After recording, Lee Wooyeon went down to the parking lot and found a black van. When he found the car parked crookedly in the corner, Lee Wooyeon smiled softly.


Seeing how the car was parked in an unusual way, he wondered if he wanted to use the bathroom urgently. He walked over to the side of the car. Inseop, who he thought had gone to the bathroom, was sleeping in the driver’s seat.


Lee Wooyeon was about to tap the glass of the car with his hand, but stopped for a moment and looked at Inseop’s face. Even though there was only a glass in between, his heart was pounding and he felt so fond of him that it tightened.


Just looking at him made his heart flutter. Lee Wooyeon wiped down the glass with his finger along Inseop’s face. When his finger touched his lips, Inseop opened his eyes.


It was like the princess who woke up to the prince’s kiss.


Lee Wooyeon smiled and tapped the glass of the car. With a click, the glass of the car went down.


Inseop. Did you wait long?”


“… … . … … .”


“You look tired. Today, we’ll go home early and rest. I won’t lay a finger on you.”


Even though he knew it was a promise he can’t keep, Lee Wooyeon said it for the first time. But there was no reply from Inseop.


“I really won’t touch you.”


“… … Wooyeon.”


“Why are you calling me like that? Is there anything else?”


“… … The car will come.”




“He said he was coming soon … … I’m sorry.”


Inseop blinked his eyes. Even blinking was difficult, so the speed at which he lifted his eyelids gradually slowed down. Thinking he must be very tired, Lee Wooyeon thought that he had to drive today.


“I will drive today.”


“… … The driver’s seat …it got very dirty… … .”


“It’s not the driver’s seat that’s dirty, it’s the back seat. It’s okay. You can leave the car at the car wash later.”


Choi Inseop looked at Lee Wooyeon with blurry eyes and smiled faintly.


“I love you… … .”


“… … !”


“I don’t know if you would believe it, but it’s true.”


“I want to say that too, … … I will tell you when I know for sure what my heart is.”


Saying that, Lee Wooyeon pressed the area near his chest with his palm. When he heard Choi Inseop’s confession, his heart started pounding even more than before.


“Even if there are similar feelings… … it’s fine.”


“It’s a similar feeling, hahaha.”


Lee Wooyeon reached out and wiped Inseop’s cheek, but stopped in surprise at the ice-cold touch, and his expression hardened.


“Inseop. Why is your body… … .”


Then he looked at Inseop’s body, which was leaning on the car. Blood soaked under the legs and pooled on the seat. Lee Wooyeon was surprised and opened the driver’s seat door.


Choi Inseop’s body fell helplessly towards Lee Wooyeon.


“What is this? Inseop, wait, what is this?”


A siren sounded from the entrance to the parking lot. Lee Wooyeon realized the meaning when Inseop said that the car will come soon.


“Inseop, Inseop. Why are you here? Fuck, who did this… … , Wait. Inseop!”


Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop’s shoulder and shouted. Inseop blinked his eyes.He wanted to see Lee Wooyeon’s face more, but his eyes were so heavy that his vision kept getting blurry. He wanted to smile, but his face didn’t listen.


“Choi Inseop! Inseop! Hey! Choi Inseop!!!! Open your eyes! Damn it, Inseop!!”


Lee Wooyeon screamed and called out his name. Inseop put his hand on the hand that was holding his shoulder, and whispered, “I like you.” Inseop closed his eyes, thinking that his lips seemed to have moved, but he didn’t know if he heard the words.


The siren sound got closer, but Inseop’s ears couldn’t hear anything anymore.


The faces of CEO Kim and Manager Cha, who were sitting in front of the operating room, were dark. On the electronic board in front of the operating room, only the words “in surgery” were written, but there was no news yet.


They were worried about Inseop, who was undergoing major surgery in the operating room, but CEO Kim was left restless because of Lee Wooyeon, who was sitting next to him. When he heard the news and rushed to the hospital, CEO Kim saw the scene.


The scene in which Lee Wooyeon, who was soaked in blood, went crazy… … . It was not a horror movie. Lee Wooyeon’s eyes turned over when the doctor said that if the patient suddenly lost a lot of blood, he could die of shock. He cut his wrist by grabbing whatever he could get, and then he shouted, “You can take my blood and use it.” Everyone who saw him turned white. A nurse and a doctor ran and grabbed his arm and tried to stop the bleeding, and the blood from his wrist splattered on the walls of the white hospital.


In order to calm Lee Wooyeon, three injections of tranquilizers and sleeping pills were given. Even though he was given enough drugs to make an ordinary person faint, Lee Wooyeon went to Inseop. Two male nurses, CEO Kim, and manager Cha rushed at him and barely managed to make him lie on the bed. Shortly thereafter, when he fell asleep because of the drug, CEO Kim thought that Lee Wooyeon’s image was over.


