Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Translated by Naralara
Edited by Naralara


After organizing his luggage, Inseop looked around the room one last time. If he meets with reporter Kim Haeshin this afternoon and goes to the airport at night, this would be the end. All expensive items such as refrigerators, desks, and monitors were donated to a nearby orphanage, so there were very few left in the house. There was too much data about Lee Wooyeon left on the computer, so he decided to just take it with him to the United States.


Now all he had to do was clean up the board.


Choi Inseop remembered the day he first bought the board and put it on the wall when he came into this house. He put a lot of information about Lee Wooyeon on this board and nailed it, deciding that he would inevitably catch his weakness.


In the middle of the board, there is a picture of Lee Wooyeon throwing away the wallet after leaving the alley. He hasn;t taken it off since he took the picture that day. Inseop blankly looked at Lee Wooyeon in the picture.


There was a man with a different face from the Lee Wooyeon he knew. Jennie said this was Philip’s true form, but Inseop still couldn’t believe it.


“… Seriously, I am the greatest idiot in the world.”


Inseop sighed and ripped the pictures of Lee Wooyeon from the board one by one. The photo of that day, which was placed in the middle, was well placed in the secret pocket of the notebook. As he was organizing the photos, he found the file he was supposed to give to reporter Kim Haeshin and looked at the photos in it one by one.


In the photo, Lee Wooyeon was walking, eating, driving, and kissing a woman. Inseop took out the picture of them kissing.


After putting the other three photos in the file, Inseop took them out again. Among the three pictures, Lee Wooyeon was looking at a woman affectionately, and he removed it. He was thinking about putting the other two sheets in, but he started to contemplate again between the two.


Would it be better to give the one where they’re going by car, or would walking together be better? Which one would look like a less romantic person?


After thinking for a while, Inseop chose a picture of the two of them walking down the street and put them in the file. Done. If this was the case, he can turn around as a celebrity colleague he knew very well.


Inseop kept the file next to him. He got up again and removed the picture from the board when he heard someone knock on the door.


Who is it? He had already been in and out of the real estate before. Was it the landlord?


Inseop tilted his head and said, “Who are you?” and went out to the front door.


“Inseop, are you inside?”


“… this…Lee Wooyeon?”


Why did Lee Wooyeon come to his house?


Inseop hid the picture he was holding behind his back. No, somewhere out of sight…so once…


“Are you inside?”


“Hold on, wait a minute. Wait a minute… ”


Inseop turned around at the thought of removing the board. But before he could finish speaking, there was a bang from the front door. Surprised, Choi Inseop shrugged his shoulders and looked back.


Once again, bang.


Neatly, the doorknob and hinges were smashed and the door fell to the floor. Above it, Lee Wooyeon walked in with his shoes on.




“Why are you here…”


“I have something to talk to you about, Mr.


He had an attitude like a guest who came in after being invited. He entered the house without taking off his shoes and began to examine the room.


“Are you moving?”


“… Hold on, wait a minute.”


“Where did you pack up your bags and send them? There is nothing left.”


“Go out, go out and speak…”


Inseop grabbed Lee Wooyeon’s arm. Lee Wooyeon smiled and removed Inseop’s hand. He found a board stuck in the middle of the wall and pointed to it.


“What is that?”




“Aren’t those all my pictures?”


Lee Wooyeon approached and stood in front of the board. Inseop, realizing that there was no way to use his hands anymore, turned his head.


“When did you take all of this? Wow. It’s really no joke.”


Lee Wooyeon looked at the photos with an innocent face like a child.


“Is this a year ago? Inseop, since when have you been chasing me?”


“… … .”


“Are you going to keep the data separately?”


Lee Wooyeon asked while looking through the files organized by year.


“Don’t, don’t touch it!”


“Why? It’s all about me anyway, so how about looking at it a bit?”


“That’s not possible. No.”


It was no use. Lee Wooyeon took the file in hos hand and began to scan it thoroughly.


“Hahahahaha. There’s everything. Did you even collect these things?”


“… … .”


“What is Inseop’s true identity? No, should I call you Peter?”


