Was she still delusional about taking him down?

Shi Qian heard the sarcasm in his voice.

Did he think that she wanted to cling to him and keep occupying the identity of Mrs.

“Young Master Fu, I think that feelings are the foundation of marriage.
A marriage without feelings is like a plate of loose sand.
Our marriage is even worse than a plate of loose sand.
We’ve never even met before, and the marriage procedures were done when you were unconscious.
You definitely don’t want to continue this marriage.
Now that you’re awake, I think our marriage can end here.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

He studied Shi Qian again with surprise in his eyes.

She actually offered to end their marriage?

In other words, she was divorcing him!

She actually offered to divorce him!

Fu Sinian had been thinking about this since the moment he woke up.
In the end, it was Shi Qian who brought it up!

This matter should be in his hands!

He suppressed his unhappiness and tried to figure out Shi Qian’s intentions.

Did she really want to divorce him?

Was she retreating in order to advance?

“Do you really want to divorce me?” Fu Sinian asked coldly.

“Doesn’t Young Master Fu want to?”

“Shi Qian, you’re very resourceful.
You know how to do the opposite.
If you want to divorce me, you have to show a little attitude.”

Shi Qian was confused.

She made it clear.
Wasn’t that her attitude?

For the first time, she felt that communication between people was so difficult.

Fu Sinian took out his phone and opened the spending reminder.

Shi Qian took the phone and scrolled carefully.

Her mouth fell open in surprise.

When she saw this, she realized how much the old master had spent on this trip with her!

After a rough calculation, the total of millions weighed on her.

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