I Have The Power Of Artifacts

Object Transmission - [ Chapter - 1 ]

There was a man named Sin-ui, he was given this name which means faith because his parents believed in having faith in everything they do would help them so thats why they named him after faith.

Sin-ui lived in a world where monsters, gates and the tower wasn just a fictional story and it was their reality but sadly for Sin-ui he didn get a good ability when he awakened, it was called ”Object Transmission ”.

It was an ability that allowed him to copy the special ability of an object once and when he got it, he thought it would be super powerful and so he tried it on many things but just got useless abilities.

So then he thought of copying an ability from an artifact and so he went to a store where he knew sold some artifacts and started looking around the store and after looking around he saw something that could be good.

And so he tried doing the low level artifact he bought using his saved up money, it was a teleportation artifact but he just got the low rank blink ability that no one even cared about and because of this he gave up trying to be an amazing awakened.

Even though his ability wasn strong it allowed him to get into an awakened school but out of all of the abilities he actually had the weakest one even the people who had the same rank as him could easily defeat him.

But this wasn all that bad since he was incredibly smart and so his grades were excellent but his PE and his tests with his abilities were bad, his other subject were able to make up for this.

Although that was his life, he was pretty happy since he lived with his parents and his little brother as well, Su-bin which was the highlight of his day that he would spend time with his family.

Then as time went on he grew older and he just lived having a normal job and he was able to buy a big house for him and his family to live in and so they all started living there and he didn regret a thing.

But one day a dungeon break happened at their street and it was a bunch of dark wolves and they started killing everyone in the neighborhood and the awakeners were taking their time before they arrived.

And two dark wolves broke in Sin-uis house, Sin-ui and his family were hiding but unfortunately for them the dark wolves had an excellent sense of smell luckily for Sin-ui he had the blink ability.

He was able to escape but unfortunately for him the blink ability wss only for the caster, it didn bring anyone along with him and he was now behind the wolves as they started killing his family in front of him.

This shook Sin-ui to his very core, he was stunned and he wasn able to move until one of the passive abilities he got from before ”Iron Will ” activated and the pressure he now felt was gone and what was left was fear.

The dark wolves then turn around and start chasing Sin-ui and this made him snap out of his fear and start running, he was crying, he wasn able to do anything to help his family and he isn even able to save himself.

And Sin-ui just kept running and running, he was able to last longer than a regular person th

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