The moment the name Peter came out of his mouth, Inseop’s blood froze cold and he couldn’t even breathe properly.


“What is that? Have you already packed up your bags to go back to America?”


Lee Wooyeon tapped the luggage bag with the tip of his shoe and asked. Inseop couldn’t even make eye contact with him. All he could do was grab the hem of his trousers with trembling hands and do his best not to fall on the spot. When Inseop did not respond, Lee Wooyeon opened the bag and looked through the luggage inside.


“Are you going to take your computer hard drive too? If you take it like this, it will break.”


Lee Wooyeon said as he tapped the computer hard drive that Inseop had wrapped between his clothes with his fingertips.


“What are you doing here to leave and go to America?”


“… … .”


“Is there a lot of data about me here too? Really?”


Because it was true, Inseop did not respond at all. No, he couldn’t. This situation was so frightening and embarrassing that he couldn’t breathe properly.


Lee Wooyeon found the passport in his luggage, unfolded it, and began to read it.


“Twenty-four years old, and American. Who did you learn Korean from? It was almost perfect.”


“… … .”


“Why? You’re afraid I didn’t even know this?”


“Uh, how… when…”


Lee Wooyeon grabbed Choi Inseop’s hem. When he ripped it off with force, the buttons on his shirt fell down on the floor. Inseop was embarrassed and tried to fasten the hem of his shirt with his hand, but he could not hide the clear surgical scar on his chest.


“I saw this. When you showered at home.”


“… … .”


“So I thought that Choi Inseop on the document saying he was physically healthy would not be this Choi Inseop.”


It was unexpected.


Then, almost at the beginning of the job, Lee Wooyeon knew that he was a person using a false name. But, why didn’t he say anything?


From Inseop’s expression, Lee Wooyeon whispered softly as if he had read what he was thinking.


“I thought it didn’t matter. ‘Cause I’m gonna cut you off anyway But it’s starting to matter.”


“… … .”


“But now I don’t care and I can’t let it go.”


Lee Wooyeon smiled brightly. Inseop liked the way he smiled brightly on the screen, but now he can’t say that he liked it.


It was like watching the scariest horror movie in the world alone in a dark room. He wanted to close his eyes and turn off the TV, but his body was frozen stiff that he couldn’t, and it was such a terrible moment when scary scenes unfolded in front of his eyes.


Lee Wooyeon picked up a file with Kim Haeshin’s name on it. He looked at the photos placed next to the file and the photos inside, one by one, and snorted.


“Is this the picture you want to hand over to Kim Haeshin?”


“No. I don’t mean to give her everything…”


“Did you pick the one that came out best? Did Kim Haeshin send Inseop? She wanted you to investigate?”


“No! It’s not like that.”


“Then what? You and Kim Haeshin are fucking doing this together, so did you do what that bitch told you to do?”


Inseop doubted his own ears. This situation, with such vulgar words pouring out of Lee Wooyeon’s mouth, felt like a scene from a movie far away.


“No, I don’t even know her….”


“Have you been threatened?”


When he hit the nail on the head, Inseop flinched his shoulder and raised his head.
Lee Wooyeon’s mouth was strangely raised.
He continued affectionately with a smile that seemed to convey his anger to his opponent.


“I don’t know what that motherfucker knew, so you thought of shutting her up?”


Lee Wooyeon reached out and brushed Inseop’s messy hair up. His fine black hair ran through his fingertips. Goosebumps rose up his spine. His jaw trembled and his teeth clashed. It was only now that Inseop could feel the words that Lee Wooyeon was a bad person with his whole body.


Lee Wooyeon’s eyes were gracefully curved like a crescent moon.


“Well, it’s not…”


“You saved me three times and sold me to that fucking bitch?”


“No, I… ”


With a snap, Inseop’s body collapsed to the floor.
Before he realized that it was Lee Wooyeon’s beautiful hand that hit him on the cheek, his hair was bent and caught.



Lee Wooyeon, who was sitting in front of Inseop with his knees bent, pushed his face closer and asked.


“If not, what is it?”


“I…  I am…”


“If not, what is it? What are you? Tell me with your mouth what the hell you are.”


