“Do you want to make a contract with me?” 


– Yes, Reina declined when Ellen and I tried to repay her for saving us.
She said it was just what friends do.
But it still weighed on our minds. 


Felia smirked. 


Gerdinger's power comes from the Fire of Phoenix.
So, if you have the qualification of a summoner, you're eligible to be a Phoenix contractor. 


'I never thought a Phoenix would be the first to propose a contract.' 


Phoenixes are proud creatures and wouldn't offer a contract unless prompted.


– Of course, I'm not asking to form a contract right now.
First, you should improve yourself as a summoner….


“Is it possible to do it now?”


– What?


Even if Phoenix had the intention to sign a contract with Leo, it was impossible due to Leo’s current spirit power. 


But Leo was confident that he could succeed in forming a contract.


No matter what anyone said, he was the one who ended the era of disasters and had formed contracts with many powerful beasts in his past life.


‘But still, I've never made a contract with Phoenix even in my past life.’


Even in the days when he was Kyle, he always wanted to make a contract with Phoenix.


The contract with a powerful contractor in itself would have been enough for his vessel to grow as a Summoner.


But Phoenix showed a hint of hesitation.


– I understand your feelings, but you can't make a contract with me now.
Because during the process, even a little mistake will be the end of your life.


Especially a contract with Phoenix is really a dangerous one.


There is nothing even Felia, a Phoenix, can do.


“I know.
But I'm confident.”


'The way he challenges the impossible reminds me of Reina.
Still, I can't put her son in danger.’


While thinking, Felia came up with a good idea.


– If that's what you want, then I'll make a contract with you, but the Phoenix you'll make a contract with is not me.






A crimson flame flickered right before Leo's eyes.


As the flame died down, a golden egg the size of a fist appeared. 


Seeing the egg, Leo's eyes widened.


'A Phoenix's egg?'


– The egg is my child, and it’s soon going to hatch.
You can try to tame it.


Even by taming the unborn Phoenix's egg, a contract could be successfully made.


Since it’s still in the form of an egg, there will be no danger even if he tries to make a contract.


However, the difficulty of taming the phoenix is at the level of top-class beasts.


'A Phoenix's egg.
Let me test it.”


Leo laughed as he received the golden egg.


‘It might be difficult for an ordinary person.’




When Leo raised his spirit power, the phoenix egg in response spewed crimson flames.


Leo gritted his teeth at the overwhelming heat.


“Even if it's weak, it's still Fire of Phoenix, it's not something a young human boy like you could handle.”


Felia thought that Leo would soon give up.


But Leo did not give up, instead, he closed his eyes and concentrated.


His consciousness gradually drifted away.


When he opened his eyes again, all he could see was darkness.


This was the realm of consciousness where he was being tested by the top-level Phoenix.


It was literally a world where the value of the contractor would be determined.


In this yet-to-be-born Phoenix’s world, there was nothing.


The only thing that existed was the blazing Phoenix flame.


Leo reached out towards it without hesitation.


In response, the flames wrapped around Leo's body and began to burn fiercely.


The Phoenix burned itself to produce an intense flame.


In this process, he would feel endless pain.


In return for this pain, he would be acknowledged as a phoenix contractor.


The success of a contract between a summoner and the Phantom beasts is based on their bond. 


And in order to build a strong bond with Phoenix, one must understand its pain of being burned. 


This was why it was very difficult to form a contract with Phoenix.




Leo's face twisted in pain as his body was engulfed in flames. 


To pass the test one had to rely solely on their strong willpower.


Felia's eyes widened in surprise. 


“Could it be…?”




The intensely burning flame was sucked into the golden egg.




The surface of the egg started to crack.


Felia had a look of disbelief.


– Did you succeed?




When the egg completely absorbed all the flames, Leo slowly opened his eyes.


For an instant, Leo's red eyes flashed with crimson rays.




The exhausted Leo slumped in his seat and let out a heavy breath.


His body was drenched in sweat.


But on his face, there was a clear smile.


“The contract has been successfully completed.”


– Ahahaha!


Felia laughed when she heard it.


– You're amazing! Leo Flove! You're indeed a genius!


“Rather than being a genius… It's all about effort”


– What kind of bullshit is that, if a Summoner at your age could succeed in taming a Phoenix egg, it's not just genius, you've got the potential to become the greatest Summoner in history!


Leo struggled to get up as he looked at Felia, who was very happy for him.


“What does a young Phoenix look like?”


Kyle had never seen a young Phoenix before, not even in his past.




– It's coming, my child.


The egg's cracks spread all over the surface.




Just like glass that breaks to pieces, the golden shell fragments flew everywhere.


Leo's expression changed slightly when he saw the Phoenix emerge from the broken egg.


‘A chick?’


The Phoenix that was just born looked more like a chick.


“Chirp Chirp-!”


At that moment, with a burst of flames, Felia, transformed into a human shape and gently picked up her child from Leo's hand.


– This child's name is Fiora.
Leo, even though you've successfully made a contract, she's still a young child.
So for now, I'll be taking care of her.


“Sure, but I still need to show the familiar I contracted during the test period for the professor to see.”


– Then I'll leave her in your care for a while then.


Felia smiled and placed Fiora on top of Leo's head.


Despite the fact that it had only been born for a short time, it was still a Phoenix chick full of life; she even pecked at Leo's head a few times with her small beak.


