Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Translated by Naralara
Edited by Naralara


“Nothing happened, nothing happened.”


When Inseop spoke again, Eunyoung nodded.


It had to be nothing. However, the scenes he saw in Lee Wooyeon’s bedroom could not be easily erased from his mind. He washed his face with cold water and pinched his thigh whenever he remembered Lee Wooyeon, but to no avail. Even when he closed his eyes, he remembered Lee Wooyeon lying in bed like a scene engraved on his retina.


The face that was lying on the bed, looking at him with sleepy eyes and smiling, could not be erased. Inseop’s heart was heavy. It was similar to the guilt he felt when he went into a porn site out of curiosity and deleted the pop-up windows that constantly popped up one by one.


In the end, he didn’t even see a single erotic video and only deleted the pop-up window…


“Lee Wooyeon’s manager!”


Someone ran towards him. Inseop jumped up from his seat.




Wooyeon has been looking for you since a while ago. Why are you in this corner? Go quickly. In front of set number two.”


Inseop put down the lunchbox he was eating.


“You should’ve eaten more.
It’s all about making ends meet anyway.”


“I’m sorry.
Eat it all and leave it there.
I’ll clean it up.”


“Ah, it’s fine. I’ll clean it up, so don’t worry and go.”


Inseop said thank you and busily walked towards the 2nd set. All the way, his heart was heavy, wondering how to look at Lee Wooyeon’s face. All the way to today’s filming location, Inseop didn’t say a word to Lee Wooyeon. He answered only in a short form and didn’t even look at his face. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he ran away from Lee Wooyeon all day today.


Normally, he quietly waited for Lee Wooyeon’s call in a place where his eyes could reach him, but today he desperately hid himself. When he was filming, he was hiding behind a tree, and when he was resting, he was hiding behind the set.


Even the lunch box was purposely found in a corner and eaten alone, but in the end, Lee Wooyeon’s call made his efforts go in vain.




A familiar shadow appeared in front of him as he sighed.


“What are you worried about?”


“… !”


“Why? Are you thinking of dying like that?”


“No, no. I heard you called me …”


Inseop shook his head and fiddled with the hem of his clothes. He knew it was immature behavior, but there was no other way. Just the fact that he was standing in front of Lee Wooyeon now made his face pale.


“The director said there was something to discuss about the filming schedule. When it comes to scheduling issues, he said the manager knows better than me, so he’s looking for Inseop.”


“Are you the director?”


Choi Inseop rolled his eyes and raised his head.


“Of course, you should discuss it with me first and then talk with the director.”


“… Yes.”


Seeing the manager who lost his vitality in his eyes and lowered his head at that one word, Lee Wooyeon grabbed his neck and wanted to tell him to do something properly to deceive people.


Still, it was still fun to see his expression change back and forth with each word he said.


“What time is it on Wednesday?”


“You have an interview scheduled in the morning, so it will probably be possible at 3pm.”


“What about Friday? Can you make time in the morning?”


“It is impossible. If it’s a Saturday morning, you’ll be fine. Wait a minute, check…”


Inseop pulled out a notebook from his pocket.


“Yes. Also on Saturday morning… !”


“Wow, you’re writing very meticulously.”


Lee Wooyeon pulled his head out and looked at Inseop’s notebook. Surprised Choi Inseop tried to close the notebook, but Lee Wooyeon was faster. Inseop, who had the notebook taken away, rushed in panic.


“Give it back!”


“Is there anything written here that I am not allowed to see?”


Lee Wooyeon held the notebook over his head and pretended to open it. Inseop hurriedly stretched out his hand. As it was like a diary in which he wrote not only information about Lee Wooyeon, but also his feelings, he desperately reached out.


“Give it back! Don’t look! You can’t see it.”


People passing by burst into laughter when they saw Inseop screaming while running around Lee Wooyeon. Inseop wanted to cry. It may seem like a joke to others, but to him it was a desperate problem.


On the very first page of the notebook, there was also a picture of Jennie and himself. When he ran out of pages in his notebook, he would always put the picture in a new one. He didn’t want Lee Wooyeon to find out about anything.