It felt like all his hair was being pulled out. It hurt. It hurt so much that he felt like crying. However, Lee Wooyeon, who was questioning him like this, was so scary that he could not even dare to shed tears.


Lee Wooyeon looked down with cold eyes as Inseop trembled and licked his lips. He thought he would feel a little better after beating the Korean-Chinese bastards, but instead of that, he felt a lot worse than before he came here. Lee Wooyeon yelled at Choi Inseop, who still couldn’t say a proper excuse.


“Say it with your mouth!”


“I…I… ”


Tears welled up in Inseop’s eyes and ran down his cheeks. As tears touched the lips, moisture seeped through the gaps in his dry, bloody lips.


Like a mermaid who was forcibly dragged by people’s hands and thrown to the ground, Inseop was wriggling and unable to utter a proper word. That made Lee Wooyeon’s mood worse.


“Why can’t you speak? Do you have anything to say?”




“Are you just pretending to like me by pretending to be my fan like that and staying by my side to sell some of those photos to reporters?”




He didn’t know where to start or what to say. In Lee Wooyeon’s words, where should he deny, where should he apologize, and what should he do, his terrified mind was not at all organized.


“If you don’t have anything to say, shall I go to the police? If you bring Choi Inseop, whom you borrowed your name from, and we can talk together, things will be sorted out.”


The tone was a kind invitation, but the content inside was a sharp threat. Inseop turned white and shook his head. In any case, he did not want to cause any harm to the person he borrowed his name from.


“No. no. It’s all just me, he’s got nothing to do with this.”


When Choi Inseop desperately protected the person who lent his name, Lee Wooyeon raised his eyes fiercely and asked.


“What is your relationship with that person?”


“No. No relationship. He just… he needed money, and I… ”


“I needed the name Choi Inseop,” Inseop answered with a weeping voice. Choi Inseop was his real name. He deliberately chose someone with the same name. He was even scammed when he went to a broker who told him to connect them. The owner of the name he borrowed after hard work was a student on leave of absence, taking care of his girlfriend due to an incurable disease. He promised to work under his name for only three months on condition that he would not cause any problems.


That was all. Inseop did not want the lives of strangers to be ruined because of him.


“Really, it has nothing to do with it. I am… just by myself…”


“Why alone?”


Lee Wooyeon asked.


Why? Why?


Among all the people he met, Choi Inseop was the one person he had lots of questions about. When he realized that people’s emotions are not understandable, Lee Wooyeon didn’t ask the question why. It was because in most of the cases, people did not understand the reason anyway.


However, the question of why followed Choi Inseop’s actions. Whenever he couldn’t understand his behavior, he became curious enough to get annoyed.


“Why did you do that?”


Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop’s hair and asked, as if chastising a child who had made a mistake. Inseop only trembled with a bluish face, but when he did not answer, Lee Wooyeon asked again.


“Why did you do that? I’m curious. I’m really curious.”


“… … .”


“If you don’t answer, I’ll call Choi Inseop and ask. Would he have just lent his name to someone who he has nothing to do with?”


When Lee Wooyeon said that and tried to stand up, Inseop desperately grabbed the hem of his shirt.


“No. I’ll tell you. I, all me, Lee Wooyeon…”


“Okay. Tell me so I can understand.”


Lee Wooyeon wiped Inseop’s tearful cheek with his finger and asked for an answer.


“A friend… She liked you… Jennie, my friend, is, is dead. I didn’t trust my friend … Ugh, I didn’t believe her… when my friend died, she’ll be by my side… , received a letter after the death of my friend. Because of you, you put my friend in trouble… , my friend committed suicide… that if you don’t, I won’t trust you forever…so, I, I made my friend die…”


Inseop trembled like a drowning dog, gibbling with contradictory words.


“Are you doing this because of your friend, that is, just because of what your friend said?”


“… … .”


Inseop nodded.
Tears hung between his eyebrows, blinking several times to see if he could see well, and nodding his head constantly.


“Did you come to Korea because of that friend?”




“So, you collected my data, stalked, took pictures, became a manager… and risked your life to save mine?”


“…  Yes.”