Then, as if she was pleased by the location, it settled down.


'Is this really a Phoenix? No matter how I look at it, it looks just like a chick.'


However, he couldn't bear to say that it looks like a chick in front of Felia who was looking at Fiora as if she was the cutest phoenix, so he swallowed back the words that came to his mouth.




'It's definitely a chick.'


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


Professor Yura took out a watch from her pocket.


The three hours she gave had come to an end.


Most of the students already returned with their tamed beasts and received evaluations from Professor Yura.


Among them, there were also students who had successfully completed the contract.


“Let's see…where have they gone? …
Only those four are remaining?”


And the remaining students who were yet to arrive were the ones Professor Yura was looking forward to.


thud-! thud-!


The ground then vibrated.


When the students opened their eyes, a huge blue bear emerged from the bushes.






In fear, the students screamed and scattered in all directions.


Some students who recognized the identity of the blue bear had horrified expressions.


The blue bear walked towards Professor Yura and lowered its stance.


Xia, who was riding on its back, jumped off.


“Professor, the time hasn't ended yet, right?”




'From the way the uniforms are ripped here and there, it appears to be a one-sided battle.'


“You said you only know theoretical knowledge about taming, and you ended up taming the Aqua Bear cub, a medium-level beast.”


“Rather than calling it taming… … I should say that it followed me on its own will?”


With an awkward smile, Xia scratched her head.


In fact, it wasn't a perfect way of taming.


“By following this much, and with just a bit more study on taming, you'll completely comprehend it.”


'Maybe I should have her focus more on the summoning department.'


“If it's an Aqua Bear baby, the taming difficulty can't be considered entirely intermediate, and being able to tame it was a great feast.”


To think a person of this caliber was in the Knight department, as a summoning professor, she couldn't help but grieve.


While Professor Yura smacked her lips, Xia sent the Aqua Bear back to the forest.


And after a while from the bush, Wald appeared.


There was a little crow sitting on his shoulder.


“What kind of phantom beast is that?”


“It looks more like a humble beast.”


The students had puzzled expressions.


However, associate professor Carlo and his assistants were surprised.


“Wow! Taming a Shadow Crow that specializes in Element magic is truly impressive.”


Professor Yura exclaimed as she looked at Wald standing before her.


Shadow Crow was a medium-level beast like Aqua Bear, but unlike Xia’s, this one was an adult.


In addition, Shadow Crow was a tricky phantom beast, just looking at the difficulty of taming, it was comparable to a high-level phantom beast.


'His talent as a Beast summoner is exceptional.'


“The contract was not yet concluded.”


“This is more than enough.”


By taming an intermediate-level beast, he surpasses all first-year students in all departments.


'Still, in the beast summoning class, Eliza should be the one to claim the first place.'


As if to live up to those expectations.


After a while, Eliza returned.


Unlike the other students, Eliza, who appeared in a neat appearance not much different from before class, approached Professor Yura with her hair flowing.


“Where is the phantom beast?”


Eliza laughed at Professor Yura's question and spread her hand.


A summoning circle appeared and with a bright flash a huge snake appeared.


Szzzzzz! Szzzz!




“Ah… it’s a snake!”


A massive white snake, capable of swallowing a person whole, flicked its tongue and caused the female students to scatter in terror.


“Huh… … To make a contract with the Gorgon Snake.”


“Because we don't have this phantom beast in our family.
So, I just signed a contract.”


Gorgon Snake.


It was a very valuable beast at the intermediate level.


'As expected, she's indeed the heir to the Hergin family.'


“Very good! Eliza!”


“Thank you.”


Eliza gracefully lifted the skirt and greeted her.


This year is a bountiful harvest, a very bountiful harvest for the summoner class.'


Professor Yura laughed inwardly and then tilted her head.


'why is Leo Flove still not coming?'


There wasn't much time left.


When time passes, regardless of which phantom beast he brought, he will fail.


Feeling thirsty, Professor Yura asked.


“Give me some water.”


“Yes, Professor.
Here you go.”


Professor Yura checked the time as she opened the water bottle that Associate Professor Carlo handed over.


At that time, Leo appeared from the bushes.


“Young master Leo.
Welcome back.”


Xia smiled and waved her hand, but then she tilted her head and started laughing.


It requires strength to succeed in taming.


So, except for Eliza, all the students' uniforms were torn or stained with dust.


However, Leo's face was a mess to a degree that it cannot be compared to any other student.


His school uniform was scorched all over the place.


If you only looked at his appearance, it would seem like he had brought a great phantom beast, but what appeared in front of everyone was…




A small, red bird was chirping loudly while sitting on Leo's gray hair.


“Wow! Did he just tame the chick?”


“Oh my god! The Freshmen representative's phantom beast is a chick!”


“Hey, don’t laugh, He can hear you! Pfft-”


The students tried their best to hold back their laughter.


“After seeing how student Leo dealt with Griffon earlier, I expected him to do well in the exam.
But the result was more disappointing than I thought.”


Carlo turned his head towards Professor Yura with a sigh.


“Puwee?! Keong! Kooak! Kooak! Kehek!”


Upon seeing the chick, Professor Yura involuntarily spouted the water she had been drinking, causing her to be covered in water.


Compared to Professor Carlo’s sigh, Professor Yura looked at Leo’s chick with astonished eyes.


'How the hell did this madman end up taming a Phoenix?!'

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