came to see Grandpa for the last time.
Ever since I was young, Grandpa doted on me the most.
I think he only mentioned this marriage on his deathbed because he hoped to find me a good home.”

The old master’s heart sank again.

Could Fu Sinian be relied on?


Wen Lan walked into the ward and realized that the old master had woken up and was talking to Shi Qian.
She finally relaxed.

Fortunately, the doctor said it was nothing serious.

However, the old master was old and could not be too emotional.
Otherwise, his life would still be in danger.

“Qian Qian, you’ve been guarding Grandpa for so long.
Go and rest for a while.”

“I’m not tired, Mom.
Go back to sleep.
I’ll stay with Grandpa.”

“Wen Lan, go to sleep.
I’ll talk to Qian Qian.” The old master was also reluctant to part with Qian Qian.

After all, she was young.
It was fine if she stayed up for one night.

“Alright, I’ll go rest.” Wen Lan stood up and left.

Shi Qian continued to chat with the old master.

The old master said a lot.
He hadn’t talked so freely about his youth in a long time.
He felt much more relaxed.

The old master fell asleep when it was almost dawn.

Shi Qian lay by the bed and unknowingly fell asleep.

Jiang Feng pushed Fu Sinian to the ward.

Fu Sinian immediately saw the figure lying by the bed.

He started the wheelchair and came to the bed.

Shi Qian was sleeping soundly and did not notice him at all.

Had she guarded the old master all night last night?

Fu Sinian didn’t even notice as he looked at her pure sleeping face.
He stared at her for a long time without looking away.

The sound of the nurse checking the room woke Shi Qian.

She opened her eyes and saw Fu Sinian.
She immediately jumped out of her chair.

Fu Sinian frowned slightly at her huge reaction.

Was he some kind of poisonous beast? He made her so afraid!

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