Grandpa often thought of what happened when you were young.
You’re too harsh on yourself and I regret it.
You’re still a child and don’t have a childhood at all.”

Fu Sinian listened to the words with mixed emotions.

“However, even if I have to do it again, Grandpa will still do it because you’re the heir of our Fu family.”

“You’ve been lying here for more than three years.
You probably don’t even know you’ve married a beautiful wife.
Qian Qian is a good girl.
Now she has to have children with you when you’re unconscious.
It’s a huge grievance.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

“So, fight for success! That’s what Grandpa has always asked of you.
You can only succeed, not fail! You can’t fail in such a matter!”

With that, the old man patted Fu Sinian’s shoulder as if he was encouraging him.

The old man left.

Fu Sinian immediately opened his eyes.

He was indeed his biological grandfather!

He thought his grandfather was here to say a few comforting words and he didn’t want to hear those mushy words.

He was thinking too much!

Suddenly, his head hurt again.
Fu Sinian immediately put on his earpiece.

A charming voice entered his ears.

This time, it was different from what he usually heard.
It was like two different people.

What he had felt before was that she was a little child holding a milk bottle.

He had the urge to squeeze her.

This time, she was like a seductive demoness.
Every sound had a hook.

“The moon is asleep and the stars are asleep.
Aren’t you going to sleep? Listen to the sound of time flowing.
Listen to the wind in the mountains…”

Fu Sinian really heard a gentle breeze.

He had never known sound could have such magic.

It could make one feel such intense pleasure.

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