The next morning.


After finishing his breakfast at the dormitory cafeteria, Leo immediately headed to the first-year class building, the Hall of beginning.


Today's first major class was in Knight department.


As was to be expected, there were a lot of participants from the Knight Department, but there were also a lot of participants from other Departments.


Due to the large number of people, the class was divided into groups. 


In the group that Leo entered, there were Chelsi and Karl.


Karl actively took these elective classes to get acquainted with the Knights Department students.


Chelsi said that she was going to take a Knight class as an elective because she aspired to be a battle mage.


Students gathered in the Training hall waited.


Professor Ain showed up shortly after.


“Since I've already introduced myself, there is no need for a separate introduction.
This is my associate professor, Claria Rebacce.”


Claria slightly bowed her head.


The associate professor can only be someone who has received the professor's approval among the Lumeln graduates.


The associate professor usually assists the professor in class and, in an emergency, will conduct the class on the professor's behalf.


Naturally, as a Lumeln graduate, she was an elite with guaranteed skills.


Professor Ain looked around the students.


'Leo Flove, Celia Gerdinger, Duran Moira.'


Looking at them, Professor Ain had a satisfied expression.


The student representative and the top rankers had come to attend his class, so there was nothing to be dissatisfied about.


“Of these, students from magic and summoner departments, raise your hands.”


More than half of the students raised their hands.


Professor Ain nodded and pointed at Claria.


“You all go along with associate professor.
She will teach you how to apply magic and spirit power to combat.”


Ain, gathered students of knight departments separately, and began to talk.


“Today is the first class.
So, let’s talk about the most basic aura used by Knights.”


At Ain's words, the students' eyes lit up.


“There are three powers derived from mana: aura, magic power, and spirit power.
Among them, aura is the power that is difficult to handle.
Does anyone know why?”


The first question baffled the first-year students.


The characteristics of Aura?


There were hardly any students who were interested in knowing that.


What most Mages/knights are concerned with is how to feel mana effectively and profess more power.


Of course, it wasn't just students who didn't know the answer.


Celia raised her hand.


“I am Celia Gerdinger.”


“Yes, Student Celia.
Give us your answer.”


“During the transformation process, Aura loses the mana characteristics.”


“That is correct.”


Magical power’s characteristics is to amplify mana, whereas spirit power’s characteristics is to align the user's will with mana.


As such, it does not lose the characteristics of natural mana.


Aura, on the other hand, is a force created by absorbing mana and processing it according to one’s physique.


In the process, it loses its natural fluidity and becomes fixed.


As a result, it becomes difficult to handle.


“Then, do we have any student who can explain how we are using the accumulated aura in our bodies?”


This time, Celia was taken aback as well.


How do we use it?


'How do you describe how you use it?'


use it when you need power, right?'


They just use it according to the flow of the aura method they were taught.


There was no way to describe how to use Aura.


Of course, it wasn't a question Ain expected them to answer.


What Ain was talking about was the basic theory of Aurology, which was not taught in Lumeln until last year.


This year, Ain was going to introduce the content that was only taught in Beast Hero Academy, Azonia.


So it was only natural for the First-graders to not know the answer.


Just when Ain was about to explain, someone raised their hand.


Professor Ain gave a satisfied expression to the courageous student.


There are not many professors who dislike students who confidently step forward to answer even if they are wrong. 


“I am Leo Flove.”


Please answer Student Leo.”


“We are using the power of the Aura by burning it.”


Ain was surprised by the answer.


“That is correct.
Then, do you know what is the most important thing when you burn aura?”


“It’s stamina.”


“Amazing, Student Leo.
Have you ever studied Aurology?”


“No, I didn’t.”


“Then how did you know this?”


“Because it is the most basic essence of using aura.”


People sometimes neglect to understand the nature of the powers they wield.


Of course, you can use aura even if you don't understand the essence or principle.


However, there is a big difference between understanding and not understanding the characteristics of the power one uses.


Aura, in particular, is a power that is influenced more by the user's will than magic or spirit power.


5 extra points for Student Celia.
And 10 extra points to student Leo.”


The envious eyes of the classmates turned towards the two.


“As Student Leo said, we are using the power generated when mana is burned.”


Professor Ain said seriously.


“Starting this year, I intend to teach you first-years by incorporating Aurology into the class.”


“Professor! What is Aurology?”


“It is a study of Aura.
It's one of the mandatory subjects at Azonia Academy.”


First-year students who are heard about this new subject for the first time, had a glow in their eyes.


“Then, since today is our first class, you will learn how to use Auras.
The content of today’s lecture is Aura Step.”


Aura Step is a technique that concentrates the power of Aura on the legs to maximize jumping power.


'Aura step.'


Leo's eyes lit up.


It was a concept that did not exist in the era where Kyle lived.


“Aura Steps can be learned by anyone who has Aura.
However, the effectiveness varies depending on the level of proficiency.”