“Give it back! Please!”


At first, it was a joke, but when Inseop became so scared and shouted, Lee Wooyeon had no intention of returning the notebook.


“Are you cursing me by writing here?”


When Lee Wooyeon opened the notebook, Inseop ran with all his might and stretched out his hand. Lee Wooyeon, who has a motor nerve incomparable to that of a normal person, turned slightly to avoid Inseop’s hand. Thanks to this, Inseop fell to the floor with his body stretched out like a frog who had been electrocuted.


People burst into laughter at the sight of him falling over with a clap and pounding noise.


“Hahaha. Lee Wooyeon, why are you so mean?”


“You are more playful than you look.”


Lee Wooyeon also smiled cheerfully and wore a playful top star mask.


“It’s because the manager is cute. It makes me want to play pranks without realizing it.”


He squatted down next to Inseop, who was lying on the floor.


“I’ll give it back. Stand up.”




“Aren’t you getting up? Then can I have this?”


Choi Inseop raised his head. Looking down at how he had his mouth closed while holding back tears, Lee Wooyeon smiled softly.


So wasn’t it him who wanted to play hide-and-seek all day? It was very annoying to find him. Even today, he didn’t know how many of the staff members he asked to find Inseop.


Lee Wooyeon shook Inseop’s shoulder as if playing a prank on his close friend.


“Get up.”


Lee Wooyeon raised Inseop and stood him up. As soon as Inseop got up from the floor, he reached out again to retrieve the notebook. Lee Wooyeon grabbed Inseop’s hand as if he knew it would happen. Then he wiggled it playfully.


“Are you hurt anywhere?”


“There is no… Please return it.”


It was fun to see him pretend to be calm with tears flowing.


People who passed by said, “Please stop.
Return it now,” and started to take Inseop’s side. The joke should have ended here. At this point, he knew he had to give it back, but Lee Wooyeon didn’t feel like it.


It was difficult. He should stop joking around at this point, but it was difficult because it was getting more and more fun.


Lee Wooyeon smiled and looked at Inseop’s face. He started to look forward to how much more trouble he would make.


Choi Inseop bit his lip. Waiting for Lee Wooyeon to return the notebook, it seemed that all the contents in it would be found out.


The thought that Lee Wooyeon might know something about him right here, right now, made him more and more afraid. He was cowardly, but he did not have the confidence to receive the contemptuous gaze from Lee Wooyeon.


Lee Wooyeon stopped laughing when his big eyes, dyed with fear, glared at him.


Again. A mass of heavy and hot emotions ran up from the stomach to the inside of the throat.




Inseop flew towards Lee Wooyeon as much as he could. It was either death or slaughter.




It was an unexpected counterattack.


Suddenly, Lee Wooyeon, who did not think that the gentle manager would throw himself at him, lost his balance and fell backwards. The two of them fell to the floor with their bodies overlapping.


Lee Wooyeon instinctively hugged Inseop’s shoulder with one hand. Heis slender shoulders were cradled in his arms. A sweet sensation was transmitted through Lee Wooyeon’s hand.


Choi Inseop did not miss a chance and quickly took the notebook.


“I will take it back.”


Inseop wiped the dust off the notebook and put it in his pocket. He also felt elated. It seemed like he gave Lee Wooyeon a nice shot.


In fact, Lee Wooyeon was looking up at him with a puzzled expression. Inseop reached out his hand to lift him up.


“Get up.”


It felt good. For the first time in Korea, he felt like he was standing above Lee Wooyeon.


“Uh, Lee Wooyeon’s hand――.”


But that feeling of superiority did not last for even three seconds. Inseop’s face also became contemplative from a single word from the coordinator standing next to him in contemplation.


The bottom of Lee Wooyeon’s palm, which was on the floor, was stained red with blood.


“Ah, I must have been hurt.”


Lee Wooyeon waved his hand as if it was nothing. Blood splattered over his clothes. It looked like his hand was torn when he fell backwards. It wasn’t cut deep enough to see his bones, but the wound was pretty deep, so there was quite a bit of blood.


“It’s okay.”


