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She doesn’t spread her disease to others, and it was not like she was sick right now.
It seemed that the head maid wad scolding her for being with Flitta and Haven with her disease hidden which made her look selfish and her heart tightened.

Because of that, Rosé complexion turned pale.
When she said that she was going on a trip with the rest of her family, her cheeks flushed instantly.
The head maid saw Rosé like that and clicked her tongue.

“Looking at your complexion, it doesn’t look like you’re just a little tired.”

“Ah, he, head maid…”

“I happen to have some medicine to bring down fever, so come to my room and take it.
Tomorrow morning, go to a pharmacist and tell your symptoms in detail.”

After the head maid interrupted Rosé, she spoke in a commanding tone.
Rosé hesitated, then lowered her head.

“Th, thank you.”

“Any employee who is sick can use it, so there is no need to say thank you.”

After Rosé thanked the head maid, she then turned her body around yet Rosé called her after a sudden thought.

“He, head maid.”

“Why? Is there something you’re curious about?”

The head maid raised one of her eyebrows and asked.
However, Rosé could not continue her words and hurriedly shook her head.

“It’s nothing.”


The head maid’s eyes narrowed.
Rosé called her only to say it was nothing, so it was a natural reaction.
She had nothing to say even when she was reprimanded for acting foolishly.

But she, the head maid, didn’t bother to follow what Rosé was trying to say.
She just looked at her for a moment, then turned around and walked out of her room.


Rosé let out a small sigh at the sound of the door closing.
She almost made a mistake due to shallow thinking.

She felt that she have gone worse so she thought she could have more medicine.

It couldn’t be possible.
If it was, the head maid will probably talk to butler and reveal her serious disease.
Then being kicked out will be no different from an established fact.

For now, I have to stay by their side.’

Rosé bit her lip and shook her head.
It would never have been possible to receive medicine from the Grand Duke.
It would be better for her to get the medicine from outside in advance.

‘However… Will I be able to get out?’

She remembered that one time, the head maid mentioned she can go out once in every two months since being here.
The moment she was engulfed with worry, a yawn was heard from behind her.

“… Huaamm.”

It was Flitta’s voice.
She was excited about going on a family vacation but quickly dozed off.
It was long past her normal bedtime, so it was no surprise.

Rosé put aside her worries for a moment and turned around with a smile.
She yawned and rubbed her eyes, wondering if Flitta was forcing herself to sleep.

“Are you going to sleep now, Princess?”

“Yes? No, I am preparing to go on a trip.”

She shook her head as Flitta tried to force her sleepy eyes open.
Rosé laughed softly at the sight, then moved closer to the bed.

“You can start preparing tomorrow.”

I have a lot to take care of.
You should also include a stuffed rabbit.
Right, I need to bring a yellow ribbon and a blue ribbon too.
And I’ll take a blanket with a squirrel on it.”

“I’ll take care of it with me tomorrow, Princess.
Just sleep for tonight.”


Flitta rolled her eyes and delayed answering.
Rosé put her hands on her knees and smiled while bending her waist.

“Would you like to pack your bags now?”


“Then what? Haaam, I want to help you… but I feel really sleepy.
It would be fun to pack with the Princess, but it’s a pity.
I will go to bed now, Princess.”

Rosé deliberately opened her mouth to pretend to yawn.
Then Flitta’s light green eyes quivered.

“Rosé… is sleepy?”

I was a bit tired today.”

Rosé squinted her shoulders and squinted her eyes.
Flitta, who was watching her, made an expression of regret.
It was only then that she seemed to remember again that she had a fever and that she was sick.

“Then let’s go to bed!”

“But the princess said she wanted to pack her luggage…”

“Tomorrow! Go now, we’ll go to bed and do it tomorrow!”

She quickly changed her words to the point that she put up with her drowsiness because she wanted to pack her belongings.
Then, she pulled the blanket with her two hands and lay down.

“I’ll be fine.
So, Rosé, go to sleep.”

“… Can I really?”

“Yes! Sleep well, then you won’t be sick.
So, hurry up and go to bed.”

A smile spread across her face at the child’s innocence.
Rosé sat on the edge of the bed.
Flitta was so sweet that she had to restrain herself.

‘How could my baby grow up so well when her mother was by her side and couldn’t even take care of her well?’


Rosé gently stroked Flitta’s hair.
Then she opened her eyes again as Flitta closed her eyes, and then she opened her eyes again, hesitated about something, and opened her mouth.

