Chapter 12: Jiang Tairan Extra Story-Part 1


My appearance is given by God.


It is also because of this privilege given to me by God that I am surrounded by women and even men.


They praised my appearance in every possible way and taught me what sex was when I was young and ignorant.
They were obviously ten or twenty years older than me, but they yelled under me, “Give me, that ugly look.”


My father has never cared about me, ever since my mother died.


Having said that, I've been under the care of a nanny and a housekeeper since I was three months old.


He is only responsible for paying a huge amount of living expenses every month to ensure that I have no worries about food and clothing.


In this way, I grew up in the fifth grade.
Because of the booing of the so-called brothers and the sense of vanity pursued by the youth, I got together with the most beautiful girl in the class.


After only talking for two months, she was too clingy and always liked to use my appearance and figure as capital to show off.
I didn't feel the sweetness of the so-called love at all, so I proposed breaking up.


She looked at me viciously, saying that I will never be happy, and maybe I still dream about it in the middle of the night, and then wake up panting.


I never felt happy again, and I'm not sure who saw me changing clothes in the public bathhouse, so the rumor that my c0ck was enormous.


Oh, just to clarify, that's not a rumor.


But from then on, all the girls who came to chase me came because of my appearance and body.
The sixth grade agreed to be with the older sister from the third grade just because she pretended not to care about these things.


But after only being together for three days, she called me to her house, took off my clothes, rubbed on me, and played with my uncontrollable c0ck all night.


Then shove it into her horny area while screaming like a pig.


The first taste of sex is indeed very beautiful, if only the appearance of those women were not so disgusting.


I hired 20s and even 30s milfs to seduce me with their ample boobs, then shake and moan on top of me.


even several people together.


My perverted potential seemed to be exploited by them; tied and whipped, screaming in pain while dripping cum, they wet my c0ck completely.


Ah, as a junior high school student, I couldn't resist the temptation of sex, and I was played with by women…


Hehe, I was joking, but I was actually playing with them.


Anyway, what they like is only those things.


Being forcibly sent to Qingshi High School by the old man was a turning point in my life.


My front desk – Zan You'er, is the key person at this turning point.


The first time she saw me, there was an endless light in her eyes, similar to others' but even more dazzling.


She turned around and smiled brightly at me:


  ”Hello~ My name is Zan You'er, what is your name?”


I showed a bright smile that I have practiced many times and succeeded every time:


“My name is Jiang Tairan, and I am very happy to know you.”


Sure enough, she was stunned.
I thought I could taste the big breasts tonight, but she just moved closer:


“If you don't want to laugh, don't laugh, Why are you showing such an ugly smile.”


Then carefully, she praised my beauty in all aspects, and finally commented on my smile just now, so that I would better not show that kind of smile in front of others in the future.


I swear, no woman I've ever heard moan in my life has as many words as she compliments me on.


I didn’t date other girls that day, but I went home and kept smiling in the mirror—it’s so pretty, why would I die? Is Zan You'er blind?


So I practiced for a long while, planning to go to the classroom tomorrow to blind Zan You'er's eyes!


I did do that, but I was defeated by her hahaha laugh; she rubbed my head, and her eyes were almost bent into a slit:


“Jiang Tairan, why are you so greasy, Hahahahaha.”


Greasy? I touched my face, and it was obviously not oily at all! I seriously doubt that Zan Youer is not only blind, but also has serious aesthetic problems.


I am actually only nine months younger than her, but she jokingly calls me her brother with a one-year age gap.
I have never been so close to a girl as a friend.


I did have fantasies about her naked appearance, but when I saw how she treated me as my younger brother without any distractions, I felt a sense of guilt for no reason.


That day, I returned to the classroom to get the earphones, but I overheard others discussing myself with her, with a swearing look:


“I'm telling you again, you'd better not associate with that Jiang Tairan.”




“I heard that , he is very promiscuous, he can sleep all the women in that class in any class he goes to, and some people even line up to buy him for a night, you are not afraid of getting AIDS if you stay with this kind of person for a long time Ah.”


Leaning against the wall, I was slandered endlessly, Even if those women wanted to have sex with me, I would not pounce on them, I am not a pussy hungry, is it necessary to see each other?


Well, I don't have any friends anymore.


I'm about to leave.


“You also said that you just heard about it, so don't spread the words of Jiao Tairan.
My Tairan is very cute, and he does have the face to be liked by so many girls.
it doesn't matter with whom he has sex…
The premise is that he doesn't cheat, otherwise, I will be the first to beat him up!”


“I know, XiaoYou,  care about me.”


I squatted at the door of the classroom and saw the girl who was talking to her just now run away in horror when she saw me, and leave the school before Xiaoyou came out.


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