Lee Wooyeon smiled and said to Inseop. However, those words had not reached Inseop’s ears. As if his own hand had been cut off, he had turned pale and stared blankly at the blood flowing from Lee Wooyeon’s hand.


The FD rushed over and looked at Lee Wooyeon’s hand and frowned. Blood was constantly gushing out of the bumpy torn wounds.



“Can you move?”




Lee Wooyeon moved his fingers one by one. Blood dripped down his fingers and wet the tips of his sleeves. Another FD showed up with a medicine box. While disinfecting his hands and applying medicine, Lee Wooyeon did not frown once.


“Oh, it must be very painful. Are you really okay?”


The FD wrapped around the bandages asked with a worried face.


“Yes. Well, that’s it.”


“Isn’t there a jousting scene today?”


Instead of answering, Lee Wooyeon looked at Inseop’s face, who was standing still. It was as expected. Inseop’s complexion turned pale as if he was about to collapse. As if his own finger had been cut off.


Inseop stood there with his mouth shut until the wounds were all tied up with bandages.


“I’m sorry.”


These were the first words Inseop, who was standing in gloomy silence, opened his mouth.




“I am… because of me.”


Even speaking up to this point was too strong, Inseop swallowed dry saliva and spoke again.


“I’m really sorry that you fell and your hand was hurt like that.”


“Is that so?”


Lee Wooyeon looked at the bandaged palm and replied cheerfully.


“I will accept any kind of punishment as a result of this incident.”


Choi Inseop seemed to think he would definitely get fired from his job. Lee Wooyeon felt a little dirty. When he thought that Choi Inseop was not worried about his injured hand, but whether he was going to be fired or not, a burning displeasure rose from his stomach and up his throat.


“Punishment? Why are you saying that? I don’t get it.”


Lee Wooyeon continued to speak with a sulky impression.


“Am I going to tell you that I’m firing the manager for something like this? …Ah”


When Lee Wooyeon, who was about to put his hand in her pocket, groaned in pain, Inseop was restless and looked at his face.


“Are you okay? Would you like to go to the hospital right now? May I contact the representative? Are you very sick?”


Seeing the other person cut off from his own pain, Lee Wooyeon felt a strange sense of satisfaction.


“It doesn’t hurt much. I have to be patient.”


“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”


“No. I was very playful. I’m sorry. I’m glad Inseop wasn’t hurt.”


Everyone could not help but be moved by the appearance of actor Lee Wooyeon who smiled generously and spoke like that. They were the ones who had seen a lot of celebrities in the field screaming at the manager’s small mistakes.


Lee Wooyeon was like a miracle to those who worked hard in the field. Inseop, who caused such pain to such a person, was still restless. The director, who heard the news not long after, rushed to the site.


“What? What happened?”


“It’s not a big deal. Director.”


“It’s not not big deal. With your hands like that, can you shoot today? How did this happen?”


When the director raised his voice and asked, Inseop’s shoulder shook. Lee Wooyeon stopped him from going forward.


“I fell alone.”


“You should have been careful. Can you ride a horse right now? No, riding a horse is not the problem.”


The scene that required the most attention in the historical drama was riding a horse. This was because a fall accident can lead to serious injuries. When preparing for a historical drama, the first thing male actors did was learn to ride a horse. Otherwise, it would have been better to use a double from the beginning. There were quite a few cases where they said they would ride a horse, but it led to an accident.


Above all, Lee Wooyeon decided to play the scene in which he stumbled into a trap while riding a horse and fell without a stand-in.


“I’ll have to tell the action director to prepare for the role.”


“How do I use a stand-in?”


Lee Wooyeon’s shoulders were unusually wider than other male actors, so it was obvious that if he used a double, he would get noticed at once.


“It’s not a big scene, but if you’ve already used it, the viewers won’t be able to get immersed in it. Clearly.”


“Who doesn’t know that? But today, you have to shoot a scene where you roll off a horse, but how are you going to do it with your hands like that?”


Lee Wooyeon glanced at Inseop who was standing next to him. His expression was getting worse and worse, like a person being strangled. It looked like he was going to fall over if he left it like that. That was not the problem here.


“I’m fine. Director.”


