Chapter 21:Are you going to take off the skirt or wear it?


“Okay, Xiao Youyou, I admit defeat.
You were able to make me hard first, before I could make you wet, so you have an extra right to transfer punishment~ that's great~”


Jiang Tairan's words sounded a little envious and melancholy, but hidden behind them was the satisfaction of a successful plot.
He took out a few pieces of paper that had been placed on the table before and inserted them into You'er's skirt to wipe the love juice from her private parts.




The paper's surface is a little rough, and it has a completely different feel than his fingers.
When touching the delicate and sensitive clitoris that is still stiff, Zan You'er moaned because of the sensation that it gives.


Jiang Tairan pretended not to hear.
He folded the paper and continued to wipe her private parts.


  Ah ~ really …
the love liquid is flowing out again ..


After changing the paper towels twice before wiping, there is still a trickle of love liquid inside after wiping the one that flowed outside.
How do you solve it?


Jiang Tairan carried You'er back to the seat and began to wipe the liquid on his pants, but the fabric was a bit absorbent; except for the love liquid that dripped later, which could be wiped onto the paper towel, the rest was absorbed by the sweatpants.


Is this a souvenir? ~Jiang Tairan didn't dislike him at all, he was even very happy that he had traces of love and lust on his body again.


Zan You'er took a sip of water to wake herself up, but she always felt that her brain was starting to feel dizzy again, and it didn't seem like she had a cold because her brain didn't hurt, but she could still see clearly, so she didn't take it seriously.
She laid her chin on the table that Jiang Tairan was resting on and watched them deal the cards.


Will I be able to get the King?


The answer is obvious: no, and not only cannot she, but she may be punished again.


After such a night, Zan You'er has already understood the rules of playing games with a few of them—be obediently punished if you don't get the cards you want.


She really regrets that she promised Song Luan to play the game of kings, woo woo woo.


Zan You'er already had several tears streaming down her heart, and they were all tears of regret.


“The one with Ace and Queen, I order you to not let the other one climix or else you will receive a bigger punishment.”


While You'er is wiping tears from the bottom of her heart, Song Luan, the king over there, has already begun to give orders .


The meaning of “making it more difficult” is very simple.
If you give in to the opposite sex this time, you will have to give in to the others next time.
Zan Youer turned over the three points miserably.
Transfer it to Ke Hongming, who made fun of her just now.


Perhaps this is the true portrayal of not being happy too early, Zan You'er completely unaware that she not only dug a hole for herself, but also buried herself in it.


“Are you going to take off the skirt or wear it?”


Ke Hongming squatted in front of her and asked, and Jiang Tairan, who got up a little, also looked like you could choose carefully.


“Didn't I already transfer the punishment to you!


“It's Jiang Tairan, a man, so of course they can only help you.”


Song Luan had rarely continued to pretend to be gentle before, and as if his nature had been exposed, he repeated the rules of the order with a smirk.
They're all jokes that are extremely easy to fall for.


  ”What! Yes! Like this!!!”


Zan You'er's face can no longer be described as bursting red, it is definitely more red than before.


  ”I can't help it.
After all, we have immunity for the transfer penalty; it will be awkward to see two grown men doing it, right?”


Is there a distinction…
Can the two of them give up…


Zan You'er's mind is wild and unconstrained, she has heard someone chattering, but she doesn't know the details.


After thinking hard for a while, she felt that her brain was really not suitable for thinking about things other than learning (math teacher: “Listen well to me, you fart”), so she broke the silence and said, “Ah, whatever, I don't know anyway!”


She took a sip of water.
Hearing these words, Jiang Tairan and Ke Hongming glanced at each other, and the two chuckled tacitly: 


“You said it.”


“I said what I said! Come on, come on, kill me! You can do whatever you want, just don’t eat me, and I want to hand over the group homework to Teacher Li.”


The consequences of not handing in the homework must be much more tragic than the current situation, the ignorant innocent Zan You'er didn't care that she didn't wear underwear; she just thought that she would be victorious if she survived ten o'clock, and she spread her hands outward with a look of what you love.


The four of them couldn't help laughing.


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