It wasn’t all because of Jennie, but Inseop responded that way. Lee Wooyeon shut his mouth for a moment and looked straight at him, then burst into laughter.


“Hahahahaha. Hahahaha, me, really.”




“Hahahahaha, damn, am I supposed to believe you now?”


His clenched fist broke the sink leg and it collapsed with a bang. Inseop was terrified, gasping for breath, and clasped his head with both hands.


Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop’s chin with his hand and forced him to make eye contact.


Inseop. If you have a brain, you have to lie properly if you want to lie”


“It’s, it’s real.”


“You can’t convince me with such a nonsensical, third-rate novel. Right? Rather, say you like me, and that’s why you followed me all the way from America. So you stalked, gathered data, and even was my manager. Damn it, wouldn’t it be better to say that Choi Inseop came all the way here because he wanted to get fucked in the ass by me?”


“No, no. No, I really…  I hate Lee Wooyeon… therefore…I have to hate you…”


He should have hated him, but he didn’t. If he had found a weakness, he should have reported him without looking back, but he couldn’t. He should have trusted Jennie, but… he didn’t do that either. Inseop could not achieve anything in Korea and was about to leave. He was trying to return to the United States with the time he had to work hard to believe in Jennie without achieving anything.


Lee Wooyeon got up and kicked the sink with his feet. A thick wooden panel shattered with a few kicks. Inseop was afraid of Lee Wooyeon. He was so frightened that he had no intention of stopping him, of running away, or of any thought.


Lee Wooyeon, who stopped kicking, turned to Inseop.


It didn’t look like he was angry or annoyed. It was expressionless with nothing. His face, as white as white paper, gave a creepy feeling.


Lee Wooyeon looked down at Inseop and held out his hand.


“I will count to five.”


“… … .”


“Give me a reason that makes sense during those five seconds. Otherwise, whether it’s the bastard who lent you your name, your dead friend, or whatever, I’ll bring them all and let them tell me why you made me so fucking stupid. Say it properly.”






“… A friend, because he likes Philip, Jennie, blonde and a little chubby …”




“She got an invitation to a party and went there, but it was not, people poured filth on Jenny…”




“Jennie, she’s dead, my friend, so, you, you lied to my friend, so I, I should have trusted her… .”




“It really is, it really is. It’s not a lie.”




Lee Wooyeon finished the countdown.


“First, let’s start by killing the real Choi Inseop.”


No! Inseop clung to his feet.
Even knowing that killing people was an exaggeration, Inseop was frightened by the words.
If Lee Wooyeon was left as it is, it seemed like something big would happen to Choi Inseop, who lent his name.
The real Choi Inseop needed money, and he needed a name.
It was sheer greed to choose the name Choi Inseop.
He really wanted to stand in front of Lee Wooyeon with his Korean name, not someone else’s name.
Since Lee Wooyeon won’t know Peter anyway, he won’t remember that Peter’s Korean name is Inseop.


… But he could not say that there was no hope at all that he might remember him faintly. He wanted to somehow prevent the damage to the other people because of his useless greed.


“My name is Choi Inseop. It’s originally Inseop. So I chose it. He has nothing to do with it.”


Lee Wooyeon didn’t even pretend to listen. Choi Inseop was desperately clinging to him. Now all he could think of was that he had to stop him somehow.


“I like you.
I did it because I like you.
I like you so much that I… it doesn’t matter to anyone.
It’s all me, so… I like you.”


Inseop did not think that the day would come when he would confess his feelings to this man. When he liked him as Peter, he was frustrated before he even realized it was love, and when he came to Korea and met him again, he was in a situation where he shouldn’t have liked him. But there were times when he dreamed of confessing to him. He used to wake up from a dream while approaching the boy who was sitting by the window reading a book to confess his feelings.


In real life, he may not be able to confess to him, but in his dreams, he carefully looked forward to telling him that he liked him someday.


But now, this situation was a scene that he had never thought about, neither in his dreams nor in reality. Drowned in tears and runny nose, trembling with fear, Choi Inseop desperately told Lee Wooyeon that he liked him.


