The Tejas Knight, who ran to the door, said to Sandra Hall, who came out at the sound of the shouting.

“The captain will bring him here soon.
What’s this crafty fellow doing hiding in the mountains? The captain asked us to completely surround the area where the reservoir is, and that was right.”

Iris waited for the party with a mixture of half relief and half fear.

After a while, a party, including Hayer, came running from afar.

Soon, a soldier picked up the Siere and threw him on the floor.
The Siere, with his whole body bounded, rolled on the floor with a whoosh.

Hayer, who then got off the horse, greeted Sandra and said.

“I’m going to take over after a short chat with the Hall family.
What do you think?”

“It’s the Tejas Knights who caught the spy, so do as you please.”

“Then don’t kill him, but give him back.”

“Of course.
What do you see me as?”

Sandra beckoned her soldiers, and they dragged the spy and disappeared somewhere.

Sandra looked around at the Knights of Tejas gathering in front of her mansion with an expression that contained many unspoken words.

She seemed to have mixed feelings, but the words that came out of her mouth were the words of the head, as usual.

“I’ve prepared a meal, so it’s better to fill your stomach first.”

* * *

After setting foot in the Hall estate, Iris has reached the point of suffering from eating too much every day.

When the searchers left, Sandra wanted to relax with alcohol, so when they returned safely, almost all the guests were served alcohol until they collapsed on the floor.

The Knights of Tejas were basically people who drank as if they were only living today, so no one refused and drank.

Iris drank some and went back to her room, then stopped from the influence of the alcohol, leaning against the wall, and heard a voice from behind.

“It’s a bad habit of the Hall family.
Feed it, put it to sleep, and repeat, so it can’t go out.”

Iris turned around to see Hayer standing there.

Iris asked with a distressed expression.

“I’m not kidding, I really feel trapped here… If I have a hangover tomorrow morning, they’ll use it as an excuse and tell me to go to sleep, right?”

You’ll have to see the head get upset to get out of here.”

Iris sighed at Hayer’s words.
Then, she forced the alcohol out and stood upright.

“It won’t be easy when we leave tomorrow.”

Hayer laughed at her words, and then asked Iris, as if he were talking about daily life.

“I think it’s too late to ask.
Why don’t you want to get married?”


“I should have asked at first.”

Iris hesitated at his sudden question.

She looked around, then dragged Hayer into her room.

Hayer said as he followed her into the room.

“If I keep coming into your bedroom like this, or if you call me to my bedroom, my subordinates will misunderstand greatly.”

“I can’t.”

“Why can’t you? I’m already the only bad guy among my subordinates.
If I get caught coming out of your bedroom at night, my subordinates will scold me very much.”

The person who grumbled like that looked comfortable as if he had entered his own room, and it was actually Iris who was nervous.

Hayer put firewood in the dimming fireplace, and then put his hand on Iris’s bed.

Knowing that the blanket had completely cooled, Hayer picked up the metal bowl used to heat the bed with long tongs and put it in the bed.

Iris felt that his behavior, somehow, was more provoking than gratifying.
So she asked without realizing it.

“Do you like me?”

Hayer looked back.
Then, looking at the metal bowl again, he raised his body and answered.

“I don’t know?”

Rather, when asked back like that, Iris’s stomach ached, as if she had swallowed something spicy.

She knew Hayer wasn’t the type to answer firmly in the first place.
It was the same as saying no.

Iris bit her lip, and Hayer hand-checked that the blanket was warm and placed the metal bowl on the fireplace again.
Then he said, dragging a chair and putting it next to the bed.

“You can lie down and talk.
You haven’t slept more than the searchers have for two days.”

“How did you know?”

“I naturally get along with the maids quickly.”

Hayer replied jokingly.

Iris, as he said, was so terribly tired that she couldn’t refuse and went under the covers and laid down.
When she went under the sufficiently heated blanket, it felt like heaven.


Hayer laughed cheerfully at her words.
Then went back to business.

“Why don’t you want to get married?”


“How did you know about my wound?”


“If you’re not going to answer anything, then let’s change the question.”

Hayer asked Iris, who pretended to be asleep and closed her eyes.

“Are you greedy for the throne?”

Iris opened her eyes wide at his words.
And without realizing it, she sat her upper body up.

Hayer met her eyes and asked again.

“I’m asking if you’re avoiding the position of queen to be king.”


Iris answered, as if making excuses.

“It’s not like that.
I’ve never thought about that.
In the first place… it doesn’t make sense.”

“…Why doesn’t it make sense?”

Iris answered his question, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Mother… Princess Celios said that when she was pregnant with me, she ingested a lot of poison that was harmful to the fetus.
That’s why I’m not very healthy.”


“First of all, I’m tired, and I don’t have much knowledge.
The idea is ridiculous.”

Hayer replied to her remarks.

“So far, there are only two or three kings of Luwan who are called sage kings.* There are actually two, and one is debatable.”

At his words, Iris lifted her head and looked at Hayer.

He went on.

“The rest were either mediocre, incompetent, or tyrannical.
Well, there must have been an incompetent tyrant like my father.”

At Hayer’s calm criticism of the current king, Iris was silent as she had nothing to say at the moment.

As Iris was silent, Hayer opened his mouth again.

“I mean, it wasn’t good people who sat on the throne anyway, it was people who decided to sit on the throne.”


“Iris Lepos, do you have any intention of becoming king?”

Then, Iris still replied firmly.

“There is none.”

“There is none.”

《t/n: hayer is just repeating what iris said, obviously, but it looks a little awkward in written format》

Hayer crossed his arms and looked at Iris with interest.

Iris looked into his eyes and continued.

“But really, if someone worse than me wants to sit on the throne, then… I think that I’ll want to become the king.”

“Are you referring to my brother by ‘someone worse than me’?”


“You didn’t say no.”

Hayer’s lips curled up while saying that.

Since the other person asked straightforwardly, she asked with eyes that didn’t hesitate and felt even solemn.

“And you?”

“Just like you.
If it’s just someone who’s worse than me, I’ll push them out and sit there.
But maybe.”


“There’s something I want to do before that.
It won’t be easy, and the throne must come after that.”

“What do you want to do?”

“That’s later.”

Hayer said with a smile.

“We’ll talk later.”

He said good night to Iris and quietly left the room.

Iris thought for a moment about what Hayer wanted to do.
Whatever it was, it didn’t seem like it would benefit him.


gdi hayer u had one job to say yes!! also tried smth new with the top part idk if i’ll keep it lol

*sage king/성군이라 means like highest level of perfection of a human being/highest evaluation a monarch can receive (they are noble, virtuous, and wise)

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