n this hospital and wait for the test results.” The old master hung up.

Fu Sinian gripped his phone, his face dark.

This woman said she was fine!

“Sinian, I’ve taken the medicine.
We can leave now.” Su Ruoqing came to Fu Sinian’s side.

“Shi Qian fainted in the recording studio.
She should still be in the emergency department.
Let’s go to the emergency department,” Fu Sinian said in a low voice.
As soon as he finished speaking, he started the wheelchair and walked through the lobby towards the emergency department.

Su Ruoqing hadn’t reacted yet.
Seeing how anxious Fu Sinian was, she quickly chased after him.

Her mind was filled with questions.

Shi Qian fainted? She was sent to this hospital too?

In the emergency room, Jin An had just finished the hospitalization procedures and came to the old master’s side.

“Old Master, the ward has been arranged.
I’ve also contacted the director.
Someone will be here to treat Young Madam soon.
Don’t worry, Young Madam will be fine.”

The old master was very satisfied with the arrangements.
“Let’s send Qian Qian back to the ward first.”

“Sure thing.”

As soon as they accompanied Shi Qian out of the emergency room, they saw Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing behind them.

The old master’s face darkened instantly.

“Go!” he said in a low voice, holding onto the bed.

They never looked at Fu Sinian again.

They didn’t care if Fu Sinian followed them.

When they arrived at the ward, Shi Qian was carried to the bed.

The director personally rushed over with his men and drew up a plan for the examination.

The old master first arranged Shi Qian’s matters before going to the living room outside the ward.

He sat on the sofa with Fu Sinian opposite him.

Su Ruoqing wanted to go forward, but she realized that the old master was standing rooted to the ground in anger.

“Qian Qian was beaten during dinner today.
Were you there?” the old master asked Fu Sinian in a low voice.

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