“I like you. Because I like Lee Wooyeon… I’m a stalker. I’m the only one who needs to go to the police station because no one else is bad.”


“Is that true?”


Lee Wooyeon asked. Inseop nodded his head as his neck fell out. Right now, protecting the person who lent him the name Choi Inseop was the top priority.


Inseop was very afraid of Lee Wooyeon. Even though he was talking, he felt like he couldn’t communicate. As long as he could stop him, he thought that it had nothing to do with pride.


“I really am… It is true.”


“… … .”


“It happened because I liked Lee Wooyeon with a bad heart.”


Inseop covered his face with his palms. His sincerity poured into the words he said to escape the situation. It all started because he liked Lee Wooyeon and Philip with a bad heart from the beginning. If he hadn’t liked Philip, he wouldn’t have been so harsh on Jennie, and she wouldn’t have made such an extreme choice when she was left alone.


In the end, the worst was him.


“I will burn all the photos. So…”




“…For that Choi Inseop… please… ”


Inseop put his hands together and knelt down. Inseop’s hand, which was broken while trying to save him, and was wearing a cast, caught Lee Wooyeon’s eyes. The unfamiliar feeling that had been forgotten warmed up again in his heart. He thought Inseop’s crying face was pretty, but looking at it now, it was not pleasant at all. Seeing him shivering and turning white with a face full of tears and a runny nose felt like hell. The most disgusting thing was the thought that the third-class garbage story that Inseop had brought up earlier as a reason might be true. Even now, seeing how he cries and clings to the person who he borrowed his name from for fear of harming him, that asshole would do more than enough for his friend.


Lee Wooyeon was really annoyed at the fact that it wasn’t him who made Inseop into such a moron, but someone else.


“Do you like me that much?”


When Lee Wooyeon asks, Inseop made a sullen face and nodded his head. Seeing that, Lee Wooyeon swallowed a smirk.


If he really liked him, he would have the will to look pretty in front of him, but he was like a nerd who didn’t even have the minimum courtesy.


“Did you follow me all the way from America because you liked me? To stalk me?”


“… Yes.”


“How much do you like me?”


“… … !”


“How much do you like me?”


Choi Inseop’s face turned bright red. Tears flowed down, he had a runny nose, and he was hot to the face, it was a spectacle. Lee Wooyeon laughed at Inseop, bent over and wiped his face with his hand.


“How much did you like me that you do this damned thing?”


“… … .”


“You want me to believe that? If you say you like me, should I trust you? Do you think I’m the same idiot as Inseop?”


“I like, I like you. I, I’m serious.”


“Okay, then. Let’s see if you’re serious.”


Lee Wooyeon tapped Inseop’s cheek a couple of times with the back of his hand, and then stood up. He lowered his zipper. He ripped open his underwear and pulled out a piece of flesh from it.


Choi Inseop widened his eyes and watched what he was doing.


“Convince me.”




“Whether you’re serious or not, try to convince me.”


Inseop still didn’t understand what Lee Wooyeon was talking about, so his eyes widened.


“You came all the way here because you like me. Let’s see how much you like me.”


Lee Wooyeon pushed his flesh in front of Inseop. Only then did Choi Inseop realize how to convince him. A light of astonishment flashed across his pale, bloodless face.


“Wha, what…”


“Why? Did you just say that?”


“… I, I…”


“If you came this far because you like me, you can show me this kind of sincerity.”


Choi Inseop, who had lost all strength in his body, sat back down. He shook his head and waved his hand, but Lee Wooyeon was stubborn. A large hand approached and grabbed Inseop’s trembling chin. Lee Wooyeon pushed his thumb into Inseop;s mouth and lowered his lower jaw, opening his mouth.


“I’ll see how well you do.”


“… Ah, no, I…”


“No? you don’t want to? You?”


Inseop shook his head. If he had to decide whether he likes him or not, he would say I like him. He suppressed his heart, thinking that he shouldn’t like him, but Inseop liked Lee Wooyeon. Because of that heart, in the end, he decided to go back to America with everything.


But now the situation was beyond his mind.


“Then do it. Convince me with your body how much you like me.”


