Chapter 14: Will this hurt? Why is it hard again?


She put her hand on his underwear, and the heat almost burned her palm.
She withdrew her hand as if frightened, and rubbed her palm with her fingertips to relieve the strange feeling.


After a delay of nearly ten seconds, she reached out to the edge of her underwear and mustered up the courage to pull it off.


Hang Jiyun definitely had the capital to be so attractive.
Zan You'er, who was slightly shocked, gave a thumbs up in his heart.


The color of his stick meat is darker than Ke Hongming's tender red, and the head of his glans is even darker red.
Although it is about the same length as Ke Hongming's, it is slightly thicker.


She's not sure if it was her psychological reaction, but she retreated a little while pulling down his pants to avoid the thick slap on her little face.


Recalling what Ke Hongming did just now, Zan You'er reached out with her fingertips and lightly touched the glans.
This made his քɛռɨֆ throb a few times, which scared her enough to quickly pull her hand away.


But looking up at Hang Jiyun's expression, he didn't seem angry.
She patted her frightened little heart and put her fingertips on it again.


Zan You'er imitated how he rubbed her own ռɨքքʟɛֆ and stroked the glans slightly harder with the pads of her thumb and index finger, as if she were taking revenge on him.




There seems to be no response; does that mean that I can go too far?


Zan You'er thought so because she didn't notice Hang Jiyun's eyebrows frowning quickly and then recovering.


So she wrapped the glans in her palm and rubbed it against her palm.


The prostatic fluid gushed out with You'er's movements, and was wrapped around the entire glans by the palm of her hand, where the glittering things were the proof of desire.


She toyed with the head of his meat stick again, then lowered his grip on the shaft, swinging it back and forth like a joystick.


But because of its own hardness, it didn't use a lot of strength.


She stared at the mouth of the bell carefully, and was very curious about the translucent liquid gushing out.
She sniffed it, and there was no fishy smell, but a faint, musky scent of masculinity.


Probably thinking that the veins floating on the stick were scary, she let go of her hand, and then scratched the veins with her fingertips.


There are no long nails, nor is there much force, but it makes the ƈօƈӄ harder.
Zan Youer asked curiously:


  ”Will this hurt? Why is it hard again?”


Hang Jiyun raised his chin slightly, was silent for a few seconds , and said in a low, hoarse voice:


“It doesn't hurt.”


It's really a magical thing, and Zan You'er's observation of the mean stick has added a lot of curiosity and doubt.


More and more liquid came out of the mouth of the bell, and it almost fell down the stick's body.
Concerned about losing his pants, Zan You'er stuck out his tongue and licked the glans' head, temporarily swelling Hang Jiyun's meat stick.


She clearly felt that the object in her palm had grown in size, and she clenched and relaxed it back and forth, as if testing its hardness.


But the liquid that didn't have any taste in the mouth just now came out more, and she was so scared that she stretched out the tip of her tongue like eating a popsicle and licked up the particles from the place where the liquid flowed and put them all into her lips.


Zan Youer frowned slightly, dissatisfied with the non-stop liquid, and wrapped her lips around the glans' head because the small cherry lips could only contain one third.


The tip of the tongue reached the mouth of the bell, evoking the liquid and swallowing it into the mouth.
Feeling that the speed was too slow, she tightened her cheeks and began to suck.


She didn't know how charming the picture of herself just wanting to fight against the liquid was in the eyes of the four men.


Without even knowing what she was doing, she didn't know that she was already giving bl**j*b to Hang Jiyun. 


On the outside, Hang Jiyun didn't seem to react at all, but in fact, a faint blush had already appeared on his cheeks, making the little black mole even more sexy.


Although the palms were not clenched tightly, the muscles on the arms swelled due to exertion, as could be seen.


Jiang Tairan was very happy to see it.
Sure enough, this guy, Hang Jiyun, is not a monk who has no desires.
He usually looks indifferent and ascetic, but in fact his desires are much more terrifying.


He is better at pretending than him and Song Luan; I admire him!


But, from his vantage point, he can only see her fair and slender beautiful back, not the smallest and cutest part, which is unfortunate.


Song Luan doesn't think so, although Zan You'er is a little far away from him, but he could clearly see the soft and upright body that didn't change much after bending down.


Ke Hongming next to him had a bit of low air pressure; the tent never subsided, and his face never improved.


The sound of Zan You'er sucking on the ƈօƈӄ got louder over time, and her cheeks turned red for no reason.
She thought of it as a popsicle she couldn't finish eating, so she sucked harder, and she had to give up before she would let go.


Song Luan glanced at Ke Hongming's face, which was covered by the shadow of bangs, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.


His younger brother is clearly a brave character who is fearless in doing anything, but he is surprisingly emotional.


He have tried my best to assist him, but he doesn't appreciate it at all, and always fights against him.


Song Luan was a little helpless; after all, it was the Song family that owed him; his father's affair caused his family to break up, and his mother was a meddler in other people's feelings.


Although he was born into this world earlier than him without knowing anything, no matter from which point of view one looks at it, it is only natural that Ke Hongming would hate him and his mother.


I have been through a lot.
If you don't plan to be more straightforward, don't blame the other men who are eyeing you first.


just like the current situation.


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