“Then what if you get hurt? Use a stand-in today. Are you going to be filming only today?”


Even if no one else knew, if Lee Wooyeon was injured, the whole filming would be disrupted. In a situation that was not long before the airing, that was something that shouldn’t have happened.


“It’s not just for today, so you shouldn’t use a stand-in.”


“Ha, you really.”


The director grabbed Lee Wooyeon’s hand and looked around.


“Are you really okay? If you think it will be too much, postpone the filming.”


Procrastinating the filming date was a disaster not only for the staff but also for the actors.


“It’s a bit painful, but it doesn’t interfere with movement.”


“Then I’m glad.”


When the director made a very suspicious expression, Lee Wooyeon smiled softly as if he was really okay. When the director left to prepare for filming, Inseop bowed his head again and apologized.


“I’m sorry.”


“You told me that earlier.
It’s okay.
Oh, can you get me dressed?”


Choi Inseop quickly took Lee Wooyeon’s jumper and held the end of the sleeve so that he could wear it. As the wound rubbed against his clothes, he purposely frowned slightly. Choi Inseop, who saw this, was startled and asked if he was okay with it.


“I think I was punished for making fun of my good manager.”


“No. I’m just…”


Inseop’s ears were dead. The tail and ears that weren’t there could be seen hanging down.


Lee Wooyeon was happy to see Inseop, who was so depressed because of him. Suddenly, as long as it didn’t interfere with his work, he thought that it would be okay to get hurt often.


He shouldn’t have such a useless habit.


“What. Why are your hands like that again?”


Kang Youngmo, who was passing by, found Lee Wooyeon and shouted.


“I fell.”


Lee Wooyeon spoke up before Choi Inseop stepped forward.


“Are you okay? There is a horse riding scene today.”


“Thank you for your concern. It’s no problem.”


“Really? Be careful not to fall off the horse. Then, if one part breaks, an unprecedented situation of replacing the lead actor can occur.”


“We will make sure that doesn’t happen.”


“Okay. Then good luck.”


As Kang Youngmo passed by, Choi Inseop widened his eyes as if in surprise.


“…It’s surprising.”




“It seems that Kang Youngmo is very worried about you. I was a little surprised.”


Looking at Kang Youngmo’s back, Inseop’s muttering expression showed the surprise of the other person. Lee Wooyeon noticed that his manager was genuinely surprised, and not being sarcastic.


“Does it sound like he was really worried?”


“Didn’t he just say you were worried? Did I hear it wrong?”


Lee Wooyeon smiled brightly. He quietly tapped the manager’s shoulder.


“You heard him right.”


Inseop tilted his head slightly and waited for Lee Wooyeon’s next words, as if he could not understand the situation.


“How about you manager? Are you worried about me?”


Lee Wooyeon raised his hand wrapped in bandages and asked. Inseop’s big eyes filled with guilt and conflict.


He injured him by knocking him over and he had to shoot an important scene today. He shouldn’t be worried.


But did he deserve it? Can he say that he was worried about him, he was very worried and felt guilty for hurting him.


No matter what kindness he gave, the end was the same. He must betray Lee Wooyeon. Even knowing that, he kept feeling guilty.


“Yes. I am worried.”


Choi Inseop was deliberately blunt. So that his feelings of excessive concern for Lee Wooyeon were not revealed.


“Okay, do that.”


A gentle voice like the spring breeze echoed above his head. Inseop raised his head halfway at the words he couldn’t understand. He didn’t have the courage to look into his eyes. Lee Wooyeon’s lips moved gracefully.


“Please continue to worry. Then…”


While Inseop was looking for a word to answer, Lee Wooyeon disappeared among the staff.


Inseop stared blankly at his familiar back.



“Did you hear that?”


Jenny, who opened the door without knocking, exclaimed in an excited voice.


“What are you talking about?”


Closing the notebook he was writing, Peter turned his head.


“Prince! Philip! I’m talking about the prince.”


When the name Philip came up, Peter’s heart fluttered. He still hadn’t told Jenny that he had seen the prince at the Korean youth group.


