ageous before.
Besides, he hasn’t looked for me in a long time.
This time he suddenly appeared.” Shi Qian was still frightened.

She felt that Qin Hao’s actions were abnormal.

In the past, there were girls Qin Hao couldn’t woo.
He turned around and searched for the next one.

She had never seen Qin Hao look for a girl.

Such a thing would only be beneath him!

Why would he turn around and look for her?

Today, if not for Jiang Feng’s timely appearance, she might have really been taken away!

Jiang Feng walked towards the car as he tidied his clothes.

As soon as she opened the door, she was surprised to find Shi Qian sitting in the front passenger seat.

He glanced at the backseat again.
Young Master Fu’s expression was really ugly.

“Brother Jiang Feng, thank you.” Shi Qian thanked him gratefully.

Jiang Feng was a little embarrassed and quickly replied, “You’re welcome, Young Madam.”

At this moment.

In this situation.

Fu Sinian felt that he shouldn’t be in the car.

It was as if he had nothing to do with it!

“Drive!” Fu Sinian ordered coldly.

Jiang Feng immediately started the car.

Shi Qian glanced into the backseat.
Fu Sinian looked impatient.

She felt that he was really using all his patience to tolerate it.

She had never been so despised in her life! She didn’t want to be despised like this!

Shi Qian clasped her hands tightly and lowered her head in silence.

Jiang Feng couldn’t bear to see Shi Qian like this.

A girl must be terrified by something like this, right?

Why didn’t Young Master Fu comfort her? He even chased her to the front passenger seat!

It was hopeless!

It was really hopeless.

“Young Madam, don’t be afraid.
That person won’t dare to harass you anymore.” Jiang Feng comforted her.

Shi Qian looked up and smiled at Jiang Feng.
“I’m fine.” She immediately asked with concern, “Brother Jiang Feng, were you injured just now?”

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