fixing the misaligned glasses, Bouras says so and moves to the back with the paper.

“was that all right?”

What asked Caro, who was watching the whole story next door, heard anxiously was that he did not write anything but his name.

“It’s okay.
i don’t want to be in someone else’s party, and my power is.” (EDN: don’t know what to edit so need some reader input here)

“I see.”

He had no other weapons, so he had no intention of keeping them on record.

At this point, Caro began to understand the meaning of the word even if Ataru did not say everything.

“Thank you for waiting.
Then, please touch this crystal with your hand.”

Upon returning, Bouras regained his composure and presented the crystal and the card to Ataru’s eyes.

The card is on the same platform as the crystal is on, and when Ataru touches the crystal, individual recognition information flows into the card and personal registration is completed.

“This will be the Adventurer Guild card.
Please note that the first registration is free, but the reissue in case of loss will be a gold coin”

While listening to the explanation, Ataru receives the card and checks the front and back without being particularly conscious.

“Hmm, I, can you explain the guild?”

“Th, I’m sorry for this.
Even if everyone who is registered tries to explain about that, there are many people who refuse, so I skipped it.  Of course, I’ll explain it to you.”

According to Bouras’s explanation, the Adventurer Guild was divided into seven ranks.
Starting from F, the top is S rank.
All those registered started with F, and usually A was the highest rank, but some were to be recognized as S rank through the recommendation of the royal family and judging by the guild master when they were recognized for their achievements in the country.

There are several types of requests.
A permanent request is completed only by bringing the goods of the request even if it does not bother to receive the request.
Other requests were to peel off the paper that was stretched on the request bulletin board and bring it, and the contents of the request were also said to be a wide variety.

The last one is the designation request.
This was that aristocrats and royals, or merchants were to ask to specify a trusted adventurer.

Also, the request is ranked.
It was said that you can only receive a request on one of the adventurer ranks.
This was a rule to reduce the probability of failure of the request.

As a supplement to the failure of the request, if too many failures are involved in the trust of the guild, it will be demoted to the rank.
If there are many failures in the F rank, it was said that the receiving request would be permanent request only.
(EDN: eyes are starting to get tried with long sentences so please send me some corrections on the discord or send an ask on Tumblr)

“I see, it was helpful to explain.
I’ve only just learned about the adventurer’s guild recently.”

Bouras shakes his head loosely to thank Ataru.

“No, there are many people who do not listen to the story, but there is also a difficult habit that you do not listen to it, so it is grateful to be able to hear the explanation firmly”

Ataru turns his eyes to the words.
He was the type to read the instructions carefully when buying games and machines, so he was surprised that it was purely surprising.

“There is such a guy, the information is important…… Well, you guys will be hard, but do your best.
I’ll show you a few things.”

When I heard Negirai’s (EDN: Bouras maybe?) voice, Ataru turned his heels and headed to the bulletin board.
Caro also bowed her head once and followed behind it.
At first I thought that there was a strange person, but at the end I knew that he was a caring person, and he had bowed his head deeply on his back with various thoughts on it.

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