However, the problem did not end there, either. After talking with the police who came to hear about the situation, he was sitting in front of the operating room with Manager Cha, when Lee Wooyeon appeared. When CEO Kim found Lee Wooyeon, who appeared in front of the operating room barefoot without a single word, he was so scared that he felt faint. After saying he will wait patiently, Lee Wooyeon sat down next to CEO Kim. Neither Manger Cha nor CEO Kim could tell him to go back to the hospital.


And by the third hour, they were still in front of the operating room. Every time Lee Wooyeon sighed, the two of them shuddered and shook their shoulders.


Even though he wanted to go to the bathroom, he did not know how Lee Wooyeon would change in the meantime, so CEO Kim was barely holding back.


“… … How is it?”




“The police… … , … … What did they say?”


Lee Wooyeon, who had been burying his emaciated face in his hands for several hours, asked. CEO Kim hesitated for a moment and then looked at Manager Cha. Manager Cha began to explain calmly.


“The culprit hasn’t been caught yet, but the knife found in the car has fingerprints on it, so they will be caught soon. Don’t worry… … .”


“… … worry?”


Lee Wooyeon raised his face. A cold chill crept into his eyes.


“Worry? … … Don’t worry?”


“No, that’s not what I mean, of course, you should be worried about Mr.
Inseop. Let’s all worry together so that the surgery can be successful… … .”


“Worry? Do I look like I’m sitting here worrying?”


“… … .”


“It feels like my heart is going to burn, and it feels like someone is stabbing me in the head with a knife with every breath I take, … … Is this just a feeling of concern?”


“… … , no, … … . You’d better lie down.”


“If I lay down, do you think I will be different now?”


Lee Wooyeon put his hands together again and buried his face on it. He thought he was going to die. His hands trembled at the thought that he might never see Inseop again.


This time, really, he got to touch Choi Inseop’s blood with his own hands. Even if he tried to think that it would be okay, the sticky blood that had been soaked in the car’s seat came to mind, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it.


If he had known it would be like this, he would not have sent him there, but if he had known it would be like this,he would have told him that they would go to America next week. … .


… … Were they really on the same page? Is Choi Inseop, like him, looking at him with a desperate mind? … … He hoped not. He wished it wasn’t. He hoped Inseop was not feeling this feeling that made it difficult to even breathe because it felt like someone had broken his heart and lit it on fire.


Lee Wooyeon took a deep breath. Even now, he wanted to go inside and check if Choi Inseop was okay. He wanted to hug Inseop and shout at him to open his eyes. The urge to get confirmation that Choi Inseop is safe pounded his entire body. He was sweating profusely with the pressure.


He wiped his face with his palm. Looking at the clock, he couldn’t tell how much time had passed. Every time he heard a small sound, he wondered if that was the sound of Inseop’s cries, and his hearing grew sharp.


“Wooyeon… … you go and get some rest.
Please. Otherwise, you’ll collapse too.”


CEO Kim said, holding Lee Wooyeon’s shoulder carefully. No matter how bad-tempered he was, because of someone else, Lee Wooyeon had such a miserable appearance, so he had felt bad.


“I’ll wait.”


“we don’t know when the surgery will end… … .”


Then the door to the operating room opened and a tired doctor came out. The three got up and went to the doctor.


“Is he okay?”


“How is he? How is he?”


While the two of them asked, Lee Wooyeon kept his mouth shut and stood silently, waiting for the doctor’s words.


“Well, the hard part is now over, but did you know that the patient had a weak heart?”


“What? I mean… … .”


“I knew.”


When Lee Wooyeon answered, CEO Kim and Manager Cha looked back at him with surprised eyes.


“To put it simply, it was very dangerous because the heart function was lower than that of other people. A person like that can die instantly on the spot when a shock comes, even though an ordinary person can tolerate it… … Anyway, luckily, he’s safe now. For now, he is recovering in the recovery room, but we have to keep an eye on him, and for the time being, absolutely, do not do anything that is too strenuous. Ever.”


The doctor gave strength to the words “Absolutely,” and sighed. The doctor, completely exhausted from the long operation time, said goodbye and left the room.


“… … It’s a million blessings.”


CEO Kim, who lost strength in his legs, sat down. Manager Cha said the same thing, and nodded his head. Only Lee Wooyeon stood in front of the operating room door and looked at the slowly closed door.


“Now don’t worry too much. The surgery went well, so if he just recovers … .”


“As long as he recovers, it’s over.”




“If there is a shock, he can die on the spot.”


“It is possible. But doctors always like to say the worst.”


Lee Wooyeon lowered his head. Rather than the fact that Inseop was alive, the fact that something like this could happen again in the future strained his heart.


Lee Wooyeon, who stood silently for a long time, seemed to have finally made up his mind, and called CEO Kim.

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