Chapter 25: I got you completely. 


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He didn't insert his entire member, but only a small portion of the glans, and was sucked tightly by her hole, as if welcoming it, but couldn't because of the master's nervousness.  


Jiang Tairan's voice was suppressed, and deep, deep desire had been engraved in his voice.
He let go of the other side's softness and moved his lips to hers; his peach blossom eyes were filled with lingering love. 


Looking at the shy You'er, he raised his eyebrows and said softly: “Don't be nervous, I won't make you uncomfortable…
If it hurts, you must tell me, okay?” 


Slowly nodding, she lightly clenched her hand into a fist and put it on her lips, narrowing her eyes comfortably.
Song Luan's movement of licking her ear with the tip of his tongue most likely amplified the pleasure.
swells through the ear canal to the brain. 


She's about to melt. 


When he heard her answer, Jiang Tairan put his eyes down and kept straightening his hips.
He lightly grasped You'er's slender waist with his hand, supported her thigh, and pushed her back, making the small hole wider to accommodate his desire. 



Take a deep breath so that it won't hurt too much.” 


Song Luan still had You'er's small earlobe between his lips, and the tip of his tongue was in her ear.
He used his magnetic voice to make You'er's brain feel like it was under a spell. 


Hearing what he said, Zan You'er reacted for a few seconds and then began to take a deep breath, trying to relax her hole, so as to bear Jiang Tairan's hugeness. 


So the two cooperated, and when she couldn't help raising her head, she had already raised it.
The process was really difficult and painful. 


Jiang Tairan was also in pain, as her small hole bit him back and forth between tension and relaxation.
He frowned and resisted the urge to penetrate deeply because the person he likes is right beneath him.
This means that patience is patience. 


After the head of the gland entered, there was a faint pain from his lower body, but beyond this feeling was swelling, far greater than the existence of a finger.
Just like his member slowly buried in her body, can it really go in…it's that big.. 


Hang Jiyun's Adam's apple rolled up and down, as if hearing her doubtful voice, and his big palm stretched from behind her to her chest, holding one softly, gently, and slowly, making her feel the pleasure of being kneaded, and then a hoarse voice whispered: “You can go in; don't be afraid.” 


“That's right…
it's so small, you can definitely eat it all…
Be good, I'm going to move.” 


Echoing Hang Jiyun's words , Jiang Tairan held her buttocks when she was panting non-stop due to the tricks of the other two and slowly pushed his member in. 


“Oh…slow down…it's so swollen…it hurts…” 


Even though he is gentle, the giant wants to squeeze through the flesh wall that no one has ever entered, which is more challenging than getting her to obey. 


When it entered one third of the way, his member was bitten and unable to move, Jiang Tairan smiled helplessly, bent down, and kissed You'er's painful lips. 



He and Hang Jiyun were holding her mounds on both sides, and the hands hooked around the waist were also opened to caress her back, comforting her, who was tense due to pain. 


So gradually, the pain has disappeared, only the swelling remains in the brain. 


Realizing that the pain from being bitten has dissipated a bit, Jiang Tairan raised his head and asked her if it still hurts, and after getting a negative answer, he kissed those two lips again and continued to penetrate deeply. 



Just in order not to prolong the pain, he moved faster than before; otherwise, she would only become more and more nervous before reaching the hymen. 





“It started to hurt again… Tairan…:” 


The taste she had never experienced stimulated her cerebral cortex and made her wake up, but she soon fell into Jiang Tairan sucking the tip of her tongue, Hang Jiyun kneading her chest, Song Luan In the joy of kissing the neck lightly. 



The two offset each other, which made her relax a lot.
At this moment, Jiang Tairan began to push her buttocks more vigorously and faster, and when he reached the hymen, he continued to penetrate deeply, and her hole began to shrink again.  




Her lips were blocked, and she couldn't breathe out the pain, so she could only whimper from her throat. 



You'er was inexplicably ashamed of the fact that she was doing it with Tairan, and she didn't expect her first to be given to Jiang Tairan. 


Jiang Tairan was very happy from his body to his heart after he put all of his wishes into the small flower hole.
He finally brought this image to life tonight after having painted it countless times in his dreams and in his mind. 


The surface of the tongue wrapped around You'er began to exert some force, and when the rubbing brought her numbness, it began to stir the tip of the tongue, stirring up thousands of waves. 


I finally got you completely… 



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