Ten minutes later, Fu Sinian and Rong Qi walked out of the room.

“Sister Qian Qian, I’ve already told Young Master Fu that we’ll go to the hot spring together later.” Rong Qi said to Shi Qian, “Did the waiter bring you any clothes just now?”

“I did,” Shi Qian replied softly.

“That’s good.
You haven’t washed up, have you? Go on, we’ll wait for you for breakfast.”

Shi Qian didn’t move and glanced at Fu Sinian.

“Young Master Fu, I still have some information to organize.
Why don’t you get Jiang Feng to pick me up? I’ll go back first, okay?”

Fu Sinian’s face darkened.

She thought he was going to soak in the hot spring here?

If he hadn’t been thinking about how she had been abused by the Internet some time ago and wanted her to relax, would he have rejected the company’s pile of work and brought her here to visit Rong Qi?

“Jiang Feng is handling Qin Hao’s matter,” Fu Sinian replied.

“Then I’ll call Uncle Jin An and ask him to pick me up.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

“No one is allowed to leave!” Rong Qi shouted and immediately walked towards Shi Qian.

“You’re already here, but you don’t even give me a chance to entertain you properly! Qian Qian, you don’t know how difficult it is for me to see Young Master Fu usually! If not for you, would Young Master Fu come to my place? Let alone stay for a night! That busy person probably doesn’t even have the time to eat!”

“I know that Young Master Fu is especially busy, so I can’t delay him too much because of me,” Shi Qian replied gently.

Rong Qi choked.

Why was this little girl so stubborn?

“Get Jin An to answer your call,” Fu Sinian said to Shi Qian.

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded and quickly pulled out her phone to call Jin An.

Rong Qi looked at Fu Sinian angrily.

“You can prepare breakfast,” Fu Sinian reminded him.

Rong Qi was speechless.

Okay, go, all of you! He didn’t care!

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