“Chen Xia, right?”


“Yes, nice to meet you, Leo Flove.
You can call me Xia.” 


“Leo Flove.
Use whichever name is comfortable for you.” 


“In that case, I'll call you Young Master Leo.” 


Chen Xia smiled warmly and spoke in a friendly tone.


“I didn't realize you had an interest in summoning.
Which department did you choose, Young Master Leo?” 


“I aspire to become a summoner for now.” 


“Then I guess I'll be seeing you more often in the future.” 


Chen Xia smiled and opened her hands. 




Multiple tiny droplets of water coalesced, and a low-grade water spirit, Undine, materialized. 


“What kind of spirit have you signed a contract with?” 


“I haven't signed a contract yet.” 


Chen Xia nodded in comprehension. 


She wasn't sure if Leo would pursue this major. 


Many students who chose this elective hadn't signed a contract yet and were here because of their spirit power and affinity with spirits. 


Chen Xia believed that Leo was one of them.


“If you need any guidance on summoning a spirit, don't hesitate to ask.
I'll be happy to help you.” 


Chen Xia appeared to be someone who enjoyed assisting others. 




“Excuse me, Young Master Leo, may I ask how old you are?” 




“I'm older, I'm seventeen.” 


Leo gave Chen Xia a puzzled look. 


The admission age range at Lumeln is from 14 to 17, so it's not surprising. 


However, Chen Xia had a petite build and a very youthful appearance. 


Leo thought to himself, 'It would make sense if she was the same age as Chelsi, but to be two years older?' 


“Young Master Leo, did you just have an impolite thought about me?” 


Chen Xia stared at Leo with raised eyebrows, waiting for his answer. 


“No,” Leo answered briefly. 


“I think you did?” 


Chen Xia continued to eye him suspiciously, but soon it was time for the class to start.


The summoning class was less populated compared to the previous Knight class. 


However, even after the appointed time, the professor was still missing. 


“I wonder why the professor hasn't arrived yet.” 


Chen Xia said with a puzzled expression. 


Just then, Leo looked up to the sky. 


“They're here.” 


Chen Xia followed Leo's gaze and also looked up. 


A massive dragon, with flapping wings, descended from the sky. 




The dragon landed on the ground, and the students were in awe of the rare monster they might not see in their lifetime. 


At that moment, someone dismounted from the dragon's back. 


It was a female professor, who stood at around 170 cm tall, with wild-looking, shoulder-length black hair tied back loosely. 


She wore a tight-fitting leather outfit, highlighting her athletic figure, and a leather whip attached to her waist. 


“Hello, Freshmen! I'm Professor Yura Marten, and I'll be your Summoning Studies teacher for the next year!” 


“It's an honor to meet you, Professor Yura!” 


The students greeted her in unison. 


Professor Yura placed her hands on her hips and nodded, causing her chest to jiggle, and some of the male students blushed.


“Where are the associate professor and TA's?” 


Professor Yura demanded as she was met with a hasty response from the associate professor, Carlo. 


“I apologize for being late, Professor.
The class schedule was changed unexpectedly,” Carlo explained. 


“No excuses! You should always be ready for changes!” Professor Yura scolded. 


Leo and the other students wondered if they would be able to learn anything from such a teacher. 


Some of the male students were drawn to Professor Yura's appearance, but they couldn't ignore her harsh behavior. 


“Is everything set up now?” Professor Yura asked with a serious expression. 


“If there are any students who are here just for an elective and don't have the talent for summoning, I suggest they leave now.” 


Her eyes gleamed with a warning light, but no student budged. 


Even at that word, no students moved.
There was no way that students who passed the entrance exam would go out of class frightened by this level.


“Alright, I see that you've all made up your minds.
Let's get started,” 


Professor Yura declared as she led the class forward.


Chen Xia raised her hand.


“Where are we going, Professor?”




Professor Yura smiled as she gestured towards a group of griffons being led by the teaching assistants. 


“Where the real learning will take place.”


⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ ⏩ 


The students who were paired up and riding the Griffon cheered with delight. 


The rarity of carrier beasts that can fly made it a dream come true for many students who aspired to become Summoners, as most had never ridden a Griffon before. 


“It's great to be at Lumeln!” 


“I'll be able to sign a contract with a phantom beast like this soon, right?” 


The students were overflowing with excitement and hope. 


“Hey! Let's switch now! I'll steer!” 


“Ah! Just a little bit more!” 


As the 10-minute mark approached, the first-year students started to argue over who would hold the reins of the Griffon. 


“It's really fun.” Chen Xia, who was in control of the Griffon, also spoke in an excited voice. 


“Be careful,” Leo warned. 




“Griffon is a phantom beast that can be difficult for first-time handlers to control.” 


“Ah, Young Master Leo, just look at him.
He's so docile and obedient,” Chen Xia said. 


“That's because I'm keeping an eye on Professor Yura right now,” 


Leo replied, glancing at the black wyvern that Professor Yura was riding in the lead.