“Why, Princess?”

“… Can you sing me a lullaby?”

It must have been embarrassing to tell Rosé to go to bed and then to sing her lullaby.
Rosé looked at the child’s blushing face and smiled.


All the birds in the forest folded their wings and went back to their nests.


The sun hid behind the mountain.


The pure white cloud also sits down on the field where the sheep are playing and goes to sleep.


The baby looks at the sky in her mother’s arms.


While the birds, the sun, and the clouds all went to sleep,


The moon and the stars came to play together in the baby’s dream.

“… Hnng.”

Rosé sang quietly and looked down at her child.
Flitta, who had been listening to her lullaby, was fast asleep.
In her dream, she saw a smile on her child’s lips as if they were traveling first.

“… Good night, sweetheart.”

Rosé carefully caressed Flitta’s pale cheeks, then whispered in a very low voice, so low that no one could hear her.

* * *

–  The pure white cloud also sits down on the field where sheep are playing and wants to sleep.
The baby looks at the sky in her mother’s arms.


The voice singing the lullaby was quite nice to hear.
Not too high, not too low.
Should he say that she puts the listener’s mind at ease?

Was it like that?

Haven leaned against the door and listened to the voice singing a lullaby, then involuntarily closed his eyes.
The corners of his mouth, which had always been stiff, loosened.

The moon and the stars came to play together in the baby’s dream.

But at that moment, the woman’s voice cut off.
Perhaps Flitta was already asleep.
A beat later, Haven opened his eyes, which had been willingly closed.
He felt as if he had just woken up from a deep sleep.
That whenever he woke up in the morning with the rays of sunlight hitting, he felt that precious someone was by his side…

The thought that was about to spread out was interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching from beyond the door.
Haven hurriedly took three or four steps back from the door.
At the same time, the door opened, and Rosé came out.

She came out with her tiptoes on as if she wouldn’t want to wake up the child.
She saw the pair of shoes standing in front of her and raised her gaze.

“Your Highness, the Grand Duke…”

When Rosé saw Haven, she was startled and tried to call him, but thought of a sleeping child and covered her mouth with both hands.
Haven nodded quietly.
She hurriedly closed the door and bowed her head towards him.

“Is Flitta asleep?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Does she usually sleep this late? It’s late for a child.”

Haven narrowed his brows as he turned to her bedroom.
He seemed to be slightly displeased that the child hadn’t slept early.
Rosé smiled unconsciously.
Every time she confirmed that he was indifferent on the outside, but on the inside, she somehow felt relieved.

Even though he lost his memory of her, it seemed like she had just confirmed that the man in front of her was still the man she once knew.


As a result, she was unable to respond immediately to Haven’s question.
When she looked at her with blue eyes, she smiled and hurriedly responded.

“Oh, no, Your Highness.
Usually, she doesn’t sleep this late but today…”


“Today, she was excited about the news that she was going on a trip.”

She didn’t bother to tell him that Flitta had slipped out of the bedroom without her knowing that she wanted to see Rosé.
Instead, Rosé opened her mouth to talk about Haven’s decision to take his child with him on the inspection trip.


“I heard that the princess will accompany you on the inspection.”

“Ah… Right.
It seems the head maid talked about it.”

She then nodded her head with a soft smile before speaking,

“The princess was very happy when she heard the news.”

“You said….
Flitta was happy?”

“Yes, saying that it is a family trip…”

Haven’s expression became strange as he listened to her words.
In a way, it seemed embarrassing, and in another way, it was also similar to regret.
Also, he seemed felt somehow apologetic.

All of those feelings, Rosé could understand.
It must be a mixture of his embarrassment that he became a father and did not go on a trip with his child at an earlier time, and his regret and sorry for such his child.

‘It’s okay, Haven.
You can be a good father in the future.
You will shower all the love I couldn’t give her.
So that Flitta does not feel the vacancy of her mother.
You do that.’

She conveyed her longing for her.
She would be fine with him even if she didn’t have to say it herself.

“… Right.”

Haven was silent for a moment before answering.
As if he was giving his answer to the wind he conveyed silently.
Of course, she knows all too well that this is not his answer to her.
Nonetheless, Rosé’s heart was somehow moved by his timely reply.

The moonlight passed through the hallway windows and fell softly on his and her heads.

(TN: Truly sweet and sad.)

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