In the past, Celios was disappointed that her daughter had learned nothing, and had completely abandoned her expectations of her.

However, Agatha was also a person whose parents put her in a convent solely because they were ashamed of their daughter, who could not win the heart of her fiancé.

She was immersed in the thought that there were parents in the world who loved their children, but she didn’t want to force herself to break Agatha’s fantasy.

Iris opened her mouth for Agatha.

“Tell me more about the social world.”


Agatha rejoiced and asked again, and soon began to talk about the capital’s society.

Agatha’s story, with her having the pleasure of talking, continued all night.

“That’s why the unmarried man who is drawing the most attention in the diplomatic society now is Sid Lepos, the eldest son of His Majesty.”

“I see.”

The name of her husband, who she lived together with for six years, was mentioned, but Iris was able to smile as if she did not know.

In fact, he was her husband, but he always had many lovers and he didn’t even meet Iris for six years except in external circumstances.

Even if they meet again, it would be unfamiliar, like someone she didn’t know at all.

The number of times they slept together could be counted on five fingers over the past six years, so the two of them never had a child.

In any case, Iris pretended not to know for Agatha, who liked to talk, although she would know better than Agatha, who had never been in the center of society.

After adapting to returning to six years ago to some extent, she managed to say what she was afraid to ask.

“The Knights of Tejas…… How is it?”

“Oh, you mean the knights led by Lord Hayer? Well, maybe they’ll have to stay on the border for the rest of their lives? Because they’re firmly out of His Majesty’s sight.”

Agatha began the story of the once-great-scandal, ‘Hayer Asheri’s lineage.’

“King Eswa is almost certain that Hayer may not be his son, but what can he do? When he was found to be illegitimate, he killed all the sages.
In the end, even if he knew that he was not his child in his eyes and mind, it became a situation where he could not be thrown out of the family at will.
That’s why he kicked him out of the capital.”

Iris nodded.
And asked back.

“Anyway, he’s still alive, right?”

“Huh? Of course.
Without the sages, Lord Hayer is still His Majesty’s second son.
If he died at the border, a national funeral would be held.”

At Agatha’s words, Iris was relieved.

As soon as she covered her face with her hands and laughed, Agatha asked with wide eyes.

“Why are you laughing?”

“No… sorry.”

Iris tried to stop laughing, but she couldn’t.

She was happy that he was alive, and it was funny how her heart was nervous about not loving him.

Her mind was mixed up.
The Knights took her to the North Gate to try to save Luwan, but it was pathetic that she, who returned alive, was full of such personal feelings.

* * *

Early in the morning on her birthday.

Iris did not sleep.
She was recalling the memories of the morning of her nineteenth birthday.

She had no intention of repeating those six years.

As far as Iris knew, it was the Knights of Tejas who struggled the most for Luwan.

She met Hayer in the capital and clearly remembered the day she fell in love at first sight.
It was a strong memory.

Based on the memories of that day, she was going to find a way to save Hayer Asheri.

However, it was impossible to run out of the convent and go to the capital alone right now.

The fastest way to get to the capital was a merchant road built by merchants for hundreds of years.
The risk varies depending on which merchant you meet, and there were famous bandits who demanded a seat tax at each corner of the road.

‘Although there is a possibility that I can save his life if I pay the seat tax on the merchant road…’

If you deviate from that road, you will find a real lawless zone.

She didn’t know what, where, or who she would face.

Furthermore, Hayer is stationed at the southern end, so it takes at least one armed knight to get there.
So she needed help.

Iris didn’t have much opportunity.
She planned a way to get to the south in time for Hayer’s departure from the garrison.

The guest who arrived today was going to play an important role.

A few hours later in the morning.

At the glance from the head nun, who came to her solitary cell, Iris wore a veil and followed.

In front of the door of the visiting room that she was led to, she saw a woman and dozens of guards.

Only then did Iris realize that she really had come back in time.
It’s her second time experiencing the exact same thing.

Now she knows very well who the guest is.
It was her mother, Celios Lepos.

Celios’s colourful clothes were exactly as she remembered them.

The fact that she wore clothes made out of bright red silk meant that she didn’t care if she stood out.
It also meant that she could mobilize enough troops to protect herself.

The collar was lined with white fur, which was tanned with advanced technology at a glance.

Celios, who sat in the visitor’s room, said, as Iris greeted her silently.

“Are you unable to speak?”

Iris experienced the same situation before turning back time after passing through the North Gate.

At that time, Celios didn’t like Iris, and even hated her.

Because even if she lived in a convent where everything was cut off, she had an immature expectation that any of her daughters would have an outstanding temperament.

Iris knew that her mother was a person who judged only by ‘necessary’ and ‘unnecessary.’ In any case, now that Iris needed help from her mother, she couldn’t let Celios classify her as an ‘unnecessary’ human being.

Iris answered calmly.

“Because you’ve come to a place of silence.”

Celios laughed at the unabashed answer.

“You do look like me.
Your father too, of course.
Your father has cherished me since I was very young.”

She didn’t even ask questions about her father, but Celios was telling a series of stories about how difficult it was to travel a long way.

Iris wondered if the convent’s taboo of keeping silent rather made people want to speak more.

Celios said.

“But since you’re my daughter, you know how to use a spear, right?”

She never cared about her turning nineteen, but now she asked this to take her for granted?

Iris was dumbfounded.

In her previous life, she answered that she couldn’t use it, but not now, having spent three months with the Knights of Tejas.

Iris answered.

“I know a little bit.”

The head nun, who accompanied her, said with surprised eyes.

“I’m sure you’ve never raised a weapon in a sacred space.”


Celios frowned at the remark.

But Iris went on without much consideration.

“But I can do it.”

From Celios’s point of view, she was the first daughter she had seen in 19 years since she was sent away from the royal castle as soon as she gave birth.

Celios took it for granted to get Iris out for her own life, so she had no guilt at all.

The Celios whom Iris knew, that is to say, her mother, was the most royal-like person Iris ever knew, in both a good and bad way.

The personal achievement of Celios Lepos was felt only in her name, which will go down in history.
She knew how to send her love for her child or her lover, who became the father of Iris, behind her achievement.

“It’s too early to handle a spear.… You look weak.”

“I’m not healthy.”

“Even before I had you, the king gave me poison that I used for contraception.
It’s no wonder you’re not healthy.”

She understood.

Iris now understood why, despite being born in a cold place and being strong against the cold, she often got sick.

Celios said, scanning Iris’s face.

“You’re pretty, but is there any other quality that is as useless to royalty as beauty?”

Iris noticed Celios’s reaction now was different from the one she knew six years ago.

She was showing interest in her that didn’t exist back then.


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