Chapter 9: At 3 o'clock, masturbating in front of the opposite sex,


the Three men seem to be united in venting their anger.
After getting the king, they always call Ke Hongming, let him bark like a dog for a while, and let him jump on the podium like a ballet dancer.


She couldn't help but laugh when she saw it, thinking that something good would happen because of this.


But Ke Hongming didn't complain, even if he could change the cards in his hand, he just let them play tricks on him.
Seeing Zan You'er's smile made him feel more at ease.


But this time, Hang Jiyun, who had captured the king, threw the broken cigarette into the ashtray in the table box, and then issued a surprising order:


“At three o'clock, masturbate in front of the opposite sex.”


The order was really strange and awkward as there are only 4 men and 1 woman in the whole classroom.
If it is Youer, she has to masturbate in front of the four men; if it is a man, she can only masturbate in front of Youer.


This 1:4 scene ignited the atmosphere of the whole game.


Ke Hongming's face froze.
He knew that he should have changed the cards at the beginning.
Although he knew that they must be playing tricks on him, he didn't expect it to be so ruthless.


Let him masturbate in front of You'er…
What if she hates him because she doesn't like her there?


He seriously recalled his recent eating habits, and when was the last time he took a bath…


Well, he ate relatively light recently, and he just took a bath before going out.
He felt nervous.


So he stood up and took off the pants he had just put on.


Zan Youer jumped up from the chair:


“What are you doing…! Are you really going to do it?”


Ke Hongming put the untied belt and trousers aside, and he walked up to Zan Youer:


“You are not looking at me, you might have never seen anything like it, are you scared?”


Zan You’er turned her head and covered her face, only when she heard his words, she turn around and open her hands, looking directly at him through his fingers:


“…If you dare to do it, I will really watch it.”


Jiang Tairan, who was beside him, saw his lump that hadn't hardened but was still bulging, compared it with his own, and felt that he was better.


So he felt a little regretful—why wasn't I the one who got three points?


Hang Jiyun also took a look there, then took Zan You'er's hand and unbuttoned her coat.


“Hang Jiyun…?”


He was still removing his clothes when he grabbed her wrist.
Although Zan You'er trusted him very much, she was also very strange about what was going on in his mind.


She saw that Hang Jiyun's expression was lazy, and he continued to unbutton his shirt without raising his head:


“If you want him to masturbate, you have to get hard…
Only you can make him hard here, so be good, I won't take it off.”


“Eh? He was the one being ordered, why has it become my responsibility?”


“The only woman present, of course, has a heavy responsibility, doesn't she?”


He raised his eyes and looked at Zan You'er, her eyes were rolling, black as a deep pool, and the corners of his mouth curled up.
With a wicked smile, it seemed that she guessed that she would not reject him.


Perhaps it was because she was watching her previous boyfriend undress that Ke Hongming looked a little subtle, staring at the zipper of her inner lining that was slowly pulled down; the picture of her wearing only underwear just now lingered in front of his eyes.


The lower body was rapidly congested with blood, and a tent had already been set up.


And Zan You'er happened to be in front of him, seeing with her own eyes how Ke Hongming's underwear swelled up, and because of herself, she felt a little ashamed.


Her previous boyfriends had been tough like this too, but they had never given her such a strange feeling as now.


Both the jacket and the lining have been taken off, and Ke Hongming can clearly see her flat stomach and white, moist breasts, which are only partially covered by her bra.


He squeezed his fist and pulled down his underwear.


It seemed that the hot meat stick jumped straight out of the underwear, which startled Zan Youer again.


She had never seen what a man's genitals looked like, and she heard that they were similar to an elephant's nose, so she thought they were ugly.


But looking at it now, that appearance is not ugly—it's even a little cute.


Ke Hongming's meat stick was longer than her palm, and she looked at the ceeling out of embarrassment.
The hair on his private parts was not too thick, and there were two balls hanging under the stick.


It is a tender pink that easily ignites a girl's heart.
There is a round mushroom-like thing on the thick and long stick, and the color is relatively dark.
Zan You'er always think that it looks like a strawberry without sesame seeds.


It's just that there is a gap on its head, and if you look closely, you can still see a translucent liquid gushing out of it.


Jiang Tairan moved the stool to get closer to Zan You'er.
He pointed to Ke Hongming's p3nis and explained to her what it was:


“Xiaoyou, this is a man's sexual organ.
The scientific name is p3nis, you can call it The meat stick, the mushroom-like thing on it, is called the glans, and it is the most sensitive part of the p3nis.”


“Then why is there something like water coming out of the glans?”


Zan You'er put her index finger slightly on her lips , asked Jiang Tairan in a daze.


“That's the evidence that Ke Hongming is stimulated~ Only when you want it will be hard, and even the liquid will flow out.
That liquid is called prostatic fluid.”


Ke Hongming stares glaringly at Jiang Tairan, who regards his desire as a teaching example it's just for You'er to see, it's okay, there are three men around to join in the fun, making him feel like a monkey.


A sense of unhappiness rose from the bottom of my heart.


And Zan Youer listened to Jiang Tairan's explanation and looked up at him; she was still a little shy, but her expression was curious and longing:


“Can I…have a look?”


He was stunned for a moment, knowing what she meant.
Can I show her the scene of me masturbating? But Hang Jiyun's order is to show her.


So he took his meat stick in his big hand and moved it up and down a few times, a little dry; he's never had sex; his dick is more sensitive; he usually needs to use lubricant to masturbate; only when he thinks about Zan Youer does the prostate fluid come out in large amounts.


So Ke Hongming stretched out his thumb, touched the glans with his fingertips, dipped the prostatic fluid from the mouth of the bell, then smeared it on the stick, and continued to rub the stick up and down with the palm of his hand.


Probably because there are audiences for masturbation, and the audience is still Zan You'er.
His desire is much stronger than before.
He looks down at her while masturbating, and occasionally raises his eyes to see her shy face with curiosity.


The prostatic fluid flowed more and more, which made Ke Hongming's masturbation movements smoother.


Like a child who has never seen the world, Zan Youer stared blankly at Ke Hongming.


It's so thick…
Although she hasn't seen other people's genitals, she doesn't know if they are all of this size, but the movement of Ke Hongming's big palm on it will not make it appear petite, but it will bring out its hugeness even more.


It still beats from time to time, accompanied by his sexy panting and the appearance of sweat dripping from his forehead, making Zan You'er's heart beat a little faster.


Ke Hongming made a small frown, and sometimes his eyebrows twitched.
The pleasure that spread from his body to his whole body made him unable to stand it.


Usually masturbation is really comfortable, but today he doesn’t know why.
His desire is more sensitive than before; just stroking the body of the stick is very enjoyable, and touching the glans will make him feel as if he were being connected to an electric current.


He endured the low moan in his throat and soothed his dick for more than ten minutes.
It seemed that it was almost done.
Suddenly, Hang Jiyun put his hand into Zan You'er's inner lining, and with a flick of his fingers, he unbuttoned her underwear.


Before she could react in time, the underwear straps slipped off together with the cup, and Ke Hongming could clearly see the bright red nipples slightly raised.


Before Zan You'er cried out in surprise, clutching her chest and wanting to pull up her underwear, Ke Hongming's eyes darkened.
He growled and clamped his buttocks, and the speed of rubbing the rod body up and down increased, and he loosened the his grip and shooting white fluid into her body.

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