Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Translated by Naralara
Edited by Naralara


A couple of hours later, CEO Kim and Manager Cha rushed into the emergency room.


“We’re looking for Lee Wooyeon’s patient”


Lee Wooyeon is over there…”


A nurse pointed to the man sitting by the bed in the corner.


“Lee wooyeon! Are you okay? Are you hurt?”


CEO Kim approached him and asked.


“This is more of a problem than me.”


Lee Wooyeon glanced at the manager who was lying down and responded.


“How did this happen? Is Inseop okay? Are you hurt? What is that? Are your bones broken?”


Because of CEO Kim, who constantly askedquestions, the nurse even warned him to leave because there should be only one guardian.


“I will go out and tell you.”


“I’ll stay here.”


Manager Cha pulled up a chair and sat down. Lee Wooyeon and Ceo Kim left the emergency room and went to a quiet place inside the hospital.


“Tell me what happened.”


“There was a scene where I was riding a horse and I fell.”


“Who? Inseop?”


“No, it’s me.”




CEO Kim looked at Lee Wooyeon’s face with a look of disbelief. It was because Lee Wooyeon, who he knew, was athletic enough to be called an all-round sportsman. 


“One of the reins came off because the martingale was loose. The horse suddenly went crazy. Fuck, shit like this happens all the time.”


Perhaps just thinking about the situation made him angry, Lee Wooyeon started cursing irritability. CEO Kim hurriedly looked around and motioned for silence. It was rare for Lee Wooyeon to honestly express negative emotions in this way. “But why was Inseop injured?”   


“I fell upside down and got caught in the stirrup and dragged around.”




Only then did CEO Kim discover that Lee Wooyeon’s shoulders and back had been soiled with dirt. Even before he was surprised that the neat personality, Lee Wooyeon, left the dirt as it is, Lee Wooyeon revealed an even more surprising fact.


“This is what happened because that asshole rushed in to save me.”


“Why are you saying fucking idiot to the manager?.”


“I’ll fix it. A stupid manager.”


“… But did Inseop jump in to save you? Again?”




While answering, Lee Wooyeon clicked his tongue as if it was disgusting. Seeing him lose his temper and become angry, CEO Kim frowned for a moment.


“You’ve been hiding well so far, but it’s only for a moment that your dirty personality is revealed.
These days, when I see you, I think like this”


“Don’t worry about that.
I’ll reveal it after the stock goes public”


It felt like his mind had been read, so after coughing a couple of times, he turned his head.


“I’m sorry to say this in this situation, … do you want to fire Inseop?”




“Well, I told manager Cha earlier, he’s a nice kid but… It seems that unfortunate things and accidents keep happening…”


CEO Kim’s voice grew smaller and smaller. Lee Wooyeon’s cold eyes stared at him, and he had no choice but to blur the end of his words.


“Wow, CEO, I didn’t see it that way, but people are the worst.”


Lee Wooyeon rolled his eyes and smiled.




“A person is lying down and you say such things?”


“No, I mean…”


“It’s really bad, it’s the worst.”


HEedidn’t end there. Lee Wooyeon laughed and poured venom at CEO Kim.


“Why would you fire Mr.
Inseop, my lifesaver? I have no luck? Isn’t it Mr.
Choi Inseop, who is unlucky? Because of me, he went through the brink of death twice.”


Lee Wooyeon ignored his previous words of calling his manager, who had just jumped in to save him, an asshole.


“Ah man. Okay.
I just said it once.”


“If you want to fire him, you have to fire me. I’m really unlucky these days. Isn’t it?”


“Hey, Lee Wooyeon, why are you like this? Why are you upset about firing Choi Inseop? Why are you acting different?”


When CEO Kim asked with a sincere expression, Lee Wooyeon answered with a sweet voice as if confessing his love with a pretty smile.


“I feel like shit, now.”




“I have been like this since I was little. Even if I hear mosquitoes buzzing in my ears while I was sleeping, I could never go back to sleep until I woke up in the middle of the night to catch the mosquito. Even if I had to stay up all night. I found that getting rid of anything that bothered me was the smart thing to do.”


“Hey, that’s your personality…  okay.”


“There’s a thing that really gets on my nerves right now, and I’m curious about how to get rid of it, and it’s not comfortable to have it next to me.”


Before even asking what he meant, Lee Wooyeon shrugged and pretended to smile.


“So, I make the decisions about Mr.
Inseop. Did you understand?”


If he said he did not understand, he thought he would be hit with a brick or a knife while going down the street someday, so CEO Kim nodded his head.


“Okay… But are you okay? You fell off the horse.”


CEO Kim carefully looked around Lee Wooyeon’s body.


“I think my shoulder is out.”


“What? Shoulder? Then what are you doing without getting treatment?”


“I forgot.”


“There is something else to forget, ah, really. Go get an X-ray right now and get treatment. Are you crazy?! You!”


Lee Wooyeon stood up and answered.


“Does the CEO still think I’m sane?”


“… … .”


“It’s a joke.”


Looking at Lee Wooyeon’s soft smile, CEO Kim thought that if he hadn’t seen that scene back then, he would have been deceived until now.


Feeling the weight of the truth, CEO Kim shook his aching head.


Fortunately, Lee Wooyeon’s shoulder only had some stretched ligaments, so he was told that it would be okay if he rested for a while. The problem was that Lee Wooyeon couldn’t take a break even for a while.


“What are you going to do?”


Choi Inseop was asleep on the bed, and Lee Wooyeon sat on the bed next to him. Manager Cha and CEO Kim remained in the emergency room under the pretext of being the guardians of each of them.


“How was it?”


“The shooting. I think I will have to adjust my schedule for the time being.”


