I Have The Power Of Artifacts

Ranked Battles - [ Chapter - 3 ]

So as Sin-ui was processing this his little brother started shaking him to snap out of it then Su-bin said, ”Your nearly late for your graduation! ” then Sin-ui immediately got up and started preparing.

He still couldn believe he went back in time and thanks to an ability that he got before from a learning card that gave him the ability, ”Improved Memorization ” which allowed Sin-ui to remember almost everything in his past life.

Although people think that the abilities that Sin-ui gets from things are good they only boosts things that would help him a normal life and if he wanted to live an crazy supernatural life he would instantly die in a heartbeat.

But thanks to Sin-uis memories of his past life he should be able to get stronger very quickly since there was something in his past life that changed someones life by just getting the item.

So Sin-uis new goal was to get it before that person did but he first had to go to his graduation and so he started heading to his school and while he was walking he was met with one of his bullies.

The person grabbed Sin-ui and out of reflex Sin-ui grabbed the persons arm and threw him to the ground with an enormous amount of strength thanks to his ability his strength was just a bit above average without any training.

After looking at the person Sin-ui found the person unconscious and now he was immediately scared out of his mind because he thought he might get in trouble so he quickly hurried off to school.

Sin-ui was able to perfectly throw the person on to the ground because he took military training since he wasn able to serve the country using his awakened ability and so he had to do it some place else.

Then after arriving at school everyone was now talking about Sin-ui and stuff since the day of his graduation was also the day when they were taking their ranked battles to see if they can go into guilds.

They all saw Sin-ui as a free ticket of getting into a good guild and using him to boost their popularity but Sin-ui was trying to fight his instinct of attacking them because one of his abilities is called, ”Great Learning. ”.

It was an ability fit for learning everything and whatever you want to learn will be easily imbedded into your body and he would be able to do it in his sleep and so the blood lust he was feeling was making his instincts kick in.

So then after going in Sin-ui and everyone in his school attended a ceremony for their graduation and stuff and then while he was there, he was a bit tense because a lot of people were still looking at him.

But then suddenly someone appeared from the crowd and slapped Sin-ui on the back then she said, ”Sin-ui what are you doing looking so tense? ” it was his only friend Cho and then he loosened up a bit.

Then he said, ”Everyone is just looking at me like Im a piñata. ” he said as he chuckled then she said, ”Don worry Sin-ui Ill protect. ” she said confidently hitting her fist into her chest and then smiled at Sin-ui.

Sin-ui smiled back but still in fear because he is still not sure what to do about the blood lust he was getting from their classmates and finally after a while the ceremony ended and Sin-ui graduated.

His parents and little brother were a bit late since they were doing something at the time even in his past life he wasn sure what they were doing and then now it was timed for the ranked battles.

And now everyone was preparing their gear and started putting on the protective protection equipment so that they won get too badly hurt during the ranked battles then after putting it on everyone went to the waiting area.

There were ten arenas in the school and most guild sent ten scouts to survey all ten arenas so then the ranked battles started and little by little the first round was finishing up and after a while it was finally Sin-uis turn.

So then he came out to one of the arenas and it was really bright as he entered the arena and then he saw in the sky there was a little booth where the scouts were watching and then he saw his opponent.

He smiled and grinned because he thought that Sin-ui would be an easy target since before his regression he didn have any training in fighting nor he tried out his abilities a bunch and received some minor abilities.

Then he suddenly disappeared into a black smoke and then suddenly a shadow was going towards Sin-ui and then he appeared behind him but Sin-ui started to let his instincts take over at that moment.

Sin-ui immediately moved to the side of him then grabbed his arms then threw him to the ground and then he now his face was bleeding and everyone watching were in shock because they didn think much of Sin-ui.

The man started to get up and said, ”Lucky sh- ” Sin-uis eyes changed into a pure white color and released a good amount of blood lust that could scare a normal person or an awakened teenager.

He then suddenly appeared in front of the man then he said, ”Hey umm, man wait a mi- ” then Sin-ui grabbed the mans arm again and then threw him across the arena and he landed bruising his face pretty badly.

Sin-uis strength and experience allowed him to compete with his classmates but if they were fully trained awakened he wouldn even be able to dream of fighting them head on.

But since no one knew this the scouts were impressed of Sin-ui and everyone was now scared that Sin-ui was hiding his strength and he might get back at them and then after that the his opponent was now unconscious.

So then Sin-ui left the arena unharmed and was stretching like it was just a warm up and everyone was afraid of him now especially since the guy that Sin-ui defeated was hailed as one of the prodigies.

Sin-ui then smiled at them and all of them got chills in their spines because Sin-ui forgot to hide his blood lust so it just looked terrifying to his classmates and after a while he saw it wasn hidden and so he hid it away.

Then he started waiting for his next turn and while he was waiting the waiting room doors opened and then he saw it was Cho and then she went up to Sin-ui and asked, ”Were you hiding your strength?!?! ”.

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