“Well, given Professor Yura's personality, I doubt she would continue to keep the griffons under control,” Leo stated. 






Just as Leo finished speaking, the griffon let out a loud roar. 


The other griffons, who had been obedient until now, also began to act out, as if they no longer wanted to be ridden.


Chen Xia panicked and pulled the reins, but there was no sign of control.


“Ahh! It doesn't listen!”


“Hey, why are you doing this all of a sudden!”


“professor! Help me!”


Other students also panicked.


Professor Yura, riding on a Black Wyvern, giggled. 


“If you can't handle a griffon, how can you call yourself a student of Lumeln? Take care of yourself!”


“That, like that! Kyaaak-!”


Chen Xia's hand, which was in shock, was pulled away by the power of the griffon.


She also rose halfway out of the saddle.


However, as a knight major, she immediately centered herself.


Chen Xia, who was frowning, tried to fight in earnest by giving strength to her hands.


But at that moment, Leo wrapped his arm around Chen Xia's waist and pulled her towards him. 


“What are you doing, Young Master Leo?” Chen Xia exclaimed. 


“Griffons have strong pride, so if you try to subdue them with force, they will only run wild,” 


Leo explained as he grabbed the reins with his left hand and pulled gently. 


The griffon, which had been rampaging, hesitated at the familiar touch and gradually regained its composure.


'He's a well-trained guy, so it's easy to handle.'


It was a challenge for those unfamiliar with handling a Carrier beast, but for those who were familiar, it was easier to manage. 


Chen Xia noticed this and expressed her curiosity. 


“Young Master Leo, have you ever handled a griffon before?” 


“No, this is the first time in my life.” 


At his response, Chen Xia turned her head and gazed at Leo. 


Leo did the same, looking back at her. 


“It seems to be true,” 


Chen Xia said after looking ahead again. 


She tilted her head and asked, “But how are you handling the griffon so well? Do you have any special tricks?” 


“I mainly studied from textbooks,” Leo replied. 


Chen Xia let out a laugh and said, 


“Indeed, you have the skills to provoke everyone at the entrance ceremony.” 


Leo didn't mind and pulled Chen Xia even closer. 


“I'm going to speed up a bit more, so stay close and don't fall behind.” 


“Young Master Leo, is an older girl your type?” Chen Xia asked. 


Leo answered with a stumble, “With that loli face, I don't think you can call yourself an older girl…
Ahh, sorry.


“Girls don’t like boys who are rude.
Do you understand?”


Chen Xia slightly opened her eyes and pinched the back of Leo's hand where he was holding her waist. 


However, realizing Leo had no harmful intentions, she relaxed and leaned her back against his chest.


When the preparations were finished, Leo shouted, 

“Let's go!” 


As Leo pulled the reins, the griffon let out a loud roar and took flight. 


Chen Xia was taken aback by the sudden movement, and Professor Yura's eyes lit up. 


“That student is very good at handling the griffon.
Who is that guy?” Professor Yura asked. 


“Let me see, it's student Leo Flove,” Carlo replied after checking the student list. 


“Leo Flove? Is that the Freshman representative? I heard he was going to the Knight department,” 


“Yes, he did.
He even beat Duran Moira in a race in the previous class,” 


“A guy like that can handle a griffon? Does he own one?” 


“No, he comes from a noble family in a small kingdom, so I don't think they're wealthy enough to own a griffon,” Carlo explained. 


“Then it must be a talent, right?” Professor Yura asked, her eyes twinkling. 


“Yes, but the professors in the Knight department won't be happy if he switches to the Summoning major,” Carlo said, looking uneasy. 


“Who cares? There are plenty of students with a talent for being a knight.
Summoning is not as common.
Besides, he hasn't chosen his major yet,” 


Professor Yura said mischievously. 


The griffon eventually landed on a large island in Lake Lumeria, which was often used as a training ground because of the several similar islands in the lake, making it appear like a sea.




Chen Xia disembarked the griffon gracefully.
Leo did the same, with the griffon affectionately nuzzling his cheek.


As Leo reached for a tree to give the griffon a treat, he noticed a large gray feather on a branch.


'This… … ?'


“Young Master Leo, is anything wrong?”


Leo pocketed the feather and replied, “No… Nothing.”


Meanwhile, other students also arrived on the island.




“Ugh… It's the worst, I got dirt all over the place.”


“I feel like throwing up… … Uggggg!”


Most of the students were exhausted just riding the griffon.


However, there were a few students who handled the griffon well, such as the head of the southern exam, Wald Taiden, and a female student who was doing her nails while eyeing the other students condescendingly.


The two students handled the griffon as well as Leo.


'Wald, Eliza.
These guys are definitely the ones who will serve as the aces of this year's Summoning Department!' thought Professor Yura, with a gleam in her eyes.


How long will you be down? Come on.
Everyone gather!”


Professor Yura, who was smiling with satisfaction, shouted, and the students gathered in a hurry.


Looking at the students lined up, Professor Yura smirked and announced.


“Today we will have a practical test!”

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