“It’s not enough to shoot all night.”




“It’s better if you put some paste on it and steam it.”


“However, the ligaments are stretched…”


“There will be no overdoing.”


In response to Lee Wooyeon’s decisive answer, CEO Kim nodded without a word. Then the cell phone rang. Lee Wooyeon pulled out his cell phone from his pocket, checked the name, and answered the call right away.


Then, a nearby nurse politely asked him to leave the emergency room because he couldn’t answer the phone.


“Sorry. It’s an urgent call, so I’ll only talk for a moment.”


“The use of it inside the emergency room is prohibited because cell phones can damage devices through radio waves. So…”


Lee Wooyeon said, “Oh,” and clasped his shoulder with one hand and pretended to lean on the bed. Unknowingly, the nurse reached out and supported him with how sad that expression was.


“Are you okay?”


“Sorry. My shoulder hurts, so I took painkillers, but the effect doesn’t seem to work yet. I’ll go out and talk to him first.”


When Lee Wooyeon mumbled that with a lonely face, the nurse who was holding the chart thought for a moment and then began to pull the curtain installed on the bed. After creating an independent space by covering all sides with a curtain, the nurse smiled and disappeared, saying that he should finish soon.


Seeing Lee Wooyeon smiling kindly and holding his cell phone next to his ear, CEO Kim and manager Cha clicked their tongues with a face like they couldn’t bear it.


“I’m sorry, I’m in the hospital, yes, did you inquire?”


Lee Wooyeon, who was holding the phone, quietly answered yes, yes, yes. Then, he changed the hand holding the phone and furrowed his eyebrows like he didn’t like what he heard.


“That’s none of my business.
Yes, make sure you have it within a week.
Thank you.



When Lee Wooyeon smiled and hung up the phone, CEO Kim asked.




“Someone I used to know in America. There was something I asked for, and it has almost been resolved.”


“What are you asking for? What do you want?”


Lee Wooyeon laid his body on the bed and answered indifferently.


“Those Korean-Chinese jerks.
Who tried to drown me”


“What? Did you find them?”


Lee Wooyeon put his finger on his lips to tell him to shush and lower his voice. CEO Kim lowered his voice with a sign of disapproval and asked questions one after another.


“How did you find them? Even the police couldn’t find them.”


“They can’t find them because they are police officers. I can find them all if I want. People keep leaving traces as long as they live.”


“So, did you report it to the police?”


“Why would I report it?”


Lee Wooyeon opened his eyes and made a face asking what he meant.


“Then you should report it to the police. What are you going to do?”


“I have to bury them.”


“… … .”


“… … .”


“I think Korea has a lot of mountains. When I was filming in the countryside and climbing up, every place I looked at was a mountain. I think Korea is called the land with beautiful scenery because there are many mountains.”


As Lee Wooyeon spoke with a happy smile, a chill ran through the backs of the two men.


“… Lee Wooyeon, do you know that burying people in the wild is a crime?”


“I know.”




“… ”


After a subtle silence passed, CEO Kim licked his dry lips with his tongue and opened his mouth with difficulty.


“So you mean that you are going to find those people now and bury them in the wild? Are you saying that?”


Lee Wooyeon replied “yes” and smiled brightly like a child. CEO Kim said, “I’m glad this is a hospital emergency room, I won’t die even if I collapse,” and grabbed the back of his neck.


“Hey, Lee Wooyeon. … You can’t bury people.”


Manager Cha, who couldn’t watch, said . Lee Wooyeon said, “I know,” and added a few words as he thought it was not enough.


“It’s not fair to hit people from behind and throw them into the lake.
It’s illegal.”


The faces of the two who were listening to those words gradually turned pale. Lee Wooyeon laid his body down and asked calmly.


“You didn’t really believe that I was going to bury people in the wild, did you?”


To that question, both of them could not immediately answer. No matter how benevolent Lee Wooyeon smiled, it was only an abomination to those who knew his true face.


“Of course I’m joking, I’m joking.”


Even if Lee Wooyeon said this jokingly, the two of them could not afford to take it as a joke when they saw him holding a blood-stained bottle in a bar.


“By the way, if you find them, are you really not going to report them to the police? It would be better to report it instead of making it a big deal.”


“Yes. okay.”


He answered yes, but never said he would.


“It’s the third time that Inseop saved his life by chance. Hey, if you’re saved three times, shouldn’t you put up a statue in front of your house? Loyal manager, Choi Inseop.”




Lee Wooyeon tilted his head slightly. According to his memory, until today, that asshole manager rescued him and laid him down twice, but he didn’t know when the third time happened.


“Then after he rescued you from the lake… uhmm.”


Manager Cha covered CEO Kim’s mouth with the palm of his hand.


“What else?”


“It’s nothing.”


Manager Cha tried to hide it, but Lee Wooyeon saw what had happened.


“It’s nothing? What happened? When did Inseop save my life other than these?”


Manager Cha said, “Ah, really,” and looked at CEO Kim. Obviously, after that incident, Inseop came to them and asked them to keep it a secret from Lee Wooyeon, but CEO Kim said it without realizing.


“How did he save my life?”


Lee Wooyeon looked directly at CEO Kim and asked. CEO Kim scratched his head and replied, “Err, I don’t know.”


“At that time, he got you out of the water and he gave you artificial respiration, so you survived. Your heart stopped for a moment. According to the paramedics, if Inseop hadn’t treated you correctly, you might have died even if you had been rescued from the water.”


“Mouth to mouth?”


“Then artificial respiration through your nostril…”


Before CEO Kim could finish speaking, he heard the sound of something falling over from the bed next to him. As the three of them turned their gazes to the side, they caught sight of something lingering under the curtain.

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