The first day he met him, he thought of the poems of poet Kim Namjo the whole time under his blanket. Peter forgot to tell Jenny about the prince, thinking about the poem with every word stuck in his body like a fever. As the two days passed, then three or four days passed, it became more and more difficult to talk. He thought he had to do it, but it didn’t come off his mouth easily.


“I happened to hear some girls today and they said that the prince was of Korean descent. He is of Korean descent like you.”


“Huh. okay…”


“Isn’t that surprising? The fact that he shares the same blood as you.”


“Well. I never thought that I was Korean.”


It was an inconvenient truth, but that was the truth.


He didn’t even know the face of his birth mother, and since he left Korea when he was a baby, he has no memory of that country. For him, it was no exaggeration to say that the image of Korea as a country was all that his father gave him.


“No. It’s a good opportunity. It’s a great opportunity.”


Her eyes gleamed. Her cheeks were rosy.


“What chance?”


“Do you speak Korean?”


“Uh? … Huh. Why?”


“Teach me Korean. Until graduation, I will continue to write love letters to the prince in Korean. He’ll wonder who it is. Then I’ll appear and speak to the prince in Korean. Be my partner. How romantic!”


She clasped her hands and spread her imagination. She seemed to think that talking to Philip, who was of Korean descent, in Korean would have a great effect. Peter wanted to advise her to stop.


Whenever Philip came to the Korean youth group, the girls around him deliberately spoke in Korean. It was an obvious intention to feel a sense of unity. Philip was kind to all the women, as Jenny said. But it didn’t make anyone special.


“Korean? Me? To you?”


“Yes. Are you fine with it? Is that a good idea?”


“Jennie…can you learn?”


Peter knew almost everything about Jenny. She had no hobbies and no talent for studies. Especially when it came to the linguistics part.


“Of course. I can do it. Let’s do it from today. Right now.”


Jenny’s enthusiasm seemed to skyrocket at the thought of being able to become a special being to the prince. Jenny sat at Peter’s desk and urged him to start studying quickly. However, she could not even get past the first page of the first step of Hangul, which Peter brought through the bookshelf, and she fell on his desk.


“I think I’m going to die…”


“It’s the first time, so what? You don’t have to memorize all the consonants and vowels.”


Peter shook Jenny’s shoulder and spoke playfully.


“I have no idea what it is. Why are the letters so weird? It looks like a painting.”


“Did you think learning a foreign language was easy? First, go home today and memorize all the consonants and vowels. Understand?”


Peter carefully wrote in the exercise book. Jenny, who was looking at him silently, burst into laughter.


“Why are you laughing?”


“That letter looks interesting.”


“Like what?”




She pointed her finger at the consonant ‘ㅎ’.


“Why is this interesting?”


“It looks like it’s wearing a hat. Cute. They look like flowers.”


Peter had never thought of it that way, but when he listened to her, the words really looked like a person wearing a hat.


“Are you going to fill out the letter to the prince with only those letters? To let him know that my heart is a flower garden.”


“Ha ha ha ha ha. He’ll probably think it was a letter from a crazy stalker. Besides, if you use it repeatedly, it will make it seem like you’re laughing.”


Peter mimicked the sound of laughter and laughed for a while. Jenny laughed along with him. Peter’s mother entered the room as the sound of their laughter flowed out the stairs.


“What’s so funny that you laugh like that?”


“No, nothing.”


Peter waved his hand. There was still a playful smile on his face.


“Jenny, would you like to stay for dinner? Today, Peter’s uncle has decided to come, so we’re making dinner in Korean style. I don’t know if it will suit your taste, but would you like to try it?”


“No. I have to go home. My mother is cooking dinner for me and waiting.”


Peter and his mother knew it was a lie, but he said nothing.


“Okay. Then there’s nothing you can do. Let’s eat together next time.


“Yes. Thank you.”


Jenny smiled cheerfully and got up from her seat.


“Peter, see you tomorrow.”


“Okay. Do your homework by tomorrow.”


Peter handed her the practice sheet. Jenny put her hand on her forehead as if she was tired. Seeing her off, Peter helped his mother prepare dinner.


It was the next day that Jenny’s depression started again.

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