Lee Wooyeon opened Inseop’s mouth and pushed his own flesh into it. At the sudden touch of a large piece of flesh in his mouth, Inseop was physically nauseous and backed away.




Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop’s hair again.


“If you don’t want to hurt anyone, do it well.”


“… … .”


Again, Lee Wooyeon put his finger in and opened Inseop’s mouth.


“Open your mouth, yes. To the end, swallow it.”


Inseop closed his eyes tightly and opened his mouth as wide as possible, taking in the man’s flesh. Even though he didn’t do anything, the feeling of the flesh growing in his mouth kept giving him goosebumps. However, Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop’s head and did not let him go.


“Suck it well. Yes, like that.”


Lee Wooyeon made Inseop’s head move back and forth with his hands. Every time the red, swollen genitals touched the tip of his neck, Inseop’s tears welled up. Saliva dripped between his gaping lips. A squeaking sound echoed loosely in the empty rooftop room.


“Is it so good? Do you like me so much that you drool while sucking on a man’s dick?”


Lee Wooyeon asked subtly. Inseop couldn’t answer because of the flesh filling his mouth.


“Lick it all the way with your tongue. Ha… you suck it like it’s very delicious.”


Lee Wooyeon’s tenacious gaze, which seemed to eat him up, scanned Choi Inseop’s face. Even when he opened his mouth as wide as possible, Inseop couldn’t even move his tongue properly at the sensation of the flesh rushing in.


It was a clumsy oral. The orals he received as a teenager were many times better than this, it was so bad. It was at a level where all he had to do was keep his mouth open and his head moved back and forth.


It was done to fuck Choi Inseop over, who was lying like a dog to escape the situation.


But strangely, it didn’t feel bad. It was very, very good to see him grimacing and taking his big cock into his mouth.


Looking down at the way it moved in and out of Inseop’s small mouth, Lee Wooyeon licked his lips. Tears welled up on Inseop’s black eyelashes.


Feeling his gaze, Inseop lifted his head upward. The tears that were welling up flowed down his cheeks.


Then, blood rushed to the bottom of Lee Wooyeon.




He grabbed Inseop’s small head with both hands and began to shovel quickly. The feeling of the hardened flesh touching the inside of his mouth was amazing. Unable to follow the rough movements, Inseop tried to pull his face back, but Lee Wooyeon never let go.


It felt like he was killing him. It felt like he was pounding into a virgin’s hole. Choi Inseop gasped for breath and scrambled his arms. The stiff, hot flesh brushed Inseop’s tongue and teeth.


“Ha…is it good? Are you going to die because you like it?”


“… ! …  !”


“Fuck… ha.”


Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop’s head and pierced his genitals to the inside of his neck. Putting Inseop’s face close to his pelvis, Lee Wooyeon trembled.


Hot semen was ejected into Inseop’s mouth. The dripping liquid wet Inseop’s lips and chin.


Lee Wooyeon opened her eyes narrowly and  the languid ejaculation. Inseop pushed him away and stood up. He ran straight to the bathroom, grabbed the toilet and began to vomit.


“Ugh… ugh… uhh…”


Inseop vomited while holding on to the toilet for a long time due to the nausea that came up over and over again. Inseop, who was exhausted from having to vomit, sat down on the bathroom floor. When he looked up, Lee Wooyeon was standing next to the bathroom door, watching him.


“Are you okay?”


It was a voice so friendly that it was hard to believe that he was the same person as the man who had just been brutally fulfilling his desires.


“… … .”


Inseop bit his lip and bowed his head. He couldn’t even tell if what he was feeling right now was sadness, anger, or shame, as his mind was confused and complicated. Tears welled up. Inseop covered his face with his trembling hands and prayed so that he could hide his shame.


“Good job.”


“… … .”


Done. Now it’s over.


Everything is over. He won’t have to feel these big emotions that he can’t handle anymore. Well done, well done, well done…  Now it’s over.


Inseop sat down on the cold bathroom floor and cried, soothing his heart.


Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop like that, raised him up, and whispered softly.


“Then try to do better next time.”


Leaving behind the devil-like sweet whisper, Inseop’s consciousness faded away. What followed was darkness.



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