Professor Ain stepped up.


A silver aura appeared to ripple on the tips of his feet, which he used to slowly stand in the air.


The students burst into admiration.


Professor Ain slowly walked in the air and said.


“Now, I will tell you about the principle behind this Aura step.”


Ain's Aura Step lecture began.


“The principle of using Aura step is not much different.”


If you strengthen your body with aura, your leg strength will naturally increase.


The Aura Step could be seen as a concentrated version of the physical strengthening where one focus their Aura on the legs.


When professor Ain was guiding the students, someone who appeared to be an errand boy entered the training hall.


“Professor Ain.
Professor Bethe is looking for Professor Ain and Associate Professor Claria.”


“Professor Bethe? I get it.”


Ain nodded and told the students.


“Myself and the assistant professor will be away for a while, so practice Aura Step by yourself.”


Leaving those words behind, Professor Ain left.


Shall I teach you the Aura step?”


Celia approached with a smirk.


Leo asked with a sullen face.


“Are you going to ask me to address you as ‘Milady’?”


“How could you be so rude?”


Celia crossed her arms and smiled.


“I'm older than you, so call me 'Sister' once and I'll help you.”


“I won't learn from someone dirty and rude.”


“What? You're the Freshmen representative and still you don't even know how to use Aura Step? How pitiful.”


It was then, someone interrupted the conversation between the two.


When they turned their heads, there was Duran Moira, the top ranker of the Central Exam, standing there.


Duran looked at Leo and clicked his tongue.


“For someone like this to be the representative, I can’t understand Lumeln’s standards.”


“Are you dissatisfied with me being the class representative?”


When Leo stepped forward and asked, Duran raised an eyebrow.


“I'm not unhappy.
I'm just annoyed that someone who can't even use Aura Step became Freshmen representative.”


Duran said as he looked at the other students.


“It's not just you.
There are a few who don't know how to use Aura Step.
I'm worried that it would affect the overall dignity of us, First-years.”


Some students were mad at that statement.


But they couldn't easily take him down.


No matter what he said, it was undeniable that he was the top of the grade.


He was clearly among the top ten of 500 first-year students.


In response to Duran's words, Leo said.


“If you truly aim to be a hero, wouldn't it be better to act with dignity?”


“Dignity? You're talking about dignity to me, the one who possess Hero’s bloodline?”


Duran is a member of the Knight Principality Moira, which was founded 50 years ago by Dior Moira, a knight hero known as the Golden Sword.


Duran, who had wanted to be a hero since he was a child, believed that he had more qualifications than anyone else.


“What does bloodline have to do with being a hero?”


“It matters.
Being a hero means being chosen.”


“I don’t think so.
I think a hero is someone who never gives up.”


“It's pathetic that a new student representative can say such a dreamlike story lines.”


“Aren't you being too childish, trusting too much of your lineage?”


“For me, bloodline is just an accessory.
I have something else that I believe in.”


“What is that?”


“It’s skill, Leo Flove.”




Duran closed the distance between him and Leo in the blink of an eye.


The other students were amazed by his incredible speed.


Usually, students couldn't even think about moving that fast.


However, Leo just grinned.


“You are not that fast.”


“I guess I need to show you what I'm really capable of.”


Duran chuckled darkly.


“If you're so confident, why don't we have a race to see who's faster?”


“Don't be ridiculous, Duran.
Do you really think it's fair to compete with someone who hasn't even learned the Aura Step?”


Celia frowned and interrupted, and Duran said as if it was good.


“Celia Gerdinger.
There was something I wanted to ask you.”




“Why did Leo Flove become the representative?”


“How would I know?”


“Isn’t because of the lousy top rankers of the West, that this guy ended up in the spotlight?”


Chelsi, who came to see what was going on, stepped forward.


“Are you saying that my older brother was lousy?”


“I'm just stating the truth.
Chesi Llewellyn.
I expected great things from the heroes of the Lorden Empire, but to give the representative position to someone like that.
Honestly, I'm disappointed.”


Celia gave a cold smile.


“You must be quite resentful of not being the representative, right? But have you ever thought that the reason you couldn't become the representative is simply because you are not good enough?”


“If I were to be in the same place as this guy, then he wouldn't have become the representative.”


Duran, who had an arrogant expression on his face, spoke confidently.


“It's just sheer luck that this guy became the representative.”


“Come on, Leo.
We don't need to listen to this nonsense.”




Chelsi, who never agreed with Celia, agreed to her words and flicked her under-eye bags with her left hand.




She made a noise as she shrugged her shoulders.


“Being in a position to be protected by women.”


The students from Duran's faction threw out taunts.


Seeing all this, Leo laughed.


“I Accept that challenge.”




Celia said scoldingly.


“Why would you say something like that? “


Leo replied with a smile.


“To a guy like this, I have to show what true dignity is.”

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