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“Is this the first time we’ve met face to face?”

Otto asked Percival from his throne.


Percival clenched his jaw and remained silent.

He hadn’t expected to have his entire estate taken away from him by Otto, whom he’d always thought of as a fool, and his pride was too wounded to speak.

“You must be in a bad mood.”


“Well, I suppose you have every reason to be.”

Otto understood Percival’s feelings, and gave him a very lenient disposition.

“I’m not going to kill you, but leave this place with your family, and I’ll give you enough money to cover your travelling expenses and settle down in a new place.”


Percival echoed, exhilarated.

“You want me to leave… my estate, me, the lord?”

“Not anymore.”

Otto cut him off.

“It’s my estate now.”

“Otto, you…!”

“Oh, come on.”

“If your land hadn’t been invaded by an undead army, I wouldn’t have lost it to you.
I just got lucky with my contribution to the topic….”

“Lucky indeed.”

Otto cut off Percival’s words with a stern voice.

“Or was it intentional?”

“What, what…?”

“Why do you think I borrowed money from you, knowing I was going to get myself in trouble?”


“Maybe I borrowed it so I wouldn’t have to pay it back in the first place?”

“Seriously, you… you expected all that, now?”

Percival’s face grew pale.

“What you believe is up to you.
Leave quietly, or die.”


“My Iota and your Sorun have been feuding for two hundred years.
You’re lucky I don’t execute you.”

Given the animosity between the two estates, Otto should have executed Percival.

But he didn’t, because of public opinion.

If he executed Percival without charges, the people of Sorun would rebel against him, and his reputation would suffer.

It was better for Otto to spare Percival’s life if he was to rule over the lords of Sorun in the future.

“What will you do?”

“…I will leave.”

Percival trembled as he lowered his head.

“Thank you… for your mercy.”

“Very wise.”

And just like that, Otto was in control of the Sorun estate.

A long-standing feud had been settled once and for all.

“You really worked hard.”

Camille said as he approached Otto.

“Even our late father would be pleased.”

“I think so, too.”

Otto nodded.

“Then let’s go straight to the Lassane estate.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Otto immediately left the Sorun estate and headed for the Lassen estate.

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