hing this woman said was made up!

Moreover, she had brought so many media outlets.
Someone must be trying to frame her!

“I don’t even know you, let alone seduce your husband! I don’t know why you’re being shameless and who instigated you! You have to pay for your actions today!” Shi Qian retorted loudly.

Fu Sinian sat in his wheelchair and looked at the chaos ahead.

Su Ruoqing followed closely beside him.

Fu Sinian had already taken action.
Fu Sinian had instructed those live-streams to be suddenly blocked.

He really cared more about Shi Qian than she had imagined!

“You little bitch, how arrogant!” The woman waved her hand at Shi Qian again.

Shi Qian nimbly dodged.

Ever since she was young, her mother had signed her up for mixed martial arts classes.
Besides, she was not the kind of person who would be passively beaten!

Seeing that she had not gained anything, the woman immediately gestured to the two people beside her.

The people who had come with her stepped forward on either side.

“What are you doing! How dare you be so arrogant in front of everyone!” Director Zheng scolded loudly!

“I don’t care what kind of director you are! Get lost! I must teach that little b*tch Shi Qian a lesson today!” The woman pushed Director Zheng boldly.

Director Zheng was old and took a few steps back from the push.
Fortunately, Xiao Hua caught him in time and prevented him from falling!

Shi Qian felt a surge of anger.
“Come at me!”

“Do you think you can run?” The woman walked forward arrogantly and grabbed Shi Qian’s hair.
She raised her hand and was about to swing it at Shi Qian!

When Su Ruoqing realized that Fu Sinian was about to get up, she rushed forward! She tried her best to beat Fu Sinian to it.

Fu Sinian was also a step slower because of her obstruction.

The woman slapped Su Ruoqing’s face!

Su Ruoqing saw stars from the slap and fell towards Fu Sinian, who happened to be walking over.

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